1963 F1 Championship Standings

See all 1963 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

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1963 F1 Championship Overview

1963 F1 World Championship
1963 Monaco F1 GPMay 26United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom BRM10002:41:49.700
1963 Belgian F1 GPJune 9United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus3202:27:47.600
1963 Dutch F1 GPJune 23United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus8002:08:13.700
1963 French F1 GPJune 30United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus5302:10:54.300
1963 British F1 GPJuly 20United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus8202:14:09.600
1963 German F1 GPAugust 4United Kingdom John Surtees
Italy Ferrari1502:13:06.800
1963 Italian F1 GPSeptember 8United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus8602:24:19.600
1963 USA F1 GPOctober 6United Kingdom Graham Hill
United Kingdom BRM11002:19:22.100
1963 Mexican F1 GPOctober 27United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus6502:09:52.100
1963 South African F1 GPDecember 28United Kingdom Jim Clark
United Kingdom Team Lotus8502:10:36.900

1963 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1United Kingdom Jim Clark81*1*1*121*3*1*154 (73)
2United Kingdom Graham Hill1DNFDNF33DNF1614329
3United States Richie Ginther245DNF43223DNF29 (34)
4United Kingdom John Surtees4*DNF3DNF2*1*DNF9DSQDNF22
5United States Dan GurneyDNF325DNFDNF14DNF62*19
6New Zealand Bruce McLaren32DNF12DNFDNF311DNF417
7Australia Jack Brabham9DNFDNF4DNF75421314
8South Africa Tony Maggs57DNF29DNF6DNFDNF79
9Italy Lorenzo BandiniWDWD 105DNFDNF5DNF56
10United Kingdom Innes IrelandDNFDNF49DNFDNF4WDWD 6
11Sweden Jo Bonnier7511NCDNF678566
12Germany Gerhard Mitter  DNF  4WD   3
13United States Jim HallDNFDNF811658108 3
14Netherlands Carel Godin de BeaufortWD69 10DNFDNQ610102
15Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti WD6DNS      1
16United Kingdom Trevor Taylor6DNF1013DNF8 DNFDNF81
17Switzerland Jo SiffertDNFDNF76DNF9DNFDNF9 1
18United Kingdom Mike Spence      13   0
19Mexico Moisés Solana        11 0
20Argentina Nasif EstéfanoWD  WDDNP     0
21South Africa Paddy Driver         DNS0
22United States Walt Hansgen       WDWD 0
23South Africa Neville Lederle         WD0
24Canada Peter Broeker       7  0
25Mexico Pedro Rodríguez       DNFDNF 0
26United Kingdom Peter Arundell WD DNS      0
27South Africa Peter de Klerk         DNF0
28France Maurice TrintignantDNF  8  9   0
29United States Phil HillWDDNFDNFNCWDWD11DNFDNF 0
30Italy Roberto Lippi      DNQ   0
31United States Rodger Ward       DNF  0
32Zimbabwe Sam Tingle         DNF0
33United States Thomas Monarch        WD 0
34United Kingdom Tim Parnell     DNQ    0
35United States Tony SettemberWD8WDDNFDNFDNFDNQ   0
36South Africa Trevor Blokdyk         120
37United Kingdom Mike Hailwood    8 10  WD0
38Belgium André Pilette     DNQDNQ   0
39United States Masten Gregory   DNF11WDDNFDNFDNF 0
40United States Frank Dochnal        DNS 0
41United Kingdom Bob Anderson    12 12   0
42South Africa Brausch Niemann         140
43Italy Carlo Abate      WD   0
44New Zealand Chris AmonDNSDNFDNF77DNFDNS DNF 0
45United Kingdom David Prophet         DNF0
46South Africa Doug Serrurier         110
47Italy Ernesto Brambilla      DNQ   0
48South Africa Ernie Pieterse         DNF0
49Canada Ernie de Vos       WD  0
50Italy Gaetano Starrabba      WD   0
51Portugal Mario de Araujo Cabral     DNFDNQ   0
52Italy Giancarlo BaghettiWDDNFDNFWDWDWD15DNFDNF 0
53Germany Günther Seiffert      WD   0
54United States Hap Sharp       DNF7 0
55United Kingdom Ian BurgessWDWDWDWDDNFDNFWD   0
56United Kingdom Ian Raby    DNFDNQDNQ   0
57United Kingdom John Campbell-JonesWD   13     0
58Zimbabwe John Love         90
59France Bernard CollombDNQ    10    0
60Germany Kurt Kuhnke     DNQ    0
61Belgium Lucien Bianchi DNF        0
62Belgium Willy MairesseDNFDNF   DNF    0

1963 Formula 1 Drivers Statistcs

United Kingdom Jim Clark1071197685673
United Kingdom Graham Hill1020352640029
United Kingdom John Surtees1011131467322
United States Richie Ginther1003250614034
United States Dan Gurney1002130506119
New Zealand Bruce McLaren1001230463017
Australia Jack Brabham1001010578014
South Africa Tony Maggs100101049409
Sweden Jo Bonnier100000060506
Italy Lorenzo Bandini90000038906
United Kingdom Innes Ireland90000028806
United States Jim Hall90000047303
Switzerland Jo Siffert90000037901
United Kingdom Trevor Taylor90000037101
United States Phil Hill90000019100
Italy Giancarlo Baghetti9000009900
Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort80000042602
United Kingdom Ian Burgess7000004100
New Zealand Chris Amon60000018000
United States Masten Gregory60000016800
United States Tony Settember6000005500
Germany Gerhard Mitter3000001703
France Maurice Trintignant30000016700
United Kingdom Mike Hailwood30000016000
Belgium Willy Mairesse3000004500
Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti2000007801
United States Hap Sharp2000006700
United States Walt Hansgen200000000
Argentina Nasif Estéfano200000000
United Kingdom Bob Anderson20000015400
United Kingdom John Campbell-Jones2000007400
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez2000006200
South Africa Peter de Klerk1000005300
Germany Günther Seiffert100000000
Mexico Moisés Solana1000005700
South Africa Neville Lederle100000000
South Africa Doug Serrurier1000007800
United Kingdom Mike Spence1000007300
Portugal Mario de Araujo Cabral100000600
United Kingdom David Prophet1000004900
Italy Carlo Abate100000000
United Kingdom Ian Raby1000005900
Canada Peter Broeker1000008800
South Africa Trevor Blokdyk1000007700
Belgium Lucien Bianchi1000001700
South Africa Ernie Pieterse100000300
Italy Gaetano Starrabba100000000
United States Thomas Monarch100000000
United States Rodger Ward1000004400
South Africa Brausch Niemann1000006600
United Kingdom Peter Arundell100000000
Canada Ernie de Vos100000000
Zimbabwe Sam Tingle100000200
Zimbabwe John Love1000008000
France Bernard Collomb1000001000

1963 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom Team Lotus611112131154 (74)
2United Kingdom BRM145333213336 (45)
3United Kingdom BrabhamDNF324DNF7542228 (30)
4Italy Ferrari4DNF3DNF21DNF5DNF526
5United Kingdom Cooper-Climax3211296385425 (26)
6United Kingdom BRP DNF49DNF 4   6
7Germany PorscheWD69 104DNQ610105
9Switzerland Alfa Romeo         DNF0
10Italy De TomasoWD  WDDNP DNQ   0
11United Kingdom Gilby    DNFDNQDNQ   0
12South Africa LDS         110
13United Kingdom LolaDNFDNFDNF77DNF10DNFDNFWD0
14United Kingdom SciroccoWD8WDDNFDNFDNFDNQ   0
15Canada Stebro       7  0


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