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Renault CEO Vows to Fix Alpine F1 Team by 2026 Season

Jun.18 – Renault CEO Luca de Meo says it’s critical that the Alpine team finally gets “things right” for the next..

18 Jun 2024

FIA Faces Final Deadline for New 2026 F1 Engine Regulations

Jun.17 – Toto Wolff is staunchly opposed to making any tweaks whatsoever to the 2026 engine rules. After the FIA released the..

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17 Jun 2024

Red Bull’s Reign Ending while FIA Pushes Major 2026 Overhaul?

Jun.13 – One former Formula 1 driver is “bummed” that the sport is once again making the “strange” decision..

13 Jun 2024

Nikolas Tombazis 2024 Beyond the Grid Podcast Interview

He’s an engineer with a remarkable history in Formula 1, having won World Championships alongside legends like Michael Schumacher and..

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12 Jun 2024

F1 Nation Podcast: 2024 Canadian F1 GP Review

Join Tom Clarkson and Sky Sports F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham as they delve into the exhilarating and action-packed Canadian Grand Prix at..

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11 Jun 2024

F1 Teams Urge Immediate Overhaul of New 2026 Regulations

Jun.8 – Formula 1 teams and drivers look set to push for changes to the radical and complex new regulations that have just been..

8 Jun 2024

2026 F1 Car Weight Reduction Met With Driver Doubts

Jun.7 – F1’s governing body has revealed the all-new chassis regulations for 2026. Each team will need to design a smaller car..

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7 Jun 2024

New 2026 Season Rules Aim for Lighter and Faster F1 Cars

Jun.6 – F1’s governing body is finally ready to unveil the full regulations for a revolutionary new technical era starting in..

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6 Jun 2024

FIA to Enforce New Car Livery Standards for 2025 Season

May 31 – F1’s governing body is preparing to intervene in order to improve the quality of the teams’ car liveries from..

31 May 2024

Esteban Ocon Eyes Haas F1 Drive Amid Alpine’s Struggle

May 26 – Haas has confirmed that Esteban Ocon is in the running for a 2025 race seat. Amid Alpine’s deep performance slump at..

26 May 2024

FIA Scraps ‘Mudguards’ Experiment After Ferrari’s Wet Fiorano Outing

May 24 – F1’s governing body has abandoned for now its attempt to improve wet-weather visibility with the use of so-called..

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24 May 2024

Alonso Calls for Formula 1 Unity Amidst Penalty Confusion

May 17 – Fernando Alonso insists he’s not alone in his criticism about the way Formula 1 races are currently being managed. The..

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17 May 2024

Ai Dominance: F1 Teams Embrace Machine Learning for Competitive Edge

May 16 – Formula 1 cannot yet intervene to regulate the teams’ increasingly-powerful use of artificial intelligence..

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16 May 2024

Ex-Steward’s Scathing Critique of Modern Formula 1

May 8 – A former FIA steward has slammed the current state of Formula 1. On the surface, the sport is actually thriving in..

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8 May 2024

F1 Contemplates Stricter Measures After Magnussen’s Miami Debacle

May 7 – Formula 1 is being urged to change tack as Kevin Magnussen is left on the cusp of a race ban after a horror Miami GP weekend..

7 May 2024

Alonso’s Diplomatic Diplomacy: F1 Veteran Meets FIA Chief Pre-Miami GP

May 6 – Fernando Alonso met twice with the FIA president ahead of the Miami GP. A day earlier, the Spaniard said he would seek talks..

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6 May 2024

FIA Accused of Bias: Alonso Confronts Governing Body

May 5 – Fernando Alonso says he will confront the president of F1’s governing body over concerns he is being treated unfairly..

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5 May 2024

F1 Contemplates Radical Overhaul: Every Finisher Scores Championship Points

May 4 – It’s possible the proposal to tweak the points system in Formula 1 could be even more radical than first thought. At..

4 May 2024

Major F1 Teams Back Potential Points System Tweak

Apr.24 – A proposal to extend the points-paying positions in Formula 1 from its current P10 all the way to P12 looks set to soar..

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24 Apr 2024

Haas Advocates: F1 Points Revolution Amidst Team Disagreement

Apr.23 – Opinions are already divided, as Formula 1 stakeholders gear up for talks about expanding the current points system. The F1..

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