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Mario Andretti wiki info & stats
NameMario Andretti
CountryUnited States United States
Place of BirthMotovun
Date of BirthFeb 28th 1940 - 80 years old
First Race1968 USA Grand Prix
Last Race1982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
First Pole1968 USA Grand Prix
Last Pole1982 Italian Grand Prix
First Win1971 South African Grand Prix
Last Win1978 Dutch Grand Prix
First Podium1970 Spanish Grand Prix
Last Podium1982 Italian Grand Prix

Mario Andretti F1 stats

Total Races130
Race Starts128
Drivers' Titles1
Pole Positions18
Total Points180
Fastest Laps10
Total Laps5278



Mario Andretti Biography

Mario Andretti at the USA West GP (1981)

Mario Andretti is the last F1 champion from the United States. He won the 1978 F1 Drivers' Championship and also the last World Constructors' Championship title for Team Lotus.

Born in Italy on the 28th of February of 1940 during World War II, Andretti and his family had to endure harsh times regarding overall comfortability as they had to live in a refugee during Mario’s childhood. During his teenage years, Mario and his twin brother Aldo had a passion for motorsport after they saw sections of a Mille Miglia race.

As a teenager, he attended the 1954 Italian Grand Prix, which Juan Manuel Fangio won with a one-lap gap over Mike Hawthorn, and his Formula 1 passion began. His motorsport craving continued and Alberto Ascari turned into his favourite driver. In a letter to his younger self published in 2016, Andretti described his admiration for the Italian Champion, the Mille Miglia, Monza, and the Italian Grand Prix as he said that was “all he thought about” as he was spending nine long days on a ship which his family boarded to move from Italy to the United States.

His motorsport journey continued in the United States as he and his brother started competing in stock cars on dirt oval tracks at 18 years of age after their High School time was done. On the dirt track at Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the Andretti brothers had success during their racing adventure, which was unknown to their parents. Their racing life hit their parents in harsh circumstances as Aldo got injured after a crash which threw him into a coma for 62 days due to a fractured skull, which unequivocally made their parents aware of the pair of twins’ racing career.

Aldo had another big accident in 1969 which provoked numerous facial injuries and ended his career.

Mario, who described racing as his “first passion” and his “only passion career-wise”, continued to compete all over the US and enjoyed much success. After starting his open-wheel career in the early 60s, Andretti went on to make his Champ car (now Indycar Series) debut in the 19th of April of 1964 at New Jersey.

After finishing his first Indycar season in 11th place, Andretti went on to win the 1965 and 1966 titles, although Indy 500 success evaded him in those two years. In the 1965 Indy 500, he finished third and earned Rookie of the year honours as he came home behind F1 champion Jim Clark and Parnelli Jones. Then, in 1966, he started the Indy 500 from Pole Position but he only lasted 27 laps in the race, which was won by F1 champion Graham Hill.

He finished second in the Indycar championship in 1967 and 1968, again with far-from-good Indy 500 results. He dominated Indycar in 1969 and finally won the Indy 500 after leading 116 laps. Also, from 1966 to 1969 he participated in various NASCAR events, winning the 1

967 Daytona 500 and making his F1 debut for Lotus on the 6th of October in the 1968 United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. He got off to a hot F1 start as he qualified on pole in his first race, although he could not convert it into a good result on Sunday.

His chance with Lotus had been promised by Lotus boss Colin Chapman since 1965 when a Clark won the Indy 500 and Chapman was impressed with Andretti’s performance. Chapman gave Andretti the chance to compete for Lotus and wanted him to take a full-time seat, but Andretti wanted to continue competing in the USA and remained racing in F1 from time to time.

He competed in eight Formula 1 Grands Prix in 1969 and 1970, achieving his first World Championship podium driving for March-Ford on the 19th of April of 1970 at Jarama during the Spanish Grand Prix.

For 1971, he competed for Ferrari in six Grands Prix, winning the first race of the year at South Africa on 6th March of 1971. He beat the World Champion-to-be Jackie Stewart by more than 20 seconds after starting in fourth place. He only participated in five other races for Ferrari in 1971.

Mario Andretti in the Parnelli in France (1975)

In 1972, he had sporadic participation in F1 again as he contested only five races for Ferrari during the season. In the same year, he drove for Vel’s Parnelli Jones Racing in Indycar and the same team gave him the chance to compete in F1 in the final two races of 1974 (after not participating in any event from the 1973 season) and in most of the 1975 campaign. During those two years with Parnelli, Andretti’s best result was a fourth-place finish in the 1975 Swedish Grand Prix.

The 1976 campaign was pivotal for Andretti. The dream he thought of when watching his idol Alberto Ascari consisted of three missions: competing in F1, racing at Monza and becoming a World Champion. Only one step was needed for Andretti to fulfil his childhood dream and his Formula 1 road put Colin Chapman in his way once more.

Andretti finally drove a complete season in F1 with Lotus and a couple of races with Parnelli in 1976 (excluding the Monaco GP, which he missed to compete for the twelfth straight year in the Indy 500). The Italian-born American driver would finish the year with two third places and a victory in the last race of the year at Japan, which was the second of his F1 career.

Mario Andretti 2019 Beyond the Grid interview

Lotus 78 driven by Mario Andretti 2nd place (1978-1979)

Again, only one step needed to complete his dream and emulate his idol Ascari. In 1977, Andretti drove the first car with ground effect in F1 history, the Lotus 78. Andretti got close to his first Formula 1 title, but his charge fell short and he finished third in the standings despite being the driver with the most victories during the year with four. Also, Andretti won the 1977 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, which was his only win in the track where he fell in love with the sport as a young man.

Monza was waiting for him for an even bigger moment the following year, although it was a sad moment for him. In 1978, the Lotus 79 provided Andretti with the chance to dominate the F1 field. The American won six of the first 13 GPs of the calendar and arrived at Monza with the chance to clinch the title, but his teammate and close friend, Ronnie Peterson, was the only driver standing between him and his childhood desire.

In the next race, at Monza, Andretti started on Pole Position and Peterson in fifth place. Andretti finished the race in fifth place, but a horrifying crash in the opening laps involving Peterson sent the Swedish driver to the hospital, where he would die the next day. A sad moment for Andretti happened, as his dear friend death confirmed him as the World Champion. On a letter to his younger self, published in 2016, Andretti said that he could not celebrate his championship and that he would gladly trade it to have his friend back.

Mario Andretti driving the Williams FW08

Between 1979 and 1981, Andretti would not replicate his success from 1978. He drove for Lotus in 1979 and 1980, then switched to Alfa Romeo in 1981, but he only achieved a single podium during those three seasons.

Again, he moved from Formula 1 to his old roots in the US. He made his final two appearances in F1 with Williams and Ferrari in 1982. With Ferrari, he qualified on pole for the 1982 Italian GP at Monza and finished third, which was the final podium of his F1 career at a track where the motorsport fire started to burn inside his body when he was a teenager with big dreams.

After 1982, Mario went on to compete in the Indy 500 for the following 12 years in a row, although a Pole Position in the 1987 edition was the best he could do. In other categories, he became a class winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1995 edition, where he finished second overall driving for Courage Compétition alongside Bob Wolleck and Éric Hélary.

Mario Andretti's last win at Zandvoort (1978)

Mario Andretti's last win at Zandvoort (1978)

The last American to win an F1 World Championship and the last American to win a Grand Prix, the Andretti surname is a synonym of racing. Until today, the Andretti family continues to produce racing drivers, although none has been as huge as the young kid who manufactured a dream after watching Alberto Ascari drive around Monza and made his best to complete said plan.

A quote from Andretti himself would be the best way to describe such an incredible journey:

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek”.

Official Mario Andretti website:



Mario Andretti F1 Championship Results



Mario Andretti F1 Championships Summary

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1982 Italy Ferrari
United Kingdom Williams
1981 Switzerland Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo150000071200.203
1980 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford140000051600.071
1979 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford150011054600.9314
1978 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford166107887034.0064
1977 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford174105780642.7647
1976 United States Parnelli
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1975 United States Parnelli Ford120000037310.425
1974 United States Parnelli Ford2000008300.000
1972 Italy Ferrari Ferrari50000023400.804
1971 Italy Ferrari Ferrari51001020612.4012
1970 United Kingdom March Ford50011016400.804
1969 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford3000003400.000
1968 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford1000013200.000



Mario Andretti F1 GP Race Classifications

1st12 Times
2nd2 Times
3rd5 Times
4th7 Times
5th7 Times
6th5 Times
7th7 Times
8th4 Times
9th2 Times
10th4 Times
11th1 Time
12th3 Times
13th1 Time
14th1 Time
17th1 Time
DSQ1 Time
Ret65 Times
DNQ1 Time
DNS1 Time

Mario Andretti F1 GP Race Results

13019821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari7RetRear Suspension0
12919821982 Italian Grand Prix result28FerrariFerrari134
12819821982 USA West Grand Prix result5WilliamsFord14RetCollision0
12719811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo10RetSuspension0
12619811981 Canadian Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1670
12519811981 Italian Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo13RetEngine0
12419811981 Dutch Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo7RetAccident0
12319811981 Austrian Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo13RetEngine0
12219811981 German Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1290
12119811981 British Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo11RetThrottle0
12019811981 French Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1080
11919811981 Spanish Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo880
11819811981 Monaco Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo12RetCollision0
11719811981 Belgian Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo18100
11619811981 San Marino Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo12RetGearbox0
11519811981 Argentine Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo1780
11419811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo9RetCollision0
11319811981 USA West Grand Prix result22Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo643
11219801980 USA Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord1161
11119801980 Canadian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord18RetEngine0
11019801980 Italian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord10RetEngine0
10919801980 Dutch Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord108Out of Fuel0
10819801980 Austrian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord17RetEngine0
10719801980 German Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord970
10619801980 British Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord9RetGearbox0
10519801980 French Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord12RetGearbox0
10419801980 Monaco Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord1970
10319801980 Belgian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord17RetGearbox0
10219801980 USA West Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord15RetAccident0
10119801980 South African Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord15120
10019801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord11RetSpun Off0
9919801980 Argentine Grand Prix result11Team LotusFord6RetFuel System0
9819791979 USA Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord17RetGearbox0
9719791979 Canadian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1010Out of Fuel0
9619791979 Italian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord1052
9519791979 Dutch Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord17RetSuspension0
9419791979 Austrian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord15RetClutch0
9319791979 German Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord11RetTransmission0
9219791979 British Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord9RetWheel0
9119791979 French Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord12RetBrakes0
9019791979 Monaco Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord13RetSuspension0
8919791979 Belgian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord5RetBrakes0
8819791979 Spanish Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord434
8719791979 USA West Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord643
8619791979 South African Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord843
8519791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord4RetFuel Leak0
8419791979 Argentine Grand Prix result1Team LotusFord752
8319781978 Canadian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord9100
8219781978 USA Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1RetEngine0
8119781978 Italian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord161
8019781978 Dutch Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
7919781978 Austrian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord2RetAccident0
7819781978 German Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
7719781978 British Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord2RetEngine0
7619781978 French Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord219
7519781978 Swedish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1RetEngine0
7419781978 Spanish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
7319781978 Belgian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
7219781978 Monaco Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord4110
7119781978 USA West Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord426
7019781978 South African Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord270
6919781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord343
6819781978 Argentine Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
6719771977 Japanese Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1RetCollision0
6619771977 Canadian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord19Engine0
6519771977 USA Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord426
6419771977 Italian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord419
6319771977 Dutch Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1RetEngine0
6219771977 Austrian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord3RetEngine0
6119771977 German Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord7RetEngine0
6019771977 British Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord614Engine0
5919771977 French Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
5819771977 Swedish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord161
5719771977 Belgian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1RetAccident0
5619771977 Monaco Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord1052
5519771977 Spanish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
5419771977 USA West Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord219
5319771977 South African Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord6RetAccident0
5219771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord3RetIgnition0
5119771977 Argentine Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord85Wheel bearing2
5019761976 Japanese Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord119
4919761976 USA Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord11RetSuspension0
4819761976 Canadian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord534
4719761976 Italian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord14RetAccident0
4619761976 Dutch Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord634
4519761976 Austrian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord952
4419761976 German Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord12120
4319761976 British Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord3RetIgnition0
4219761976 French Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord752
4119761976 Swedish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord2RetEngine0
4019761976 Belgian Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord11RetHalfshaft0
3919761976 Spanish Grand Prix result5Team LotusFord9RetGearbox0
3819761976 USA West Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord15RetWater Leak0
3719761976 South African Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord1361
3619761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result6Team LotusFord16RetAccident0
3519751975 USA Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord5RetSuspension0
3419751975 Italian Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord15RetAccident0
3319751975 Austrian Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord19RetAccident0
3219751975 German Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord1310Out of fuel0
3119751975 British Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord12120
3019751975 French Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord1552
2919751975 Swedish Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord1543
2819751975 Monaco Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord13RetOil Leak0
2719751975 Spanish Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord4RetSuspension0
2619751975 South African Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord617Transmission0
2519751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord1870
2419751975 Argentine Grand Prix result27ParnelliFord10RetTransmission0
2319741974 USA Grand Prix result55ParnelliFord3DSQDisqualified0
2219741974 Canadian Grand Prix result55ParnelliFord1670
2119721972 USA Grand Prix result9FerrariFerrari1061
2019721972 Italian Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari770
1919721972 Spanish Grand Prix result7FerrariFerrari5RetOil Pressure0
1819721972 South African Grand Prix result7FerrariFerrari643
1719721972 Argentine Grand Prix result10FerrariFerrari9RetEngine0
1619711971 Canadian Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari13130
1519711971 German Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari1143
1419711971 Dutch Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari16RetFuel Pump0
1319711971 Monaco Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari0DNQNo Time0
1219711971 Spanish Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari8RetEngine0
1119711971 South African Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari419
1019701970 Austrian Grand Prix result5MarchFord18RetAccident0
919701970 German Grand Prix result11MarchFord9RetGearbox0
819701970 British Grand Prix result26MarchFord9RetSuspension0
719701970 Spanish Grand Prix result18MarchFord1634
619701970 South African Grand Prix result8MarchFord11RetOverheating0
519691969 USA Grand Prix result9Team LotusFord5RetSuspension0
419691969 German Grand Prix result3Team LotusFord15RetAccident0
319691969 South African Grand Prix result3Team LotusFord6RetGearbox0
219681968 USA Grand Prix result12Team LotusFord1RetClutch0
119681968 Italian Grand Prix result18Team LotusFord0DNS0



Mario Andretti Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1968Team LotusGraham Hill1820600100211
Jackie Oliver18110000101111
Jo Siffert1850200100211
1969Team LotusGraham Hill1520900000312
Hans Herrmann21260000001010
Jo Bonnier21180000000110
Jo Siffert1540500000321
Jochen Rindt1510901010303
John Love15160000001010
Pete Lovely17140000000110
Rolf Stommelen2180000000110
1970MarchChris Amon354200002314
François Cevert1570000001221
Hubert Hahne15250000001010
Jackie Stewart3141301011405
Jo Siffert384000002332
Johnny Servoz-Gavin354200001111
Ronnie Peterson1590000001120
1971FerrariClay Regazzoni13121210003315
Jacky Ickx11121911022415
1972FerrariClay Regazzoni434700003214
Jacky Ickx4241200022323
1976Team LotusGunnar Nilsson13211110107593
Ronnie Peterson20190000000110
1977Team LotusGunnar Nilsson1147204170107161
1978Team LotusHector Rebaque166416080142160
Jean-Pierre Jarier10150000111111
Ronnie Peterson1164516273113113
1979Team LotusCarlos Reutemann32142500007887
Hector Rebaque37120000074110
1980Team LotusElio de Angelis6211300007768
Nigel Mansell8170000002130
1981Alfa RomeoBruno Giacomelli433700008787
1982FerrariPatrick Tambay324600101120
WilliamsKeke Rosberg2020600000101



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