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Stirling Moss F1 Wins, Stats, Age & Championships
NameStirling Moss
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthLondon
Date of BirthSep 17th 1929
Date of DeathApr 12th 2020 - 90 years old
First Race1951 Swiss Grand Prix
Last Race1961 USA Grand Prix
First Pole1955 British Grand Prix
Last Pole1961 Monaco Grand Prix
First Win1955 British Grand Prix
Last Win1961 German Grand Prix
First Podium1954 Belgian Grand Prix
Last Podium1961 German Grand Prix

Stirling Moss F1 Stats

Race Entries67
Race Starts66
Race Wins16 (23,9%)
Pole Positions16 (23,9%)
Fastest Laps19 (28,4%)
Podiums24 (35,8%)
Points Finishes35 (52,2%)
Retirements35 (52,2%)
Wins from pole7
Frontrow Starts25
Total Points187
Total Laps3.560



Stirling Moss Biography

Stirling Moss wins the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix

Stirling Moss wins the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix in a Lotus

This British race legend is called the greatest driver that never won a world championship. Moss drove 7 seasons in Formula 1 and won 16 races.

Stirling is a son of a dentist who was an amateur race driver and finished P16 in the 1924 Indianapolis 500. When he told his father he wanted to be a racing driver he told him that he only was allowed to race if he wear a crash helmet. In those days racers used cloth helmets.

Moss was educated well by several schools.




Stirling Moss Final Championship Results



Stirling Moss F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1961 United Kingdom Ferguson
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1960 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
United Kingdom Team Lotus
1959 United Kingdom BRM
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
1958 United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
United Kingdom Vanwall
1957 Italy Maserati
United Kingdom Vanwall
1956 Italy Maserati Maserati92114146433.1128
1955 Germany Mercedes Mercedes71203145723.2923
1954 Italy Maserati Maserati60011022810.694.14
1953 United Kingdom Connaught
United Kingdom Cooper-Climax
1952 United Kingdom Connaught
United Kingdom ERA
United Kingdom ERA
United Kingdom HWM
1951 United Kingdom HWM Alta1000004000.000



Stirling Moss F1 Race Classifications

1st16 Times
2nd5 Times
3rd3 Times
4th3 Times
5th2 Times
6th1 Time
8th3 Times
9th2 Times
10th1 Time
13th1 Time
DNF31 Times
DSQ3 Times
WD1 Time
DNS1 Time

Stirling Moss F1 GP Race Results

7319611961 USA Grand Prix result7Team LotusClimax3DNFEngine0
7219611961 Italian Grand Prix result28Team LotusClimax11DNFWheel bearing0
7119611961 German Grand Prix result7Team LotusClimax319
7019611961 British Grand Prix result28Team LotusClimax5DNFBrakes0
6919611961 British Grand Prix result26FergusonClimax20DSQDisqualified0
6819611961 French Grand Prix result26Team LotusClimax4DNFBrakes0
6719611961 Belgian Grand Prix result14Team LotusClimax880
6619611961 Dutch Grand Prix result14Team LotusClimax443
6519611961 Monaco Grand Prix result20Team LotusClimax119
6419601960 USA Grand Prix result5Team LotusClimax118
6319601960 Portuguese Grand Prix result12Team LotusClimax4DSQDisqualified0
6219601960 Belgian Grand Prix result12Team LotusClimax3DNSAccident0
6119601960 Dutch Grand Prix result7Team LotusClimax143
6019601960 Monaco Grand Prix result28Team LotusClimax118
5919601960 Argentine Grand Prix result38Cooper-ClimaxClimax830
5819601960 Argentine Grand Prix result36Cooper-ClimaxClimax1DNFSuspension0
5719591959 USA Grand Prix result7Cooper-ClimaxClimax1DNFTransmission0
5619591959 Italian Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax118
5519591959 Portuguese Grand Prix result4Cooper-ClimaxClimax119
5419591959 German Grand Prix result7Cooper-ClimaxClimax2DNFTransmission0
5319591959 British Grand Prix result6BRMBRM726.5
5219591959 French Grand Prix result2BRMBRM4DSQDisqualified1
5119591959 Dutch Grand Prix result11Cooper-ClimaxClimax3DNFGearbox1
5019591959 Monaco Grand Prix result30Cooper-ClimaxClimax1DNFTransmission0
4919581958 Moroccan Grand Prix result28VanwallVanwall219
4819581958 Italian Grand Prix result26VanwallVanwall1DNFGearbox0
4719581958 Portuguese Grand Prix result2VanwallVanwall118
4619581958 German Grand Prix result7VanwallVanwall3DNFMagneto1
4519581958 British Grand Prix result7VanwallVanwall1DNFEngine0
4419581958 French Grand Prix result8VanwallVanwall626
4319581958 Belgian Grand Prix result2VanwallVanwall9DNFEngine0
4219581958 Dutch Grand Prix result1VanwallVanwall219
4119581958 Monaco Grand Prix result28VanwallVanwall8DNFEngine0
4019581958 Argentine Grand Prix result14Cooper-ClimaxClimax718
3919571957 Italian Grand Prix result18VanwallVanwall218
3819571957 Pescara Grand Prix result26VanwallVanwall219
3719571957 German Grand Prix result10VanwallVanwall752
3619571957 British Grand Prix result18VanwallVanwall1DNFEngine0
3519571957 British Grand Prix result20VanwallVanwall015
3419571957 Monaco Grand Prix result18VanwallVanwall3DNFAccident0
3319571957 Argentine Grand Prix result4MaseratiMaserati181
3219561956 Italian Grand Prix result36MaseratiMaserati619
3119561956 German Grand Prix result7MaseratiMaserati426
3019561956 British Grand Prix result7MaseratiMaserati1DNFAxle1
2919561956 French Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati8DNFGearbox0
2819561956 French Grand Prix result6MaseratiMaserati1351
2719561956 Belgian Grand Prix result34MaseratiMaserati933
2619561956 Belgian Grand Prix result30MaseratiMaserati2DNFWheel0
2519561956 Monaco Grand Prix result28MaseratiMaserati218
2419561956 Argentine Grand Prix result2MaseratiMaserati7DNFEngine0
2319551955 Italian Grand Prix result16MercedesMercedes2DNFEngine1
2219551955 British Grand Prix result12MercedesMercedes119
2119551955 Dutch Grand Prix result10MercedesMercedes226
2019551955 Belgian Grand Prix result14MercedesMercedes326
1919551955 Monaco Grand Prix result16MercedesMercedes390
1819551955 Argentine Grand Prix result8MercedesMercedes1041
1719551955 Argentine Grand Prix result16MercedesMercedes8DNFFuel System0
1619541954 Spanish Grand Prix result8MaseratiMaserati6DNFOil Pump0
1519541954 Italian Grand Prix result28MaseratiMaserati3100
1419541954 Swiss Grand Prix result32MaseratiMaserati3DNFOil pump0
1319541954 German Grand Prix result16MaseratiMaserati3DNFWheel Bearing0
1219541954 British Grand Prix result7MaseratiMaserati4DNFAxle0.14
1119541954 Belgian Grand Prix result22MaseratiMaserati934
1019531953 Italian Grand Prix result28Cooper-ClimaxAlta10130
919531953 German Grand Prix result19Cooper-ClimaxAlta1260
819531953 French Grand Prix result36Cooper-ClimaxAlta13DNFClutch0
719531953 Dutch Grand Prix result34ConnaughtLea-Francis990
619521952 Italian Grand Prix result32ConnaughtLea-Francis9DNFSuspension0
519521952 Dutch Grand Prix result36ERAERA18DNFEngine0
419521952 British Grand Prix result12ERABristol16DNFEngine0
319521952 Belgian Grand Prix result32ERABristol10DNFEngine0
219521952 Swiss Grand Prix result46HWMAlta9WDWithdrew0
119511951 Swiss Grand Prix result14HWMAlta1480



Stirling Moss Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1951HWMGeorge Abecassis8170000001010
1952ConnaughtDennis Poore16120000000110
Kenneth McAlpine16220000001010
HWMGeorge Abecassis12170000001010
Lance Macklin12130000001010
Peter Collins12160000001001
1953ConnaughtJohnny Claes9130000001010
Kenneth McAlpine9110000001010
Roy Salvadori9180000001010
Cooper-ClimaxAlan Brown6120000001120
Bob Gerard17110000000101
Ken Wharton13200000002020
Rodney Nuckey6110000001010
1954MaseratiAlberto Ascari16210.280.1400002020
Giovanni de Riu10210000001010
Harry Schell1370.14000000431
Jorge Daponte10110000001010
Juan Manuel Fangio314901010101
Ken Wharton1360.14000001340
Louis Rosier1070000000220
Luigi Musso1020600001120
Luigi Villoresi10130.14000003030
Onofre Marimón334.144.1400002121
Ottorino Volonterio16110000000110
Paco Godia1660000000110
Prince Bira364.14000002240
Roberto Mieres344.14600002460
Ron Flockhart16200.14000001010
Roy Salvadori16190.14000001010
Sergio Mantovani354400001450
Toulo de Graffenried16110000000110
1955MercedesAndré Simon9170000001010
Hans Herrmann441200001120
Juan Manuel Fangio11235015132516
Karl Kling1324610105252
Piero Taruffi1210910101120
1956MaseratiAlberto Uria760000000110
André Simon5121000001120
Bruce Halford1616010103030
Carlos Menditeguy7100000001001
Cesare Perdisa1319610102350
Chico Landi7401.500000110
Gerino Gerini1491.510001120
Harry Schell2116000001010
Horace Gould1518210104150
Jack Brabham12261000101010
Jean Behra12372630105555
Jo Bonnier1209010001010
José Froilán González7120000001001
Louis Chiron1188010001010
Louis Rosier1519210105261
Luigi Piotti1615010003030
Luigi Villoresi1520410104361
Mike Hawthorn730400000110
Oscar González760000000110
Ottorino Volonterio276000001010
Paco Godia1420610105270
Piero Taruffi5131000001120
Roy Salvadori11116010103030
Toulo de Graffenried179010001010
Umberto Maglioli11316010103030
1957MaseratiCarlos Menditeguy831400100110
Harry Schell841300100110
Jean Behra821600100110
Jo Bonnier871000100110
Juan Manuel Fangio811801100110
Luigi Piotti8101000101010
VanwallStuart Lewis-Evans1524230114132
Tony Brooks11291542204252
1958VanwallStuart Lewis-Evans13321130315362
Tony Brooks11392433316464
1959BRMHarry Schell247.5300102121
Jo Bonnier2187.5000002020
Ron Flockhart267.5000001120
Cooper-ClimaxAlain de Changy7190000101010
Alessandro de Tomaso14110000100110
Bruce McLaren11171021402350
Colin Davis1118010101010
George Constantine14160000101010
Giorgio Scarlatti1128010101010
Harry Schell247.5300102121
Ian Burgess168010101120
Ivor Bueb7170000101010
Jack Brabham11182221402451
Jack Fairman1188010101010
Jean Lucienbonnet7230000101010
Lucien Bianchi7200000101010
Mario de Araujo Cabral1109010101010
Masten Gregory12101010202240
Maurice Trintignant12181720402460
Roy Salvadori760000200220
1960Cooper-ClimaxBruce McLaren3101602100220
Harry Schell3150000101120
Jack Brabham3160000101120
Maurice Trintignant330000100110
Roberto Bonomi3110000101120
Team LotusAlan Stacey1811010202130
Innes Ireland12191320302350
Jim Clark1311610202240
Jim Hall178010101010
John Surtees11016020213021
Mike Taylor18190000000010
1961FergusonJack Fairman19190000000000
Team LotusCliff Allison189010102020
Ernesto Prinoth13370000001010
Gaetano Starrabba13150000001010
Gerry Ashmore1169010003030
Henry Taylor1109010103250
Ian Burgess4143000002240
Innes Ireland11181221104361
Jim Clark13211120104471
Jim Hall15130000000110
Juan Manuel Bordeu16280000001010
Ken Miles15200000001010
Lloyd Ruby15140000000110
Lucien Bianchi8190000002130
Masten Gregory13170000002020
Michael May11118020103140
Olivier Gendebien15110000000110
Peter Ryan1590000000110
Tim Parnell13100000001120
Tony Maggs1119010001120
Tony Marsh1159010003030
Trevor Taylor4133000001010
Willy Mairesse8170000002020
Wolfgang Seidel1179010004150



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