It is a well-known fact that racing drivers from the United Kingdom are more than just successful. We can see countless names on the list. The popular author Jack Reeve helps British customers to find gambling sites at CasinoGap where they can place bets on F1 without GamStop restrictions and compare the winning odds of the top F1 racing drivers who made impressive results. These are not just the best UK racing drivers but some of the best F1 drivers in the world. Let’s see the top 7 names right here:

Jackie Stewart

As you can see, Jackie Stewart is the first name on our list. He has been one of the best racing drivers in the world and he is one of the legends if we can add. Stewart was born in Scotland and he has been racing his entire life. In his career, he won 27 races and two of them were British Grand Prix. In addition, he won the championship 3 times hence he must be on the list.
Jackie raced for 9 seasons and during that time he was 6 times among the best 3 drivers in the world. In 1968 he missed the title and lost to Graham Hill but the difference was only 12 points. As you can see, this is not much. Even at an old age, he was passionate about racing and he drove fast cars. Yes, even then he was a fast driver and not a lot of younger racing drivers would have a better time on the track.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a prominent British racing driver, with an impressive record of 197 podium finishes, Hamilton has consistently demonstrated his skill and competitiveness on the Formula 1 circuit. Hamilton, tied in world championships with Michael Schumacher, narrowly missed an eighth title to Max Verstappen in 2021.
Hamilton has lots of F1 records, and his contract until 2023 shows he wants to keep winning and stay ahead. Despite narrowly missing the championship in his debut season, he quickly became the youngest world champion the following year. Now, after fourteen years, he's won six more titles and aims for an eighth.

Jim Clark

Jim Clark is one of those drivers who can be categorized in two ways. Some of you have never heard about him while others believe he is the best driver in F1 ever. One way or another, he is an excellent British F1 driver and as such he must be on the list. He was born in Scotland as well, in Kilmany more accurately. During his career, he won 1/3 of the races and also 2 World Championships which is impressive.
We must add that he died in a race back in 1968. It was a sad day for the whole nation. Old fans will know that alongside Prost, this racing driver won most British Grand Prix (5). He also won 4 consecutive ones starting in 1962 and ending the winning strike in 1965. The next win was in 1967.

Graham Hill

Graham Hill is another British F1 driver that is impressive thanks to his accomplishments. He won the title 2 times which is an excellent result. You may know that he is Damon’s father which means a lot these days. He was a racing driver between 1958 and 1975 and during that time he won 14 races. Sadly, he never won the British Grand Prix but he ended in second place two times.
Don’t forget that at the time F1 cars were extremely fast, unsafe, and rough. They were fragile as well which makes them extremely dangerous. There was no safety equipment of any kind so you can imagine the outcome. These are cars that don’t have any links with modern F1 cars. But these cars also made F1 what it is today. A sport with massive thrill and astonishing outcomes.

Damon Hill

Damon Hill is one of the best-known names in the F1 world especially in history. He had a short career in F1. He raced only 115 times and won 22 races. In 1996 he won the title. In 1995 and 1994 he was ranked second and also third back in 1993. An interesting fact here is that in 1996 he won the title when driving for Williams. He was dropped after that. Why? In 1994 he scored the British Grand Prix which is an extremely popular event in the UK. Back then he was one minute faster than Ferrari’s driver! You can imagine the success of the betting strategy on Damon when you know that even one second is too much time in Formula 1. All we can add here is that Hill is a legend and you can see his character and his name being used in countless video games for a reason.

Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss didn’t win the championship and he is the only driver here that didn’t do it. He was born in London. You may wonder why he is on the list? Well, he won ¼ of the races while driving between 1951 and 1961. During his career, he completed the season as second in the Drivers Championship 4 times and also 3rd three times. In 1958 you may know that he lost the tile. The difference was only one point! The winner was Hawthorn. Moss won 4 races at that time. He won the British Grand Prix in 1957 and 1955. Back then the Prix was held at Aintree which is near Liverpool.

Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell is a driver more that comes from the United Kingdom and who was extremely successful in racing in F1. He won the world championship once and he finished second 3 times. The title happened in 1992 and back then he was on the podium in the first position or the second every single time when he won.
In his career, he had 31 victories and today he is ranked number 6 on the list of the best drivers in F1 of all time. Of course, he must be on our list as well. He is also another driver who can be seen in countless games, even today.

The Final Worda

These are the best F1 drivers that come from the United Kingdom. At one time they were very popular, and most of the sponsors wanted to announce a cooperation with them. Usually, F1 sponsorship is not profitable, but it highly increases brand awareness and may provide some benefits in the future. They were racing when F1 cars were a nightmare to drive. They were unsafe, fast, and fragile which made them deadly. Despite this, these people managed to drive fast and win.

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