Jochen Rindt info & statistics

Jochen Rindt wiki info & stats
NameJochen Rindt
CountryAustria Austria
Place of BirthMainz
Date of BirthApr 18th 1942
Date of DeathSep 5th 1970 - 28 years old
Season Entries7
First Race1964 Austrian F1 GP
Last Race1970 Austrian F1 GP
First Pole1968 French F1 GP
Last Pole1970 Austrian F1 GP
First Win1969 USA F1 GP
Last Win1970 German F1 GP
First Podium1966 Belgian F1 GP
Last Podium1970 German F1 GP

Jochen Rindt F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles1
Race Entries62
Race Starts60
Race Wins6 (9,7%)
Pole Positions10 (16,1%)
Fastest Laps3 (4,8%)
Podiums13 (21,0%)
Points Finishes21 (33,9%)
Retirements40 (64,5%)
Wins from pole3
Front Row Starts15
Total Points109
Total Laps2.520



Jochen Rindt Biography

Jochen Rindt smoking a cigarette in Austria (1970)

Jochen Rindt smoking a cigarette in Austria (1970)

Sadly enough is Jochen Rindt the only driver that won a Formula 1 drivers championship after he died.

Born on the 18th of April of 1942 in Mainz, Germany, Karl Jochen Rindt grew up at Austria with his maternal grandparents after his parents were killed in a bombing at Germany during World War II.

Growing up, Rindt was a tough-minded kid who wouldn’t let authority cloud his judgement on any situations. He was ready to face danger in any aspect and loved competition at an early age. His first glimpse into the speedy racing world came when he competed in ski races, which left him with a couple of broken bones. Een with the injuries, he continued and even got to ride motocross bikes with success. Racing was unequivocally in his blood.

Wolfgang von Trips was the driver he wanted to be, and he did more than that. He invested his own money in the racing world to be able to compete in Touring Cars and single-seaters. He started his career in 1961, driving an Abarth Simca 2000 and an Alfa Romeo GT 1300.

After a big number of crashes and dangerous situations, yet many victories in his early days of racing, he purchased an F2 Brabham in 1964 and entered the championship.

Rindt was able to win an F2 race in Crystal Palace, beating Graham Hill in the process. His win became breaking news in Great Britain and Rindt’s sideways style was the talking point.

Jochen Rindt Lotus 48B 1969

Jochen Rindt Lotus 48B at Monaco in 1969

His Formula 1 career started with a participation in the 1963 Austrian Grand Prix, which was a non-championship race. He qualified 12th for the race, but his Cooper T67 had mechanical issues.

In 1964, he made his official World Championship debut in the 1964 Austrian Grand Prix, behind the wheel of a Brabham BT11 for Rob Walker Racing Team. He started from 13th place and had to retire due to a steering-related issue.

Rindt’s first full Formula 1 season became in 1965, driving for Cooper after signing a three-year contract. In a year plagued by unreliability in his car, he scored four points in 1965 with a fourth-place at Germany and a sixth place in the USA. However, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Ferrari.

In 1966, Cooper switched from Climax engines to Maserati, Rindt found his way in Formula 1 and scored his first podium in the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa with a solid second place. He added a couple of podiums and three other top 5 finishes to end the year in third place in the World Drivers’ Championship.

The following season, his last for Cooper, Rindt did not enjoy any results similar to the ones from 1966. The Austrian driver only finished two of the ten races he entered and scored only six points.

In a 1968 season with Brabham in which he finished in the podium twice —in the inaugural race at South Africa and at Germany— but suffered ten retirements, nine of them coming from mechanical issues with his Brabham cars —the BT24 in the early part of the year and the BT26 later on—.

In both 1967 and 1968, Rindt took part in the Indianapolis 500, but his two participants were highly unsuccessful.

Jochen Rindt 1970 French GP

Jochen Rindt 1970 French GP

A move to Lotus for the 1969 Formula 1 season proved better for Rindt. Although the Lotus 49 was an unreliable car —as Rindt himself said after a harsh crash at Spain, which left him with a broken jaw— it delivered him the first win of his career on the 5th of October of 1969 at Watkins Glen. In his first win, in the US Grand Prix, he finished 46 seconds ahead of Piers Courage and two laps ahead of third-placed John Surtees.

He finished 1969 with three podiums and fourth in the WDC.

For 1970, Rindt started the year with two DNFs due to mechanical trouble in his Lotus car, which was similar to what occurred in the previous World Championship season. However, in the 1970 Monaco Grand Prix, a run of luck put Rindt in second place with less than 20 laps remaining. The race-leader, Jack Brabham, was being caught by the aggressive Austrian racer and ultimately was pushed into a mistake in the final corner of the final lap. Rindt took the victory and was emotional in the post race podium.

An engine-related issue ended his quest for victory in the 1970 Belgian Grand Prix when he started second on the grid. After that setback, Rindt dominated with four straight victories at the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and Germany. Then, again, his engine took a good chance of victory from him, this time at his home Grand Prix.

With four races remaining in the calendar and a 20-point lead over Brabham in the WDC, Rindt looked on pace to take the championship home.

Jochen Rindt Lotus 49B German GP 1969

Jochen Rindt Lotus 49B German GP 1969

On the 5th of September, during practice for the 1970 Italian Grand Prix, the championship-leader and fan-favourite —for his unique way of living, racing and competing—, suffered a crash that took his life at the age of 28. His accident near the Parabolica prompted an investigation and a trial against Lotus’ boss Colin Chapman, but it ended in 1976 after Chapman was cleared.

Jacky Ickx won two of the last four races for Ferrari and added a fourth place, but his point tally was not enough to take the title from Rindt. The German-born driver, who represented Austria, became the first driver —and the only one so far— to win the WDC posthumously.

“At Lotus, I can either be World Champion or die. Maybe I will not live to reach the age of 40. But, until that time, I will have experienced more things in life than anybody else.”



Jochen Rindt Final Championship Results



Jochen Rindt F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1970 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford95005344015.0045
1969 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford101113548122.2022
1968 United Kingdom Brabham Repco120022240300.678
1967 United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati Maserati100000028900.606
1966 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
United Kingdom Cooper-Maserati
1965 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax90000041700.444
1964 United Kingdom Brabham BRM1000005800.000



Jochen Rindt F1 GP Race Classifications

1th6 Times
2th3 Times
3th4 Times
4th6 Times
5th1 Time
6th1 Time
8th1 Time
11th1 Time
13th1 Time
14th1 Time
DNF35 Times
DNQ1 Time
DNS1 Time


Jochen Rindt F1 GP Race Results

6219701970 Italian F1 GP22Team LotusFord0DNSFatal accident0
6119701970 Austrian F1 GP6Team LotusFord1DNFEngine0
6019701970 German F1 GP2Team LotusFord219
5919701970 British F1 GP5Team LotusFord119
5819701970 French F1 GP6Team LotusFord619
5719701970 Dutch F1 GP10Team LotusFord119
5619701970 Belgian F1 GP20Team LotusFord2DNFEngine0
5519701970 Monaco F1 GP3Team LotusFord819
5419701970 Spanish F1 GP3Team LotusFord8DNFIgnition0
5319701970 South African F1 GP9Team LotusFord413Engine0
5219691969 Mexican F1 GP2Team LotusFord6DNFSuspension0
5119691969 USA F1 GP2Team LotusFord119
5019691969 Canadian F1 GP2Team LotusFord334
4919691969 Italian F1 GP4Team LotusFord126
4819691969 German F1 GP2Team LotusFord3DNFIgnition0
4719691969 British F1 GP2Team LotusFord143
4619691969 French F1 GP15Team LotusFord3DNFPhysical0
4519691969 Dutch F1 GP2Team LotusFord1DNFHalfshaft0
4419691969 Spanish F1 GP2Team LotusFord1DNFAccident0
4319691969 South African F1 GP2Team LotusFord2DNFFuel Pump0
4219681968 Mexican F1 GP4BrabhamRepco10DNFIgnition0
4119681968 USA F1 GP4BrabhamRepco6DNFEngine0
4019681968 Canadian F1 GP6BrabhamRepco1DNFEngine0
3919681968 Italian F1 GP11BrabhamRepco10DNFEngine0
3819681968 German F1 GP5BrabhamRepco334
3719681968 British F1 GP4BrabhamRepco5DNFFuel Leak0
3619681968 French F1 GP2BrabhamRepco1DNFFuel Leak0
3519681968 Dutch F1 GP6BrabhamRepco2DNFIgnition0
3419681968 Belgian F1 GP19BrabhamRepco17DNFEngine0
3319681968 Monaco F1 GP3BrabhamRepco5DNFAccident0
3219681968 Spanish F1 GP4BrabhamRepco9DNFOil Pressure0
3119681968 South African F1 GP3BrabhamRepco434
3019671967 USA F1 GP4Cooper-MaseratiMaserati8DNFEngine0
2919671967 Italian F1 GP30Cooper-MaseratiMaserati1143
2819671967 Canadian F1 GP71Cooper-MaseratiMaserati8DNFIgnition0
2719671967 German F1 GP5Cooper-MaseratiMaserati9DNFRadiator0
2619671967 British F1 GP11Cooper-MaseratiMaserati8DNFEngine0
2519671967 French F1 GP12Cooper-MaseratiMaserati8DNFEngine0
2419671967 Belgian F1 GP29Cooper-MaseratiMaserati443
2319671967 Dutch F1 GP12Cooper-MaseratiMaserati4DNFSuspension0
2219671967 Monaco F1 GP10Cooper-MaseratiMaserati15DNFGearbox0
2119671967 South African F1 GP3Cooper-MaseratiMaserati7DNFEngine0
2019661966 Mexican F1 GP8Cooper-MaseratiMaserati5DNFSuspension0
1919661966 USA F1 GP8Cooper-MaseratiMaserati92Out of Fuel6
1819661966 Italian F1 GP16Cooper-MaseratiMaserati843
1719661966 German F1 GP8Cooper-MaseratiMaserati934
1619661966 Dutch F1 GP26Cooper-MaseratiMaserati6DNFAccident0
1519661966 British F1 GP11Cooper-MaseratiMaserati752
1419661966 French F1 GP6Cooper-MaseratiMaserati543
1319661966 Belgian F1 GP19Cooper-MaseratiMaserati226
1219661966 Monaco F1 GP10Cooper-ClimaxMaserati7DNFEngine0
1119651965 Mexican F1 GP10Cooper-ClimaxClimax16DNFIgnition0
1019651965 USA F1 GP10Cooper-ClimaxClimax1361
919651965 Italian F1 GP18Cooper-ClimaxClimax780
819651965 German F1 GP12Cooper-ClimaxClimax843
719651965 Dutch F1 GP20Cooper-ClimaxClimax14DNFOil Pressure0
619651965 British F1 GP10Cooper-ClimaxClimax1214Engine0
519651965 French F1 GP20Cooper-ClimaxClimax12DNFAccident0
419651965 Belgian F1 GP5Cooper-ClimaxClimax14110
319651965 Monaco F1 GP8Cooper-ClimaxClimax0DNQNo Time0
219651965 South African F1 GP10Cooper-ClimaxClimax10DNFElectrical0
119641964 Austrian F1 GP12BrabhamBRM13DNFSteering0



Jochen Rindt F1 Pole Positions

1019701970 Austrian F1 GP6Team LotusFord1DNFEngine0
919701970 British F1 GP5Team LotusFord119
819701970 Dutch F1 GP10Team LotusFord119
719691969 USA F1 GP2Team LotusFord119
619691969 Italian F1 GP4Team LotusFord126
519691969 British F1 GP2Team LotusFord143
419691969 Dutch F1 GP2Team LotusFord1DNFHalfshaft0
319691969 Spanish F1 GP2Team LotusFord1DNFAccident0
219681968 Canadian F1 GP6BrabhamRepco1DNFEngine0
119681968 French F1 GP2BrabhamRepco1DNFFuel Leak0



Jochen Rindt Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1964BrabhamBob Anderson1030400000110
Dan Gurney10120000001001
Jack Brabham1090000000101
Jo Bonnier1060100000101
Jo Siffert10170000001001
1965Cooper-ClimaxAlan Rollinson14220000001010
Alex Blignaut18310000001010
Bruce McLaren4341000004628
David Clapham18300000001010
John Love18190000001010
John Rhodes14160000001010
Trevor Blokdyk18210000001010
1966Cooper-MaseratiChris Amon483000001010
Guy Ligier2615000004150
Jo Bonnier2619100004260
Jo Siffert2420300005270
John Surtees21181901014316
Moisés Solana12170000001010
Richie Ginther256200001010
1967Cooper-MaseratiAlan Rees1690000000110
Guy Ligier473000001120
Jacky Ickx463100001120
Jo Bonnier466300004370
Jo Siffert446600003681
Pedro Rodríguez4131401002561
Richard Attwood17100000000110
1968BrabhamDan Gurney15110000000110
Dave Charlton3224000001010
Jack Brabham358200207492
Jackie Pretorius3104000001010
John Love394000001010
Kurt Ahrens Jr.3124000001010
Silvio Moser950200002130
1969Team LotusGraham Hill12221010505490
Hans Herrmann15260000001010
Jo Bonnier4153000102020
Jo Siffert12221110505591
John Love10160000001010
John Miles21013000205050
Mario Andretti1159010103030
Pete Lovely1713010102130
Rolf Stommelen1580000000110
1970Team LotusAlex Soler-Roig1229010002020
Dave Charlton13120000000110
Emerson Fittipaldi1418320202130
Graham Hill1445750205480
John Love1380000000110
John Miles1545250307390
Pete Lovely11027030203030


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