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Prost: Renault right to take Sainz 'risk'

Apr.20 - Carlos Sainz has been a positive addition to the Renault team. That is the view of team advisor and F1 legend Alain Prost, amid..

20 Apr 2018

Lauda: Hamilton 'will stay at Mercedes'

Apr.19 - Lewis Hamilton will eventually sign a new deal to stay at Mercedes. That is the claim of F1 legend and Mercedes team chairman Niki..

19 Apr 2018

Verstappen says he does not need psychologist

Apr.19 - Max Verstappen says he is putting the Chinese grand prix firmly in the past. The Dutchman has been slammed in the media ever since..

19 Apr 2018

Press: Raikkonen not treated fairly at Ferrari

Apr.18 - Leading Italian journalists have slammed Ferrari for continuing to run a blatant 'number 2' driver policy. Pino Allievi, the..

18 Apr 2018

Whiting rejects safety car controversy

Apr.17 - Charlie Whiting has denied the FIA has time to consider whether safety car deployments favour certain competitors over others...

17 Apr 2018

Report: Renault plans engine step for Canada

Apr.17 - Renault is preparing to take a step forward with its engine in the coming races. As well as its works team, the French..

17 Apr 2018

Boullier: McLaren may have got 2018 goals wrong

Apr.15 - McLaren has admitted it could have got its sums wrong as it set goals for 2018. After three abysmal years with Honda, hopes were..

15 Apr 2018

F1 could scrap fuel limit for 2019

Apr.14 - F1 may be on the cusp of ending the era of 'fuel saving'. In the hybrid era, the sport has got used to drivers using the 'lift and..

14 Apr 2018

Haas rejects Alonso rumour

Apr.14 - Haas has rejected a sensational rumour suggesting Fernando Alonso might move to the American team for 2019. The news was first..

14 Apr 2018

Alonso denies wanting Ferrari or Mercedes switch

Apr.13 - Fernando Alonso has played down suggestions McLaren is still not out of crisis even after dumping Honda. After blaming its woeful..

13 Apr 2018

Lauda denies Ecclestone plotting F1 'breakaway'

Apr.13 - F1 legend Niki Lauda has played down speculation Bernie Ecclestone might be plotting to front a 'breakaway' world championship...

13 Apr 2018

Wolff names Sainz as Mercedes candidate

Apr.12 - Toto Wolff has named more candidates as speculation about the Mercedes driver lineup of the future ramps up. Currently, both Lewis..

12 Apr 2018

Lowe: No extra Friday sessions for Kubica

Apr.12 - Paddy Lowe has admitted Williams' young driver lineup is a challenge amid the team's big current problems. The once-great British..

12 Apr 2018

Hamilton questions Verstappen's maturity

Apr.10 - World champion Lewis Hamilton has questioned Max Verstappen's maturity. A controversy broke out after the Bahrain grand prix,..

10 Apr 2018

Honda boost could mean engine deal for Red Bull

Apr.8 - McLaren figures have been left red-faced after being outperformed by their old Honda engines in Bahrain. Newly Honda-powered Toro..

8 Apr 2018

Only Williams voted to tweak cars for overtaking

Apr.8 - An emergency meeting in Bahrain to improve the overtaking situation in formula one broke on Saturday without a solution being..

8 Apr 2018

Pirelli tweaks tyres after Mercedes request

Apr.7 - Pirelli looks set to modify the design of its 2018 tyres, following a proposal by world champions Mercedes. Auto Motor und Sport..

8 Apr 2018

Ricciardo not commenting on Ferrari rumours

Apr.6 - The 2018 season has begun with uncertainty hanging over the heads of two key top drivers' futures. Lewis Hamilton is still yet to..

6 Apr 2018

Liberty struggling to launch 'F1 TV'

Apr.5 - Liberty Media is struggling to launch F1's new live streaming service. Before Australia, the new F1 owner announced that limited..

5 Apr 2018

Ecclestone thinks Brawn wants top F1 job

Apr.4 - Bernie Ecclestone thinks Ross Brawn is eyeing the top job in F1. Before being ousted as F1 supremo, Ecclestone said he did not want..

4 Apr 2018

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  • Jazzi: "... so far in 2018"? What a laugh ?. Its pitiful to see a former world champion, superb driver and thoroughly pleasant chap get treated so shoddily. Respect to the Iceman for maintaining his class and dignity amidst Ferrari's disgraceful practices. They self-destructed last season, poetic justice some may say. If so, the implosion may be even worse this year because Kimi is genuinely competive. He out-qualified Seb in Melbourne, and in the last 2 qualifying sessions, he was only edged off pole by Seb in the final flying rounds of Q3. Yet, he still gets screwed by the Ferrari strategist in the races. Pathetic! View Post
  • Debora Kreeftmeijer-Been: Ik wil afgemeld worden van deze pagina View Post
  • Bret: "It doesn't matter to anyone who I've been in contact with," Raikkonen insisted. I love Raikkonen! View Post

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