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This Finish guy is pure talent an the last of the great racers period. Kimi’s first entry in Formula One was 2001 at Sauber.

His nickname: The Iceman.

Kimi Raikkonen’s Secret Thrills: From F1 Champion to Hidden Motocross Racer!

Aug.23 – 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen admits he often used to race motorbikes – without his Formula 1 teams knowing. The..

23 Aug 2023

Former F1 World Champions to compete in NASCAR’s top Cup Series

Mar.10 – A top NASCAR chief insists the top American motorsport category is not “afraid” of Formula 1. Thanks in large..

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10 Mar 2023

Raikkonen and Wurz’s sons: Racing towards F1 glory?

Jan.24 – Two youngsters with familiar names are revving their engines in the direction of Formula 1. Almost two decades ago, Kimi..

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24 Jan 2023

F1 engineer Slade says Raikkonen was the best driver

Dec.16 – Highly experienced F1 engineer Mark Slade says retired 2007 world champion was in one way “the best driver I’ve..

16 Dec 2022

Two former F1 drivers heading to Nascar racing now

Jul.4 – Two Formula 1 drivers are keeping their motor racing passions alive – in Nascar. In May, it emerged that in the year..

4 Jul 2022

Alfa Romeo team got boost with Bottas this season

May 18 – Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement only partly explains the big step forward made by Alfa Romeo in 2022. One factor may be..

18 May 2022

F1 Legends that made the jump to NASCAR

While in the past, there may have been many more driving opportunities in F1 thanks to a mish-mash of back-marker privateer teams,..

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15 Feb 2022

We’ll all miss him – Kimi Räikkönen

After 19 F1 seasons Kimi Raikkonen will retire for good from Formula 1. This video is small tribute by Alfa Romeo for one of the most..

11 Dec 2021

Raikkonen says F1 politics now on level of ‘ridiculous’

Dec.10 – The retiring Kimi Raikkonen’s parting shot at Formula 1 is that the off-track political “nonsense” has now..

10 Dec 2021

Kimi Raikkonen 2021 Beyond the Grid podcast interview

After 348 Grand Prix starts, just one remains. Ahead of his final race in Formula 1, Kimi Raikkonen joins Tom Clarkson to look back at his..

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8 Dec 2021

Formula One has become ‘too political’ now says Raikkonen

Dec.8 – Kimi Raikkonen’s best advice for success and happiness is not to listen to the advice of others. It’s a typical..


The Whisper Challenge with Alfa Romeo drivers Kimi & Antonio

Current Alfa Romeo drivers Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen do the whisper challenge. The will be teammates for only two races

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5 Dec 2021

No ‘special emotions’ as longest F1 career almost ends

Dec.3 – Kimi Raikkonen says he feels no special emotions except perhaps impatience as his longest-ever Formula 1 career finally draws..

3 Dec 2021

Psychological edge now is with Verstappen according Schumacher

Dec.2 – Max Verstappen may have the psychological edge as his championship battle with Lewis Hamilton enters its decisive final..

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2 Dec 2021

Current F1 schedule not more hectic than ever says Raikkonen

Nov.29 – F1 veteran Kimi Raikkonen denies that the schedule in Formula 1 is more hectic in the modern era. At 42, the Finn and 2007..

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29 Nov 2021

Raikkonen plays down part-time F1 role rumours for next year

Oct.8 – Kimi Raikkonen may not even be interested in a part-time role in the category once he hangs up his Formula 1 helmet. Alfa..

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8 Oct 2021

Raikkonen shot down ‘F1 team advisor’ rumours for next year

Oct.6 – Kimi Raikkonen has shot down rumours he could re-emerge in Formula 1 next year as a team advisor at Alfa Romeo. The 2007..

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6 Oct 2021

Ruth Buscombe 2021 Beyond the Grid interview

She’s the secret hand that helps guide Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi’s race fortunes – Ruth Buscombe, head of..

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29 Sep 2021

Raikkonen says he is ready to race at next GP

Sep.14 – Kimi Raikkonen says he is on track to return to his Formula 1 cockpit at Sochi next weekend. The Finn, who was replaced at..

14 Sep 2021

Toyota boss eyes Raikkonen back to rally

Sep.11 – A return to top-level rallying could be in Kimi Raikkonen‘s future. That is the view of Jari-Matti Latvala, a former..

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11 Sep 2021

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