F1 Race Event: Russian Grand Prix
Race Track: Sochi Circuit

2020 Russian Grand Prix Results

2020 Russian GP podium: 1. Bottas, 2. Verstappen, 3. Hamilton

Weather: dry  30.1°C
Tarmac: dry  39.9°C
Humidity : 46.5%
Wind : 2.3 m/s NW
Pressure: 1012.8 bar

Valtteri Bottas won his 9th F1 race at the 2020 Russian F1 GP today. He started from P3 and won for the 2nd time on the Sochi circuit. It was his 2nd race win of the 2020 F1 season and the 110th victory for the Mercedes team.

Kevin Magnussen could not get away from the grid when all cars were released for the warm-up lap. The Haas driver did eventually drove off to get to the start grid.

The start of the race was clean until the second corner. Max Verstappen had some wheel spin and even had to defend his P3 against Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo. Verstappen took the escape road of turn 2 and returned to the track on P4.

Valtteri Bottas almost overtook Hamilton in turn 2 but could not make it stick. Carlos Sainz also choose to use the escape road in turn 2, but crashed into t0he wall trying to turn back onto the track. In turn 3 Lance Stroll got hit by Charles Leclerc's Ferrari and the Racing Point ended up in the wall and started a safety car period to clean up the track. At that moment Esteban Ocon did pass his Renault team mate Daniel Ricciardo for P4.

During the safety car period three drivers pitted. Lando Norris (McLaren), Alex Albon (Red Bull) and Nicholas Latifi (Williams) already made a pit stop to switch to the hard tyres. The safety car returned to the pits at the end of lap 5.

In lap 7 Lewis Hamilton received 2 time penalties of 5 seconds because he made a practice start violation before the start of the race.

Sergio Perez had a nice battle for P5 in lap 15 with Ricciardo. The Mexican showed he still had great pace on the soft tyres and overtook the Australian in turn 3. Ricciardo went straight into the pits to get new hard tyres and reentered the track on P14.

One lap later the race leader pitted. The British driver had to wait for 10 long seconds before the pit crew could touch the car. He returned to the track outside the points as eleventh and 36 seconds behind the race leader Valtteri Bottas.

In lap 21 Hamilton already was 5th again, mainly because a lot of drivers in front made their pitstop. In lap 26 Verstappen pitted. The Red Bull crew push out a great pitstop again and replaced the RB16's tyres in only 1.9 sec. One lap later Bottas did the same. The Mercedes pit crew was almost a second slower and fitted the hard tyres in 2.7 sec.

Ricciardo was let by in turn 2 by his team mate but could not make the corner. He received a 5s penalty for it, which would be added at the end of the race. In lap 43 the race was had a short virtual safety car period to repair some road signs that were demolished by Romain Grosjean.

At the end of the race a lot of fights developed between several drivers in the midfield. Lando Norris who was fighting for P9 locked up his tyres and had to come into the pits to get new tyres. Albon also received a 5 second race penalty for not using the escape road in turn 2.


2020 Russian GP Results
FP1 2020 Russian GP
FP2 2020 Russian GP
FP3 2020 Russian GP
Quali 2020 Russian GP
Start grid 2020 Russian GP

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Classification 2020 Russian GP

P No Driver Team Time Laps Grid Pts
1 77 Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes 01:34:00.364 53
2 33 Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull 01:34:08.093 53
3 44 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes 01:34:23.093 53
4 11 Mexico Sergio Pérez
United Kingdom Racing Point 01:34:30.922 53
5 3 Australia Daniel Ricciardo
France Renault 01:34:52.429 53
6 16 Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari 01:35:02.550 53
7 31 France Esteban Ocon
France Renault 01:35:08.370 53
8 26 Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat
Italy AlphaTauri 01:35:09.104 53
9 10 France Pierre Gasly
Italy AlphaTauri 01:35:30.130 53
10 23 Thailand Alex Albon
Austria Red Bull 01:35:38.224 53
11 99 Italy Antonio Giovinazzi
Switzerland Alfa Romeo 01:34:12.509 52
12 20 Denmark Kevin Magnussen
United States Haas 01:34:14.419 52
13 5 Germany Sebastian Vettel
Italy Ferrari 01:34:15.467 52
14 7 Finland Kimi Räikkönen
Switzerland Alfa Romeo 01:34:16.339 52
15 4 United Kingdom Lando Norris
United Kingdom McLaren 01:34:26.176 52
16 6 Canada Nicholas Latifi
United Kingdom Williams 01:34:53.867 52
17 8 France Romain Grosjean
United States Haas 01:34:54.908 52
18 63 United Kingdom George Russell
United Kingdom Williams 01:35:22.195 52
DNF 18 Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Racing Point Hit by Leclerc 0
DNF 55 Spain Carlos Sainz
United Kingdom McLaren Crashed 0

Fastest lap: 1:37.030 min by Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes W11 in lap 51


  • Daniel Ricciardo, Renault car no. 3  - 5s time penalty for failing to follow race director's instructions
  • Alex Albon, Red Bull no. 23  - 5s time penalty for failing to follow race director's instructions

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4 F1 Fan comments on “2020 Russian Grand Prix Results

  1. Marco

    Perhaps, Hamilton should have asked the team by radio, of how many points he could lose "by the book", in case of kicking the ... of some stupid steward on Race "Control". Those guus are out of control. Not counting the number of SC and VSC that are happening all the time. In addition, "the move" on the Italian race, to push the stationary car through the pits, were more than stupid, when it could be just moved back on the safety area. They are all interfering directly on the race's results and development

    • Alexander Key

      It doesn't matter. Lewis is Formula 1 right now and will be until he retires. I'm very happy for Bottas to get a win, it must be extremely frustrating to be in the shadow of the greatest racer in human history.

  2. John McHugh

    Yes; F1 'stewards' have a mission to enhibit Hamilton as much as possible, not just in Russia but also when Hamilton was penalized for the infraction by an overtaking driver who restricted Hamilton's normal racing line. Everyone knows the responsibility ALWAYS rests with the overtaking driver.

  3. ReallyOldRacer

    HAM was always going to lose the race. He lost in Quali 2 when he went off track on his first run and had to use red tires to make Quali 3, thus sealing a strategy disadvantage. He finished 22 seconds behind BOT, his dumbass driving violations cost him just one finishing position.


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