Jack Brabham info & statistics

Jack Brabham wiki info & stats
NameJack Brabham
CountryAustralia Australia
Place of BirthHurstville
Date of BirthApr 2nd 1926
Date of DeathMay 19th 2014 - 88 years old
First Race1955 British Grand Prix
Last Race1970 Mexican Grand Prix
First Pole1959 British Grand Prix
Last Pole1970 Spanish Grand Prix
First Win1959 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Win1970 South African Grand Prix
First Podium1959 Monaco Grand Prix
Last Podium1970 British Grand Prix

Jack Brabham F1 Stats

Drivers' Titles3
Race Entries127
Race Starts126
Race Wins14 (11,0%)
Pole Positions13 (10,2%)
Fastest Laps10 (7,9%)
Podiums31 (24,4%)
Points Finishes53 (41,7%)
Retirements61 (48,0%)
Wins from pole6
Frontrow Starts27
Total Points261
Total Laps6.192



Jack Brabham Biography

Jack Brabham was a legendary racing driver from Australia. Brabham was a technical genius and the only driver in history that won a Formula 1 championship with a car he built himself.

Born on the 2nd of April of 1926 in Hurtsville, Australia, the legendary John Arthur Brabham grew up around cars and learned to love both driving and working on the machines. His abilities to drive and to build cars gave him a truly historical place when he made his way into Formula 1 in 1955.

After working in the engineering area and several garages, Jack entered the Royal Australian Air Force in Adelaide with the mindset of becoming a pilot, but instead, he found himself working as a mechanic.

After he ended his service with the Air Force, Jack was able to open his own engineering shop in Sidney. His American friend, Johnny Schonberg, talked Jack into motorsport after he invited him to a Speedcars (midgets) race and to built him a car for the competition. Brabham built the car but was not interested in competing.

Schonberg stopped racing in 1948 and Brabham took over and started an era of impressive domination on dirt-ovals around Australia. He won multiple Speedcars championships and in 1953 he was interested in participating in road racing competitions. After buying various cars from British Constructor Cooper, Brabham swept across Australia and in 1955 was already thinking of making the trip to Europe to reach his destiny.

Legends on the Grid - Jack Brabham Documentary

Jack Brabham at the 1966 Dutch Grand Prix

Then known as “Black Jack” for his dark hair and his silent presence, he started a friendship with the Cooper bosses, John and Charles Cooper. The union with the Cooper company helped him find his way into Formula 1, making his debut in the 1955 British Grand Prix in a Cooper-Bristol T40 which he helped develop.

Brabham and Cooper became the first union to consistently develop rear-engined cars, which proved to be successful. In the 1958 Argentine Grand Prix, Stirling Moss drove a Rob Walker-owned Cooper with the engine positioned in the back, which was the first time such car won a Grand Prix. The next race, at Monaco, was won by Maurice Trintignant in another Walker-owned Cooper with a rear engine.

Between his debut in 1955 and the 1958 season, Brabham’s best result was a fourth place in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. In 1959, Brabham took his first F1 victory in the inaugural GP of the year at Monaco. Then, he finished on the podium four other times, including his victory in the 1958 British Grand Prix. His fourth place in the final race of the calendar at Sebring gave him the first title for an Australian driver and the first championship won by a rear-engined car. Brabham beat Tony Brooks and Moss in the title fight.

The following year, Brabham dominated the field like he used to do in his early years in Australia. He could not finish the first race at Argentina due to a gearbox problem and was disqualified from the following race, at Monaco. After a bad start to his season, Brabham swept the grid with five straight wins. The last win of the streak, at Portugal, gave him his second World Championship with two races to spare.

After a bad 1961 season with Cooper, Brabham created Motor Racing Developments with designer Ron Tauranac. Brabham participated in the first five of 1962 at the wheel of a Lotus 24. Then, the Brabham BT3 was ready to compete and he drove the car to two fourth places in the last three races of the year. The 1963 Mexican Grand Prix saw Brabham’s first podium in his own car, the Brabham BT7. Two more podiums came in 1964, in Belgium and France, but World Championship glory remained far away from the Australian. However, 1964 saw the first victories of the Brabham car, driven by Dan Gurney at France and Mexico.

Jack Brabham driving in Monaco (1970)

Brabham BT33 driven by Jack Brabham driving in Monaco (1970)

The 1965 F1 season was not very productive for Brabham and his cars, with the champion only achieving one podium. In 1966 and with the change from the Climax engines to Repco, Brabham returned to his World Championship ways after winning four of the nine Grands Prix of the year. He sealed his third title in the 1966 Italian Grand Prix, becoming the first (and only) driver to win the championship in a car built by himself. Also, the Brabham team secured the Constructors’ championship and Jack himself dominated the Formula Two season, enhancing the glorious year for the Brabham name.

The 40-year-old driver during the 1966 F1 season took time to address media-published articles about his age with a joke previous to the 1966 Dutch Grand Prix. He entered the grid with a fake beard and using a walking stick to reach his car.

In 1967, Brabham lost the drivers’ title to his teammate Denny Hulme. Both drivers won two races in 1967, but Hulme finished on the podium more than Brabham and beat him by just five points. Again, the Brabham team won the Constructors’ Championship.

The last three years of Brabham’s Formula 1 career were full of retirements, however, he added six more podiums to his tally. At 43 years and 339 days of age, he won the 1970 South African Grand Prix and is still the fifth oldest driver to win a Grand Prix.

He retired from the Formula 1 World Championship with fifth place in the 1970 standings and with 44 years of age. After his retirement and with the Brabham team sold to Bernie Ecclestone, Brabham moved back to his home country, where he helped the racing careers of his sons Geoff, Gary and David.

Brabham was knighted and became Sir Jack Brabham due to his contribution to British motorsport.

He died on the 19th of May of 1994 at his home in Australia.

“Winning the world championship in '66 was really the pinnacle of the whole thing because to win a championship with an Australian made engine was a fantastic feather in our cap”, Sir Jack Brabham.



Jack Brabham Final Championship Results



Jack Brabham F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1970 United Kingdom Brabham Ford131214173931.9225
1969 United Kingdom Brabham Ford80112244901.7514
1968 United Kingdom Brabham Repco110000030300.182
1967 United Kingdom Brabham Repco112406268304.3648
1966 United Kingdom Brabham Repco94105340315.0045
1965 United Kingdom Brabham Climax60011031801.509
1964 United Kingdom Brabham Climax100022044511.1011
1963 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1962 United Kingdom Brabham
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1961 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax80000127910.504
1960 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax85005344935.3843
1959 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax82125145214.2534
1958 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax90000040800.333
1957 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Climax60000026700.000
1956 Italy Maserati Maserati100000300.000
1955 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax Bristol1000003000.000



Jack Brabham F1 GP Race Classifications

1st14 Times
2nd10 Times
3rd7 Times
4th13 Times
5th5 Times
6th7 Times
7th4 Times
8th3 Times
9th2 Times
10th2 Times
11th2 Times
12th1 Time
13th2 Times
14th1 Time
DNF53 Times
DSQ1 Time
DNS1 Time


Jack Brabham F1 GP Race Results

12819701970 Mexican Grand Prix result15BrabhamFord4DNFEngine0
12719701970 USA Grand Prix result15BrabhamFord16100
12619701970 Canadian Grand Prix result11BrabhamFord19DNFOil Leak0
12519701970 Italian Grand Prix result44BrabhamFord8DNFAccident0
12419701970 Austrian Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord8130
12319701970 German Grand Prix result3BrabhamFord12DNFOil Leak0
12219701970 British Grand Prix result17BrabhamFord226
12119701970 French Grand Prix result23BrabhamFord534
12019701970 Dutch Grand Prix result18BrabhamFord12110
11919701970 Belgian Grand Prix result18BrabhamFord5DNFClutch0
11819701970 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord426
11719701970 Spanish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord1DNFEngine0
11619701970 South African Grand Prix result12BrabhamFord319
11519691969 Mexican Grand Prix result8BrabhamFord134
11419691969 USA Grand Prix result8BrabhamFord1843
11319691969 Canadian Grand Prix result12BrabhamFord626
11219691969 Italian Grand Prix result28BrabhamFord7DNFOil Leak0
11119691969 Dutch Grand Prix result11BrabhamFord861
11019691969 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord8DNFAccident0
10919691969 Spanish Grand Prix result3BrabhamFord5DNFEngine0
10819691969 South African Grand Prix result14BrabhamFord1DNFHandling0
10719681968 Mexican Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco810Oil Pressure0
10619681968 USA Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco8DNFEngine0
10519681968 Canadian Grand Prix result5BrabhamRepco10DNFSuspension0
10419681968 Italian Grand Prix result10BrabhamRepco16DNFOil Pressure0
10319681968 German Grand Prix result4BrabhamRepco1552
10219681968 British Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco8DNFEngine0
10119681968 French Grand Prix result4BrabhamRepco13DNFFuel Pump0
10019681968 Dutch Grand Prix result5BrabhamRepco4DNFSpun Off0
9919681968 Belgian Grand Prix result18BrabhamRepco10DNFThrottle0
9819681968 Monaco Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco12DNFSuspension0
9719681968 South African Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco5DNFEngine0
9619671967 Mexican Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco526
9519671967 USA Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco552
9419671967 Italian Grand Prix result16BrabhamRepco226
9319671967 Canadian Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco719
9219671967 German Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco726
9119671967 British Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco343
9019671967 French Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco219
8919671967 Belgian Grand Prix result25BrabhamRepco7DNFEngine0
8819671967 Dutch Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco326
8719671967 Monaco Grand Prix result8BrabhamRepco1DNFEngine0
8619671967 South African Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco161
8519661966 Mexican Grand Prix result5BrabhamRepco426
8419661966 USA Grand Prix result5BrabhamRepco1DNFEngine0
8319661966 Italian Grand Prix result10BrabhamRepco6DNFOil Leak0
8219661966 German Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco519
8119661966 Dutch Grand Prix result16BrabhamRepco119
8019661966 British Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco119
7919661966 French Grand Prix result12BrabhamRepco419
7819661966 Belgian Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco443
7719661966 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamRepco11DNFGearbox0
7619651965 Mexican Grand Prix result7BrabhamClimax14DNFOil Leak0
7519651965 USA Grand Prix result7BrabhamClimax734
7419651965 German Grand Prix result4BrabhamClimax1452
7319651965 British Grand Prix result8BrabhamClimax8DNSNon Starter0
7219651965 Belgian Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax1043
7119651965 Monaco Grand Prix result1BrabhamClimax2DNFEngine0
7019651965 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamClimax380
6919641964 Mexican Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax7DNFElectrical0
6819641964 USA Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax7DNFEngine0
6719641964 Italian Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax1114Engine0
6619641964 Austrian Grand Prix result6BrabhamClimax690
6519641964 German Grand Prix result6BrabhamClimax612Differential0
6419641964 British Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax443
6319641964 French Grand Prix result20BrabhamClimax534
6219641964 Belgian Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax334
6119641964 Dutch Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax7DNFIgnition0
6019641964 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax2DNFInjection0
5919631963 South African Grand Prix result8BrabhamClimax213Accident0
5819631963 Mexican Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax1026
5719631963 USA Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax543
5619631963 Italian Grand Prix result22BrabhamClimax752
5519631963 German Grand Prix result9BrabhamClimax870
5419631963 British Grand Prix result8BrabhamClimax4DNFengine0
5319631963 French Grand Prix result6BrabhamClimax543
5219631963 Dutch Grand Prix result16BrabhamClimax4DNFAccident0
5119631963 Belgian Grand Prix result17BrabhamClimax6DNFInjection0
5019631963 Monaco Grand Prix result3Team LotusClimax169Gearbox0
4919621962 South African Grand Prix result10BrabhamClimax343
4819621962 USA Grand Prix result17BrabhamClimax543
4719621962 German Grand Prix result16BrabhamClimax24DNFThrottle0
4619621962 British Grand Prix result30Team LotusClimax952
4519621962 French Grand Prix result26Team LotusClimax4DNFSuspension0
4419621962 Belgian Grand Prix result15Team LotusClimax1561
4319621962 Monaco Grand Prix result22Team LotusClimax68Accident0
4219621962 Dutch Grand Prix result8Team LotusClimax4DNFAccident0
4119611961 USA Grand Prix result1Cooper-ClimaxClimax1DNFOverheating0
4019611961 Italian Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax10DNFOverheating0
3919611961 German Grand Prix result1Cooper-ClimaxClimax2DNFAccident0
3819611961 British Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax943
3719611961 French Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax14DNFOil Pressure0
3619611961 Belgian Grand Prix result28Cooper-ClimaxClimax11DNFEngine0
3519611961 Dutch Grand Prix result10Cooper-ClimaxClimax761
3419611961 Monaco Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax21DNFIgnition0
3319601960 USA Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax243
3219601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax318
3119601960 British Grand Prix result1Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
3019601960 French Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
2919601960 Belgian Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
2819601960 Dutch Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxClimax218
2719601960 Monaco Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax2DSQDisqualified0
2619601960 Argentine Grand Prix result18Cooper-ClimaxClimax10DNFGearbox0
2519591959 USA Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax243
2419591959 Italian Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax334
2319591959 Portuguese Grand Prix result1Cooper-ClimaxClimax2DNFTransmission0
2219591959 German Grand Prix result1Cooper-ClimaxClimax4DNFTransmission0
2119591959 British Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
2019591959 French Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax234
1919591959 Dutch Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax226
1819591959 Monaco Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax319
1719581958 Moroccan Grand Prix result50Cooper-ClimaxClimax19110
1619581958 Italian Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax15DNFSuspension0
1519581958 Portuguese Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax870
1419581958 German Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax19DNFCollision0
1319581958 British Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxClimax1060
1219581958 French Grand Prix result22Cooper-ClimaxClimax1260
1119581958 Belgian Grand Prix result22Cooper-ClimaxClimax8DNFOverheating0
1019581958 Dutch Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax580
919581958 Monaco Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax343
819571957 Pescara Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax1670
719571957 German Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax18DNFTransmission0
619571957 British Grand Prix result34Cooper-ClimaxClimax13DNFClutch0
519571957 French Grand Prix result22Cooper-ClimaxClimax13DNFAccident0
419571957 French Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax1570
319571957 Monaco Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax1560
219561956 British Grand Prix result30MaseratiMaserati28DNFEngine0
119551955 British Grand Prix result40Cooper-ClimaxBristol25DNFEngine0



Jack Brabham F1 Podium Finishes

3119701970 British Grand Prix result17BrabhamFord226
3019701970 French Grand Prix result23BrabhamFord534
2919701970 Monaco Grand Prix result5BrabhamFord426
2819701970 South African Grand Prix result12BrabhamFord319
2719691969 Mexican Grand Prix result8BrabhamFord134
2619691969 Canadian Grand Prix result12BrabhamFord626
2519671967 Mexican Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco526
2419671967 Italian Grand Prix result16BrabhamRepco226
2319671967 Canadian Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco719
2219671967 German Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco726
2119671967 French Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco219
2019671967 Dutch Grand Prix result1BrabhamRepco326
1919661966 Mexican Grand Prix result5BrabhamRepco426
1819661966 German Grand Prix result3BrabhamRepco519
1719661966 Dutch Grand Prix result16BrabhamRepco119
1619661966 British Grand Prix result2BrabhamRepco119
1519661966 French Grand Prix result12BrabhamRepco419
1419651965 USA Grand Prix result7BrabhamClimax734
1319641964 French Grand Prix result20BrabhamClimax534
1219641964 Belgian Grand Prix result14BrabhamClimax334
1119631963 Mexican Grand Prix result5BrabhamClimax1026
1019601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax318
919601960 British Grand Prix result1Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
819601960 French Grand Prix result16Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
719601960 Belgian Grand Prix result2Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
619601960 Dutch Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxClimax218
519591959 Italian Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax334
419591959 British Grand Prix result12Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
319591959 French Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax234
219591959 Dutch Grand Prix result8Cooper-ClimaxClimax226
119591959 Monaco Grand Prix result24Cooper-ClimaxClimax319



Jack Brabham Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1956MaseratiBruce Halford26220000000101
Cesare Perdisa2670000000101
Horace Gould2650200000101
Jean Behra2630400000101
Louis Rosier26210000000101
Luigi Villoresi2660000000101
Paco Godia2680000000101
Roy Salvadori26180000000101
Stirling Moss26120100010101
Umberto Maglioli26230000000101
1957Cooper-ClimaxBob Gerard960000000110
Brian Naylor21130000000101
Dick Gibson21230000001010
Les Leston6210000001010
Mike MacDowel770000000110
Paul England21220000001010
Roy Salvadori750200001212
Tony Marsh21150000000110
1958Cooper-ClimaxAndré Guelfi11150000001010
Brian Naylor24230000000110
Bruce McLaren1150000001111
Christian Goethals24160000000110
Dick Gibson24220000000101
François Picard11180000001010
Ian Burgess670000001111
Jack Fairman1180000000101
Maurice Trintignant4131201004343
Robert La Caze11140000001010
Ron Flockhart4173000001010
Roy Salvadori4231500003654
Tom Bridger11190000001010
Tony Marsh2480000000101
Wolfgang Seidel11140000001111
1959Cooper-ClimaxAlain de Changy1199010001010
Alessandro de Tomaso4113000001010
Bill Moss1268010101010
Bruce McLaren112816.521104370
Chris Bristow1108010101010
Colin Davis3118000002020
George Constantine4163000001010
Giorgio Scarlatti3124000001010
Hans Herrmann1208010101010
Harry Schell4153000001010
Henry Taylor1118010101010
Ian Burgess1616010103140
Ivor Bueb11317020102020
Jack Fairman11712010102020
Jean Lucienbonnet1239010001010
Keith Greene1258010101010
Lucien Bianchi1209010001010
Mario de Araujo Cabral12100000000110
Masten Gregory12271020104260
Maurice Trintignant12341920105380
Mike Taylor1238010101010
Peter Ashdown1128010101010
Roy Salvadori1616010003030
Stirling Moss11221812044215
Tim Parnell1308010101010
Trevor Taylor1298010101010
1960Cooper-ClimaxBrian Naylor4193000001010
Bruce Halford188010102020
Bruce McLaren11433751305380
Carel Godin de Beaufort188010001010
Chris Bristow11116020103030
Chuck Daigh1208010101010
Gino Munaron11516020202020
Giorgio Scarlatti11220000001010
Harry Schell16150000000101
Henry Taylor1427330204040
Ian Burgess11019020204040
Jack Fairman1238010101010
Keith Greene1248010101010
Lance Reventlow1258010101010
Lucien Bianchi1624130303030
Mario de Araujo Cabral198010001010
Masten Gregory1932040205050
Maurice Trintignant1319020104141
Olivier Gendebien12351040305050
Pete Lovely4113000001010
Phil Hill463100001010
Roberto Bonomi16110000000110
Ron Flockhart4213000001010
Roy Salvadori483000002020
Stirling Moss1630000011102
Tony Brooks1435740205160
Wolfgang von Trips493000001010
1961Cooper-ClimaxAlfonso Thiele22360000001010
Bernard Collomb22190000001120
Bruce McLaren4341100103562
Geoff Duke26320000001010
Hap Sharp16100000100110
Ian Burgess26120000000110
Jack Fairman22250000001010
Jackie Lewis443300002350
John Campbell-Jones26330000001010
John Surtees454400105353
Lorenzo Bandini483000001340
Massimo Natili4303000002020
Masten Gregory4104000004260
Maurice Trintignant1570000000541
Menato Boffa22380000001010
Renato Pirocchi22120000001120
Roger Penske1680000100110
Roy Salvadori463200101450
Walt Hansgen16180000101010
1962Team LotusCarlo Abate15210000001010
Dan Gurney6201000001010
Innes Ireland593000004132
Jay Chamberlain5152000001010
Jim Clark5131802031405
Jo Siffert5103000004040
John Campbell-Jones6111000001010
Keith Greene5222000001010
Lucien Bianchi691000001010
Masten Gregory573000003241
Maurice Trintignant573000004150
Nino Vaccarella8210000001010
Peter Arundell15180000001010
Tony Shelly5212000001010
Trevor Taylor523600003241
Wolfgang Seidel5202000001010
1963BrabhamDan Gurney22141900005445
David Prophet13160000001010
Team LotusBernard Collomb9170000001010
Innes Ireland9100000001001
Jim Clark980000010101
Jim Hall9140000001001
Jo Siffert9150000001001
John Campbell-Jones9200000001010
Trevor Taylor960100000101
1964BrabhamBob Anderson337500003470
Dan Gurney31111902024619
Frank Gardner4233000001010
Giacomo "Geki" Russo14220000001010
Hap Sharp15100000000220
Ian Raby4183000002020
Jo Bonnier367100004480
Jo Siffert3311700005481
Jochen Rindt9100000001010
1965BrabhamBob Anderson890000001230
Dan Gurney3291700002424
David Prophet8140000001010
Denny Hulme582000001221
Frank Gardner485000004150
Ian Raby5112000001120
Jo Bonnier379000004343
Jo Siffert349400003443
Paul Hawkins890000001010
1966BrabhamBob Anderson1636140205151
Chris Amon16220000001010
Chris Irwin179010101010
Denny Hulme12451840308181
Jo Bonnier11218020102020
Jo Siffert12100000000110
John Taylor1636140204040
1967BrabhamAlan Rees276000001010
Bob Anderson1519210204260
Dave Charlton671000101010
Denny Hulme11485122206592
Gerhard Mitter2256000001010
Guy Ligier2823100005050
Luki Botha681000101010
1968BrabhamDan Gurney16110000000110
Dave Charlton18220000001010
Jackie Pretorius18100000000110
Jochen Rindt532800024729
John Love1890000000110
Kurt Ahrens Jr.5122000001010
Silvio Moser850200001230
1969BrabhamJacky Ickx21141801212644
John Cordts2176000001010
Peter de Klerk1490000100110
Piers Courage22141400104352
Sam Tingle1480000100110
Silvio Moser2614100104251
1970BrabhamDerek Bell10170000001010
Gus Hutchison10210000001010
Peter de Klerk1119010001010
Rolf Stommelen131910101084102

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