Richie Ginther info & statistics

NameRichie Ginther
CountryUnited States United States
Place of BirthGranada Hills, California
Date of BirthAug 5th 1930
Date of DeathSep 20th 1989 - 59 years old
First Race1960 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Race1966 Mexican Grand Prix
Best Qualifying2nd - (4 times)
First Win1965 Mexican Grand Prix
Last Win1965 Mexican Grand Prix
First Podium1960 Italian Grand Prix
Last Podium1965 Mexican Grand Prix

Richie Ginther F1 Stats

Race Entries54
Race Starts52
Race Wins1 (1,9%)
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps3 (5,6%)
Podiums14 (25,9%)
Points Finishes28 (51,9%)
Retirements18 (33,3%)
Frontrow Starts4
Total Points107
Total Laps2.931



Richie Ginther Final Championship Results



Richie Ginther F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1966 United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati
Japan Honda
1965 Japan Honda Honda81001037401.3811
1964 United Kingdom BRM BRM100202069602.3023
1963 United Kingdom BRM BRM100325061403.4034
1962 United Kingdom BRM BRM90112042901.1110
1961 Italy Ferrari Ferrari70123035822.2916
1960 Italy Ferrari Ferrari30101019402.678



Richie Ginther F1 GP Race Classifications

1st1 Time
2nd8 Times
3rd5 Times
4th6 Times
5th4 Times
6th4 Times
7th3 Times
8th4 Times
11th1 Time
13th1 Time
14th1 Time
15th1 Time
DNF12 Times
NC1 Time
DNQ1 Time
DNS1 Time


Richie Ginther F1 GP Race Results

5419671967 Monaco Grand Prix result22EagleClimax0DNQNo Time0
5319661966 Mexican Grand Prix result12HondaHonda343
5219661966 USA Grand Prix result12HondaHonda8NCNot Classified0
5119661966 Italian Grand Prix result18HondaHonda7DNFAccident0
5019661966 Belgian Grand Prix result18Cooper-MaseratiMaserati852
4919661966 Monaco Grand Prix result9Cooper-MaseratiMaserati9DNFTransmission0
4819651965 Mexican Grand Prix result11HondaHonda319
4719651965 USA Grand Prix result11HondaHonda370
4619651965 Italian Grand Prix result20HondaHonda1714Ignition0
4519651965 Dutch Grand Prix result22HondaHonda361
4419651965 British Grand Prix result11HondaHonda3DNFinjection0
4319651965 French Grand Prix result26HondaHonda7DNFIgnition0
4219651965 Belgian Grand Prix result10HondaHonda461
4119651965 Monaco Grand Prix result20HondaHonda17DNFHalfshaft0
4019641964 Mexican Grand Prix result4BRMBRM1180
3919641964 USA Grand Prix result4BRMBRM1343
3819641964 Italian Grand Prix result20BRMBRM943
3719641964 Austrian Grand Prix result4BRMBRM526
3619641964 German Grand Prix result4BRMBRM1170
3519641964 British Grand Prix result4BRMBRM1480
3419641964 French Grand Prix result10BRMBRM952
3319641964 Belgian Grand Prix result2BRMBRM843
3219641964 Dutch Grand Prix result8BRMBRM8110
3119641964 Monaco Grand Prix result7BRMBRM826
3019631963 South African Grand Prix result6BRMBRM7DNFHalfshaft0
2919631963 Mexican Grand Prix result2BRMBRM534
2819631963 USA Grand Prix result2BRMBRM426
2719631963 Italian Grand Prix result10BRMBRM426
2619631963 German Grand Prix result2BRMBRM634
2519631963 British Grand Prix result2BRMBRM943
2419631963 French Grand Prix result4BRMBRM12DNFRadiator0
2319631963 Dutch Grand Prix result14BRMBRM652
2219631963 Belgian Grand Prix result8BRMBRM943
2119631963 Monaco Grand Prix result5BRMBRM426
2019621962 South African Grand Prix result4BRMBRM770
1919621962 USA Grand Prix result5BRMBRM2DNFEngine0
1819621962 Italian Grand Prix result12BRMBRM326
1719621962 German Grand Prix result12BRMBRM780
1619621962 British Grand Prix result14BRMBRM8130
1519621962 French Grand Prix result10BRMBRM1034
1419621962 Belgian Grand Prix result2BRMBRM9DNFGearbox0
1319621962 Monaco Grand Prix result8BRMBRM14DNFAccident0
1219621962 Dutch Grand Prix result18BRMBRM7DNFAccident0
1119611961 Italian Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari3DNFEngine0
1019611961 German Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari1480
919611961 British Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari234
819611961 French Grand Prix result18FerrariFerrari315Oil Pressure0
719611961 Belgian Grand Prix result6FerrariFerrari534
619611961 Dutch Grand Prix result2FerrariFerrari35No Time2
519611961 Monaco Grand Prix result36FerrariFerrari226
419601960 Italian Grand Prix result18FerrariFerrari226
319601960 French Grand Prix result28ScarabScarab20DNSEngine0
219601960 Dutch Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari1261
119601960 Monaco Grand Prix result34FerrariFerrari961



Richie Ginther Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1960FerrariCliff Allison6181000001010
Phil Hill2181201011221
Willy Mairesse236400001010
Wolfgang von Trips258400002121
ScarabChuck Daigh21230000000010
1961FerrariOlivier Gendebien344300001001
Phil Hill21163802051625
Ricardo Rodríguez14170000001001
Willy Mairesse8170000001001
Wolfgang von Trips21163302013425
1962BRMBruce Johnstone790000001010
Gerry Ashmore14230000001010
Graham Hill21105204011818
Jack Lewis14220000001010
Jackie Lewis16180000001010
Tony Marsh3194000004040
1963BRMGraham Hill213429020255010
Lorenzo Bandini2516200004132
Maurice Trintignant296000001010
Moisés Solana3114000001010
1964BRMGiancarlo Baghetti2718000006170
Graham Hill212341020146010
Maurice Trintignant2511200004150
Richard Attwood8250000001010
Tony Maggs2412400004150
1965HondaRonnie Bucknum1510210005142
1966Cooper-MaseratiGuy Ligier562000002020
Jo Bonnier572000002011
Jo Siffert5152000001010
Jochen Rindt522600000101
HondaRonnie Bucknum483000002020
1967EagleDan Gurney19140000000101

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