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NameDerek Warwick
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthAlresford, Hampshire
Date of BirthAug 27th 1954 - 66 years old
First Race1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
Last Race1993 Australian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying3rd - (3 times)
Best Result2nd - (2 times)
First Podium1984 South African Grand Prix
Last Podium1984 German Grand Prix

Derek Warwick F1 Stats

Race Entries162
Race Starts147
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps2 (1,2%)
Podiums4 (2,5%)
Points Finishes30 (18,5%)
Retirements101 (62,3%)
Total Points71
Total Laps6.376



Derek Warwick Final Championship Results



Derek Warwick F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1993 United Kingdom Footwork Mugen-Honda160000086500.254
1990 United Kingdom Team Lotus Lamborghini160000074600.193
1989 United Kingdom Arrows Ford150000061300.477
1988 United Kingdom Arrows Megatron160000080801.0617
1987 United Kingdom Arrows Megatron160000065000.193
1986 United Kingdom Brabham BMW100000045100.000
1985 France Renault Renault150000060800.335
1984 France Renault Renault160224071211.4423
1983 United Kingdom Toleman Hart150000059700.609
1982 United Kingdom Toleman Hart110000028310.000
1981 United Kingdom Toleman Hart1000004300.000



Derek Warwick F1 GP Race Classifications

2nd2 Times
3rd2 Times
4th8 Times
5th9 Times
6th9 Times
7th8 Times
8th3 Times
9th5 Times
10th9 Times
11th4 Times
13th3 Times
14th1 Time
15th2 Times
16th1 Time
17th1 Time
DNF80 Times
DNQ14 Times
DNS1 Time


Derek Warwick F1 GP Race Results

16219931993 Australian Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda17100
16119931993 Japanese Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda714Collision0
16019931993 Portuguese Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda915Accident0
15919931993 Italian Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda11DNFCollision0
15819931993 Belgian Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda7DNFEngine0
15719931993 Hungarian Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda943
15619931993 German Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda11170
15519931993 British Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda861
15419931993 French Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda15130
15319931993 Canadian Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda18160
15219931993 Monaco Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda12DNFThrottle0
15119931993 Spanish Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda16130
15019931993 San Marino Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda15DNFSpun off0
14919931993 European Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda14DNFGearbox0
14819931993 Brazilian Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda1890
14719931993 South African Grand Prix result9FootworkMugen-Honda227Spun off0
14619901990 Australian Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini11DNFGearbox0
14519901990 Japanese Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini11DNFGearbox0
14419901990 Spanish Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini10DNFGearbox0
14319901990 Portuguese Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini21DNFThrottle0
14219901990 Italian Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini12DNFClutch0
14119901990 Belgian Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini18110
14019901990 Hungarian Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini1152
13919901990 German Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini1680
13819901990 British Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini16DNFEngine0
13719901990 French Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini16110
13619901990 Mexican Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini11100
13519901990 Canadian Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini1161
13419901990 Monaco Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini13DNFSpun Off0
13319901990 San Marino Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini1070
13219901990 Brazilian Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini24DNFElectrical0
13119901990 USA Grand Prix result11Team LotusLamborghini24DNFGearbox0
13019891989 Australian Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord20DNFSpun Off0
12919891989 Japanese Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord2561
12819891989 Spanish Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord1690
12719891989 Portuguese Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord22DNFAccident0
12619891989 Italian Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord16DNFFuel System0
12519891989 Belgian Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord1061
12419891989 Hungarian Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord9100
12319891989 German Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord1761
12219891989 British Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord1990
12119891989 Canadian Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord12DNFEngine0
12019891989 USA Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord10DNFCollision0
11919891989 Mexican Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord10DNFElectrical0
11819891989 Monaco Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord6DNFElectrical0
11719891989 San Marino Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord1252
11619891989 Brazilian Grand Prix result9ArrowsFord852
11519881988 Australian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron7DNFEngine0
11419881988 Japanese Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron7DNFSpun Off0
11319881988 Spanish Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron17DNFChassis0
11219881988 Portuguese Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1043
11119881988 Italian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron643
11019881988 Belgian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1052
10919881988 Hungarian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron12DNFBrakes0
10819881988 German Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1270
10719881988 British Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron961
10619881988 French Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron11DNFSpun Off0
10519881988 Detroit Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron9DNFSpun Off0
10419881988 Canadian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1670
10319881988 Mexican Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron952
10219881988 Monaco Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron743
10119881988 San Marino Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1490
10019881988 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1143
9919871987 Australian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron12DNFTransmission0
9819871987 Japanese Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron13100
9719871987 Mexican Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron11DNFAccident0
9619871987 Spanish Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron12100
9519871987 Portuguese Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron12130
9419871987 Italian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron12DNFElectrical0
9319871987 Hungarian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron961
9219871987 German Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron13DNFTurbo0
9119871987 British Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1352
9019871987 French Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron10DNFTurbo0
8919871987 Detroit Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron10DNFAccident0
8819871987 Austrian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron11DNFEngine0
8719871987 Monaco Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron11DNFGearbox0
8619871987 Belgian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron12DNFRadiator0
8519871987 San Marino Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron1011Out of Fuel0
8419871987 Brazilian Grand Prix result17ArrowsMegatron8DNFEngine0
8319861986 Australian Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW20DNFBrakes0
8219861986 Mexican Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW7DNFEngine0
8119861986 Portuguese Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW12DNFElectrical0
8019861986 Italian Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW7DNFSpun Off0
7919861986 Austrian Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW10DNSNon Starter0
7819861986 Hungarian Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW19DNFAccident0
7719861986 German Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW2070
7619861986 British Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW980
7519861986 French Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW1490
7419861986 Detroit Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW15100
7319861986 Canadian Grand Prix result8BrabhamBMW10DNFEngine0
7219851985 Australian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault12DNFTransmission0
7119851985 European Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault8DNFInjection0
7019851985 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1461
6919851985 Italian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault12DNFTransmission0
6819851985 Dutch Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault12DNFGearbox0
6719851985 Austrian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault13DNFEngine0
6619851985 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault20DNFIgnition0
6519851985 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1252
6419851985 French Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1170
6319851985 Detroit Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault6DNFTransmission0
6219851985 Canadian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault6DNFAccident0
6119851985 Monaco Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1052
6019851985 San Marino Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault1410Out of Fuel0
5919851985 Portuguese Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault670
5819851985 Brazilian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault10100
5719841984 Portuguese Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault9DNFGearbox0
5619841984 European Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault711Overheating0
5519841984 Italian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault12DNFOil Pressure0
5419841984 Dutch Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault4DNFSpun Off0
5319841984 Austrian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault6DNFEngine0
5219841984 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault334
5119841984 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault626
5019841984 Dallas Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault3DNFSpun Off0
4919841984 Detroit Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault6DNFGearbox0
4819841984 Canadian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault4DNFChassis0
4719841984 Monaco Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault5DNFcollision0
4619841984 French Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault7DNFAccident0
4519841984 San Marino Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault443
4419841984 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault426
4319841984 South African Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault934
4219841984 Brazilian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault3DNFSuspension0
4119831983 South African Grand Prix result35TolemanHart1343
4019831983 European Grand Prix result35TolemanHart1152
3919831983 Italian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart1261
3819831983 Dutch Grand Prix result35TolemanHart743
3719831983 Austrian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart10DNFTurbo0
3619831983 German Grand Prix result35TolemanHart9DNFEngine0
3519831983 British Grand Prix result35TolemanHart10DNFGearbox0
3419831983 Canadian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart12DNFTurbo0
3319831983 Detroit Grand Prix result35TolemanHart9DNFEngine0
3219831983 Belgian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart2270
3119831983 Monaco Grand Prix result35TolemanHart10DNFCollision0
3019831983 San Marino Grand Prix result35TolemanHart14DNFSpun Off0
2919831983 French Grand Prix result35TolemanHart9DNFEngine0
2819831983 USA West Grand Prix result35TolemanHart6DNFSpun Off0
2719831983 Brazilian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart580
2619821982 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result35TolemanHart10DNFSpark Plugs0
2519821982 Italian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart16DNFCollision0
2419821982 Swiss Grand Prix result35TolemanHart21DNFEngine0
2319821982 Austrian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart15DNFSuspension0
2219821982 German Grand Prix result35TolemanHart14100
2119821982 French Grand Prix result35TolemanHart14150
2019821982 British Grand Prix result35TolemanHart16DNFHalf Shaft0
1919821982 Dutch Grand Prix result35TolemanHart13DNFOil Leak0
1819821982 Monaco Grand Prix result35TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
1719821982 Belgian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart19DNFTransmission0
1619821982 San Marino Grand Prix result35TolemanHart8DNFElectrical0
1519821982 USA West Grand Prix result35TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
1419821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result35TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
1319821982 South African Grand Prix result35TolemanHart14DNFAccident0
1219811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result36TolemanHart22DNFGearbox0
1119811981 Canadian Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
1019811981 Italian Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
919811981 Dutch Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
819811981 Austrian Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
719811981 German Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
619811981 British Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
519811981 French Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
419811981 Spanish Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
319811981 Monaco Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
219811981 Belgian Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0
119811981 San Marino Grand Prix result36TolemanHart0DNQNo Time0



Derek Warwick F1 Podium Finishes

419841984 German Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault334
319841984 British Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault626
219841984 Belgian Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault426
119841984 South African Grand Prix result16RenaultRenault934



Derek Warwick Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1981TolemanBrian Henton15100000001111
1982TolemanTeo Fabi10700000083101
1983TolemanBruno Giacomelli46910000114123
1984RenaultPatrick Tambay22231100018796
Philippe Streiff20210000001010
1985RenaultFrançois Hesnault18240000001010
Patrick Tambay5351100007878
1986BrabhamRiccardo Patrese760100004738
1987ArrowsEddie Cheever5438000061097
1988ArrowsEddie Cheever431760000115124
1989ArrowsEddie Cheever53760000105141
1990Team LotusJohnny Herbert11120000001120
Martin Donnelly5730000010486
1993FootworkAguri Suzuki474000009797



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