1960 F1 Championship Standings

See all 1960 F1 results for each race, driver and team.

Here you can find the 1960 F1 teams overview.

1960 F1 Championship Overview

1960 F1 World Championship
1960 Argentine F1 GPFebruary 7New Zealand Bruce McLaren
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax8002:17:49.500
1960 Monaco F1 GPMay 29United Kingdom Stirling Moss
United Kingdom Team Lotus10002:53:45.500
1960 Indianapolis 500May 30United States Jim Rathmann
United States Watson20003:36:11.360
1960 Dutch F1 GPJune 6Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax7502:01:47.200
1960 Belgian F1 GPJune 19Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax3602:21:37.300
1960 French F1 GPJuly 3Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax5001:57:24.900
1960 British F1 GPJuly 16Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax7702:04:24.300
1960 Portuguese F1 GPAugust 14Australia Jack Brabham
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax5502:19:00.030
1960 Italian F1 GPSeptember 4United States Phil Hill
Italy Ferrari5002:21:09.200
1960 USA F1 GPNovember 20United Kingdom Stirling Moss
United Kingdom Team Lotus7502:28:52.200

1960 Formula 1 Drivers Championship Table

1Australia Jack BrabhamDNFDSQ 11*1*11 4*43
2New Zealand Bruce McLaren12* DNF2342 334 (37)
3United Kingdom Stirling Moss3*1 4*DNS  DSQ 119
4United Kingdom Innes Ireland69 2DNF*736 218
5United States Phil Hill83 DNF4*127DNF1*616
6Belgium Olivier Gendebien    3297 1210
7Germany Wolfgang von Trips58 5DNF11645910
8United Kingdom Jim Clark   DNF55163 168
9United States Jim Rathmann  1*       8
10United States Richie Ginther 6 6 DNS  2 8
11United Kingdom Tony Brooks 4 DNFDNFDNF55 DNF7
12United Kingdom John Surtees DNF    2DNF* DNF6
13United Kingdom Cliff Allison2DNQ        6
14United States Rodger Ward  2       6
15Belgium Willy Mairesse    DNFDNF  3 4
16United Kingdom Graham HillDNF7 3DNFDNFDNF*DNF DNF4
17United States Paul Goldsmith  3       4
18Sweden Jo Bonnier75 DNFDNFDNFDNFDNF 54
19United Kingdom Henry Taylor   7 48  143
20United States Don Branson  4       3
21Italy Giulio Cabianca        4 3
22Argentina Carlos Menditeguy4         3
23United States Johnny Thomson  5       2
24Belgium Lucien Bianchi    6DNFDNF   1
25United States Eddie Johnson  6       1
26Germany Hans Herrmann        6 1
27United Kingdom Ron Flockhart     6   DNF1
28United States Masten Gregory12DNQ DNS 914DNF  0
29United States Len Sutton  30       0
30United States Lloyd Ruby  7       0
31United States Lance Reventlow DNQ DNSDNF WD   0
32United Kingdom Keith Greene      DNF   0
33Portugal Mario de Araujo Cabral       DNF  0
34Argentina José Froilán González10         0
35United States Johnny Boyd  27       0
36United States Bill Homeier  13       0
37France Maurice Trintignant3DNF DNF DNF11  150
38United States Shorty Templeman  17       0
39Germany Wolfgang Seidel        9 0
40United States Wayne Weiler  24       0
41United Kingdom Vic Wilson        DNF 0
42United States Troy Ruttman  20       0
43United States Tony Bettenhausen  23       0
44United Kingdom Alan StaceyDNFDNF DNFDNF     0
45United Kingdom Roy Salvadori DNF DNS  DNF  80
46United Kingdom Mike Taylor    DNS     0
47Argentina Roberto Bonomi11         0
48United States Robert Drake         130
49United States Red Amick  11       0
50Italy Piero Drogo        8 0
51United States Pete Lovely         110
52Italy Alfonso Thiele        DNF 0
53Argentina Nasif Estéfano14         0
54Argentina Alberto Rodriguez Larreta9         0
55United States Jim Hall         70
56United States Jimmy Bryan  19       0
57United Kingdom Chris Bristow DNF DNFDNF     0
58United States Dick Rathmann  31       0
59United States Dempsey Wilson  33       0
60United Kingdom David Piper     DNS12   0
61United States Dan Gurney DNF DNFDNFDNF10DNF DNF0
62United States Chuck Stevenson  15       0
63United States Chuck Daigh DNQ DNSDNFDNSDNF  100
64Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort   8      0
65United States Duane Carter  12       0
66United States Bud Tingelstad  9       0
67United Kingdom Arthur Owen        DNF 0
68United Kingdom Bruce Halford DNQ   8    0
69United Kingdom Brian Naylor DNQ    13 DNFDNF0
70United States Bobby Grim  16       0
71United States Bob Veith  8       0
72United States Don Freeland  22       0
73United States Eddie Russo  26       0
74United States Jim McWithey  29       0
75United Kingdom Horace Gould        DNS 0
76United States Jim Hurtubise  18       0
77United States Bob Christie  10       0
78United Kingdom Jack Fairman      DNF   0
79Spain Antonio CreusDNF         0
80United States Al Herman  32       0
81United Kingdom Ian Burgess DNQ   10DNF  DNF0
82United States Harry SchellDNF         0
83United States Eddie Sachs  21       0
84Italy Giorgio ScarlattiDNFDNQ      DNF 0
85Italy Gino Munaron13    DNF15 DNF 0
86United States Gene Hartley  14       0
87United States Gene Force  28       0
88United States Fred Gamble        10 0
89Venezuela Ettore ChimeriDNF         0
90Germany Edgar Barth        7 0
91United States A.J. Foyt  25       0

1960 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

United States Phil Hill910121524216
Germany Wolfgang von Trips900000516010
Australia Jack Brabham850053449343
New Zealand Bruce McLaren813260480137
United Kingdom Innes Ireland802130466118
United Kingdom Graham Hill80011032714
Sweden Jo Bonnier80000039104
United Kingdom Tony Brooks70000024307
United States Dan Gurney70000019300
United Kingdom Stirling Moss620134421219
United Kingdom Jim Clark60011031108
France Maurice Trintignant60011026100
Belgium Olivier Gendebien501120274010
United Kingdom John Surtees40101113416
United Kingdom Henry Taylor40000026903
United States Masten Gregory40000020500
Italy Gino Munaron40000018500
United Kingdom Alan Stacey40000012800
United States Richie Ginther30101019408
Belgium Willy Mairesse3001108604
Belgium Lucien Bianchi30000010801
United Kingdom Brian Naylor30000013300
United Kingdom Ian Burgess30000012300
United Kingdom Roy Salvadori30000014800
United States Chuck Daigh30000014400
United Kingdom Chris Bristow3000004500
United Kingdom Ron Flockhart2000006001
United States Lance Reventlow200000100
Italy Giorgio Scarlatti2000003700
United States Jim Rathmann11001020018
United States Rodger Ward10101020006
United Kingdom Cliff Allison1010108006
United States Paul Goldsmith10011020004
Italy Giulio Cabianca1000004803
Argentina Carlos Menditeguy1000008003
United States Don Branson10000020003
United States Johnny Thomson10000020002
United States Eddie Johnson10000020001
Germany Hans Herrmann1000004701
United Kingdom Keith Greene1000001200
Venezuela Ettore Chimeri1000002300
United States Al Herman1000003400
United Kingdom Bruce Halford1000004000
United States A.J. Foyt1000009000
United States Bob Veith10000020000
United States Jim Hurtubise10000018500
Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort1000006900
Italy Piero Drogo1000004500
Argentina Alberto Rodriguez Larreta1000007700
United States Jim McWithey1000006000
United States Duane Carter10000020000
United States Don Freeland10000012900
United States Jim Hall1000007300
Spain Antonio Creus1000001600
United States Chuck Stevenson10000019600
Italy Alfonso Thiele1000003200
United States Dempsey Wilson1000001100
United States Eddie Russo1000009000
United States Bud Tingelstad10000020000
United States Jimmy Bryan10000015200
United Kingdom David Piper1000007200
Germany Wolfgang Seidel1000004400
Argentina José Froilán González1000007700
United States Len Sutton1000004700
United States Bill Homeier10000020000
United States Tony Bettenhausen10000012500
United States Pete Lovely1000006900
United States Bobby Grim10000019400
United Kingdom Vic Wilson1000002300
Argentina Nasif Estéfano1000007000
Portugal Mario de Araujo Cabral1000003800
United States Johnny Boyd1000007700
United States Bob Christie10000020000
United States Troy Ruttman10000013400
United Kingdom Jack Fairman1000004600
United States Fred Gamble1000004100
Argentina Roberto Bonomi1000007600
United States Dick Rathmann1000004200
United States Gene Hartley10000019600
United States Wayne Weiler10000010300
United States Lloyd Ruby10000020000
United States Robert Drake1000006800
United States Shorty Templeman10000019100
United Kingdom Arthur Owen100000000
United States Harry Schell1000006300
Germany Edgar Barth1000004700
United States Gene Force1000007400
United States Red Amick10000020000
United States Eddie Sachs10000113200

1960 Formula 1 Constructors Championship Table

1United Kingdom Cooper-Climax12 111118348 (58)
2United Kingdom Team Lotus61 25523 134 (37)
3Italy Ferrari23 5411641 26 (27)
4United States Watson  1       8
5United Kingdom BRM75 3DNFDNF10DNF 58
6United States Epperly  3       4
7United States Phillips  4       3
8United Kingdom Cooper-Castellotti        4 3
9United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati4         3
10United States Lesovsky  5       2
11United States Trevis  6       1
12Germany Porsche        6 1
13United Kingdom Vanwall     DNF    0
14United States Scarab DNQ DNSDNFDNS   100
15United Kingdom Aston Martin   DNS  11   0
16United States Meskowski  8       0
17Italy Maserati13       DNS130
18United States Kuzma  12       0
19United Kingdom JBW DNQ    13 DNF 0
20United States Ewing  21       0
21United States Christensen  18       0
22Germany Behra-Porsche12       10 0
23United States Kurtis Kraft  10       0

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