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Stay updated about what the son of legendary 7 times Formula 1 drivers champion Michael Schumacher is doing on his way to Formula 1.

The question might not be if he will become an F1 driver, but when he will become an F1 drivers.

Schumacher to use 'elbows' in future Mazepin fights

Jun.21 - Mick Schumacher has vowed to "talk to the team again" about Nikita Mazepin's aggression, whilst vowing to use his "elbows" in..

21 Jun 2021

Former F1 driver dislikes Schumacher's 'puppy protection' by media

Jun.20 - Mick Schumacher is enjoying "puppy protection" by the Formula 1 media, according to former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld. Heidfeld, a..

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20 Jun 2021

Mazepin apologised but says he is 'not to blame'

Jun.18 - Nikita Mazepin says he only apologised to his teammate Mick Schumacher because the German was so upset after their Baku incident...

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18 Jun 2021

Old Russian driver says Haas favours Schumacher over Mazepin

Jun.16 - A Russian racing driver believes fellow drivers from his country are normally relegated to number 2 status when they enter Western..

16 Jun 2021

Berger sees Mazepin's move on Schumacher last GP as normal

Jun.15 - F1 legend Gerhard Berger has moved to downplay the latest controversy surrounding divisive Russian rookie Nikita Mazepin. At the..

15 Jun 2021

Haas team boss says Mazepin can not get retrospective penalty

Jun.11 - Mick Schumacher has now calmed down after accusing his Haas teammate of a potentially fatal move at the chequered flag of the..

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11 Jun 2021

Mazepin says he didn't mean to scare Schumacher

Jun.10 - Nikita Mazepin says he had no intention of giving his Haas teammate a "scare" with his defensive driving in the final moments of..

10 Jun 2021

German F1 journalist slams Hamilton & Mercedes team

Jun.6 - Well-known and colourful Formula 1 broadcaster Kai Ebel has hit out at the sport's reigning champions Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton...

6 Jun 2021

Villeneuve says Mazepin makes Schumacher hard to assess

Jun.1 - Because Mick Schumacher is sharing a team with controversial fellow rookie Nikita Mazepin, "We don't really know how good he is"...

1 Jun 2021

Mercedes team boss tips Mick Schumacher to stay in F1

May 23 - Toto Wolff says he has seen enough to predict "a career in Formula 1" for Michael Schumacher's son. Mick Schumacher, 22, is..

23 May 2021

Todt says he visits Michael Schumacher twice a month

May 23 - Jean Todt says he visits F1 legend Michael Schumacher "at least twice a month". The FIA president and former Ferrari boss has..

23 May 2021

Kubica worked on next year innovation in post-race tyre test

May 12 - Carrying the Schumacher surname around the Formula 1 circuits of the world is "normal" for both Mick and David, according to Ralf..

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12 May 2021

Rosberg on Schumacher beating Mazepin 'completely'

May 3 - Mick Schumacher is "completely" showing up his fellow rookie teammate in his first season of Formula 1. That is the view of Nico..

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3 May 2021

Steiner not critical of Schumacher's 'cautious' approach

Apr.29 - Gunther Steiner says he will not try to stop Mick Schumacher from being so "cautious" as he begins his Formula 1 career with Haas..

29 Apr 2021

Steiner confirms Haas Team future in F1 is secure

Apr.28 - Gunther Steiner has played down suggestions that the Haas project may be coming to an end in Formula 1. It is said that the small..

28 Apr 2021

Steiner denies Schumacher has huge advantage over Mazepin

Apr.28 - Gunther Steiner has denied that Mick Schumacher has a "huge advantage" over fellow Haas rookie Nikita Mazepin in 2021. While..

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28 Apr 2021

Mazepin having hard time again at Imola

Apr.18 - The under-fire Nikita Mazepin "destroyed" a rival's qualifying lap at Imola - and then his teammate Mick Schumacher "destroyed"..

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18 Apr 2021

Fast or Food? The Haas Team Imola Challenge

Think you can tell your Italian cuisine from your Italian race driver names? We tested Nikita and

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17 Apr 2021

Former driver advices Schumacher to be patient this year with Haas

Apr.15 - It is crucial that Mick Schumacher is "patient" this year as the young German tackles his first season in Formula 1 with..

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15 Apr 2021

Steiner admits Haas can only fight for last place this season

Apr.1 - Haas' only goal for 2021 is to race Williams at the very back of the grid. That is the admission of boss Gunther Steiner, who..

1 Apr 2021

Pre-season criticism may have hurt Mazepin's mindset at first race

Mar.30 - Gunther Steiner has admitted Nikita Mazepin's tumultuous pre-season could have contributed to his horror first race weekend in..

30 Mar 2021

Haas team boss says Schumacher is more humble than Mazepin

Mar.26 - Gunther Steiner admits that Haas' two rookie drivers for 2021 are "not great friends". It has been a tumultuous pre-season for the..

26 Mar 2021

Mick Schumacher's 2021 Pre-Season Interview

Ahead of his Formula 1 debut with Uralkali Haas F1 Team, Mick Schumacher looks ahead to this weekend's Bahrain Grand

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25 Mar 2021

Ecclestone thinks Schumacher has debut at wrong F1 team

Mar.23 - Bernie Ecclestone thinks Mick Schumacher is making his Formula 1 debut for the wrong team. Schumacher, the 21-year-old son of F1..

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23 Mar 2021

Minardi sees Tsunoda as a better driver than Schumacher

Mar.22 - Mick Schumacher will not be the most impressive rookie in Formula 1 this year, according to former team owner and boss Giancarlo..

22 Mar 2021

Getting to Know You with Nikita Mazepin & Mick Schumacher

Two rookies fresh into F1! It's time to get to know our 2021 drivers Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher a little bit

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21 Mar 2021

Mazepin denies attacking in last week's testing

Mar.19 - Nikita Mazepin admits he and fellow rookie Mick Schumacher may struggle to shine at the wheel of their Haas cars in 2021. It has..

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19 Mar 2021

Rosberg thinks Schumacher's F1 debut is ten times more difficult than his

Mar.19 - Nico Rosberg thinks Mick Schumacher's Formula 1 debut will be "ten times more difficult" than his own was back in 2006. "It's not..

19 Mar 2021

Steiner insists that Mazepin will not be favored at Haas

Mar.17 - Nikita Mazepin will not get preferential treatment at Haas this season, team boss Gunther Steiner insists. Mick Schumacher may be..

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17 Mar 2021

2021 Pre-Season Testing Wrap up by Haas F1 Team

Mick Schumacher, Nikita Mazepin and Guenther Steiner all take a look back at the weekend's pre-season testing from

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16 Mar 2021


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