F1 Regulations

What will bring 2022’s new F1 car? (1/3)

Craig Scarborough talks Peter Windsor through the new F1 car regulations for 2022. Will the new generation of cars be faster/slower? How..

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20 Oct 2021

Alfa Romeo team boss says next year’s F1 can be chaotic

Oct.18 – Formula 1 could suffer through a “chaotic” first season with the all-new regulations beginning in 2022. That is..

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18 Oct 2021

Top teams still resisting F1 tyre blanket ban

Oct.13 – Top teams are resisting a push to see tyre blankets banned in Formula 1. The sport is keen to move away from the costly and..

13 Oct 2021

F1 engines: the future by Peter Windsor

The new F1 chassis and aero regulations are set for 2022 and beyond. What, though, of the power units they will incorporate? 2022 will..

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2 Oct 2021

New F1 practice rules ‘very good news’ says Shwartzman

Sep.29 – Ferrari junior Robert Shwartzman has welcomed moves to make the running of young drivers in official Formula 1 practice..

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29 Sep 2021

Prost says to boycott F1 if reverse grids get green light

Sep.20 – F1 legend Alain Prost says he would boycott the sport if reverse grid races are introduced. The sport’s chiefs are not..

20 Sep 2021

Mercedes wants Volkswagen to enter F1 in 2026 season

Sep.13 – Mercedes wants to “compromise” on the 2026 engine rule changes to enable Volkswagen to enter Formula 1. At..

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13 Sep 2021

F1 engine future again discussed in ‘important’ meeting

Sep.12 – Formula 1 held an “important meeting” at Monza on Saturday, according to FIA president Jean Todt. He told La..

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12 Sep 2021

No format tweaks by for Monza’s sprint qualifying this Saturday

Sep.6 – F1’s new ‘sprint qualifying’ format will return with no changes or tweaks this weekend at Monza. The..

6 Sep 2021

More voices in F1 say Sunday’s Belgian GP should have been cancelled

Aug.31 – Formula 1 is considering tweaking the rules so that events like Sunday’s farcical Belgian GP cannot be officially..

31 Aug 2021
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