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Fingers point at Haas' Ferrari car 'clone'

Mar.24 - Fingers are being pointed at Haas' surprisingly fast 2018 car in Melbourne. Others are less surprised that the small American team..

24 Mar 2018

Mercedes cool as Ferrari poaches FIA man

Mar.23 - Toto Wolff is reacting calmly to the latest controversial personnel switch in formula one. Last year, the move of Marcin Budkowski..

23 Mar 2018

Red Bull says Mercedes still favourites

Mar.23 - Max Verstappen has hit back at the claim that Red Bull is the favourite in Melbourne. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton put the favourite..

23 Mar 2018

Ecclestone backs Marchionne's F1 quit threat

Mar.22 - Bernie Ecclestone says he is supportive of Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne's F1 quit threat. Ecclestone, 87, was ousted as the..

22 Mar 2018

Wolff: Ferrari's quit threat is serious

Mar.21 - Toto Wolff has warned the FIA and Liberty Media not to take Ferrari's F1 quit threat lightly. As negotiations over a new..

21 Mar 2018

Vasseur: Sauber will be lucky to score points

Mar.21 - Frederic Vasseur has admitted that Sauber will be lucky to score points in 2018. Days ago, rookie driver Charles Leclerc said his..

21 Mar 2018

Australian GP 2018: The Big 3 Battle

The 2018 Australian Grand Prix will be driven on the Albert Park Circuit. Who will winn the first F1 race of the season on the 25th of..

21 Mar 2018

Vettel's short preview on the 2018 Australian GP

Sebastian Vettel gives a short preview about the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne, Australia WhatsApp Google+ Facebook Twitter Reddit..

20 Mar 2018

Wurz: Ferrari is close to Mercedes

Mar.20 - Ferrari could be closer to Mercedes this season than has been suggested in recent days and weeks. That is the view of Alex Wurz,..

20 Mar 2018

Webber doubts Ferrari will quit F1

Mar.20 - Mark Webber says he would be "flabbergasted" if Ferrari quits formula one. Mercedes is also unhappy about Liberty Media's plans..

20 Mar 2018

Hamilton hints at Mercedes contract delay

Mar.19 - A new deal between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes could be delayed. Earlier, team boss Toto Wolff said he hoped a contract to keep..

19 Mar 2018

Leclerc: Too early to dream about Ferrari

Mar.19 - Charles Leclerc says it's too early to dream about a future at Ferrari. The reigning Formula 2 champion is backed by Ferrari, and..

19 Mar 2018

Next Sunday: Winning talks & Bullshit walks

Next Sunday the red lights above the finish line in Albert Park will turn off and the 2018 F1 season finally kicks off. Not all drivers..

17 Mar 2018

Todt: Ferrari free to quit F1

Mar.15 - Ferrari is free to quit formula one after 2020, FIA president Jean Todt says. At the Geneva motor show, Ferrari president Sergio..

15 Mar 2018

Vettel not worried about winter testing results

Mar.14 - Sebastian Vettel says he has faith in Ferrari ahead of the 2018 season. After winter testing, the general consensus is that..

14 Mar 2018

Prost: Renault not targeting 2018 race win

Mar.13 - Alain Prost says Renault is not setting goals for 2018, but he will not rule out a podium for the French team. After winter..

13 Mar 2018

Horner: Ferrari holding F1 to 'ransom' wrong

Mar.12 - Christian Horner has chided Ferrari for holding F1 "to ransom". The Red Bull boss is taking a hard position in reaction not only..

12 Mar 2018

Wurz: 'Tension' in Red Bull driver lineup

Mar.12 - Alex Wurz says he detects "tension" between Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen. Comparing Red Bull's lineup with those of the..

12 Mar 2018

Vettel's record pace does not worry Hamilton

Mar.9 - Lewis Hamilton on Thursday said he is not worried about the laptime put in by Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel at the final Barcelona..

9 Mar 2018

Red Bull emerging as 2018 title contender

Mar.8 - Red Bull is emerging as a potential favourite for the 2018 world championship. After Mercedes' Toto Wolff said on Tuesday that Red..

8 Mar 2018

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