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Pirelli tweaks tyres after Mercedes request

Apr.7 - Pirelli looks set to modify the design of its 2018 tyres, following a proposal by world champions Mercedes. Auto Motor und Sport..

8 Apr 2018

Lauda: Mercedes leads by only two tenths

Mar.21 - Niki Lauda thinks Mercedes' advantage over its rivals is as small as two tenths. In Barcelona testing, the reigning champions did..

21 Mar 2018

Australian GP 2018: The Big 3 Battle

The 2018 Australian Grand Prix will be driven on the Albert Park Circuit. Who will winn the first F1 race of the season on the 25th of..

21 Mar 2018

Boullier: McLaren has fixed testing problems

Mar.20 - McLaren has sorted its problems in time for this weekend's 2018 season opener. Despite dumping Honda and switching to Renault, the..

20 Mar 2018

Vettel not worried about winter testing results

Mar.14 - Sebastian Vettel says he has faith in Ferrari ahead of the 2018 season. After winter testing, the general consensus is that..

14 Mar 2018

Alsonso testing the McLaren MCL33 with 360 cam view

In this video you can play around with the 360 video and see the McLaren MCL33 being tested by Ferando Alonso on Catalunya circuit. You can..

13 Mar 2018

Newey staying at Red Bull

Mar.12 - Adrian Newey is staying at Red Bull, even though the former title-winning team has appointed a new technical director. France's..

12 Mar 2018

Bottas: Mercedes not one second ahead

Mar.10 - Valtteri Bottas has denied that Mercedes is a full second per lap ahead of F1's other top teams heading into this month's..

10 Mar 2018

Renault RS18 first drive of 2018

The Renault RS18 drives of for the first time after being launched for the 2018 F1 season. WhatsApp Google+ Facebook Twitter Reddit..

10 Mar 2018

Lap times final day of 2nd Catalunya F1 testing

The last day of the eight days of testing was very interesting. The day started out bad again for the McLaren MCL33 of Fernando Alonso. It..

9 Mar 2018

Vettel's record pace does not worry Hamilton

Mar.9 - Lewis Hamilton on Thursday said he is not worried about the laptime put in by Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel at the final Barcelona..

9 Mar 2018

Lap times 3rd day of 2nd Catalunya F1 testing

Weather: sunny/cloudy and dry; air 10° – 17°C, track 14° – 26°C Sebastian Vettel showed the real pace of the Ferrari on Pirelli's..

8 Mar 2018

McLaren denies it's in a post-Honda 'crisis'

Mar.8 - Leading McLaren figures are denying the British team is still in crisis even after dumping Honda. Between 2015 and 2017, Honda got..

8 Mar 2018

Kubica thinks modern F1 cars too heavy

Mar.8 - Robert Kubica thinks modern F1 cars need to trim some fat. The Pole is uniquely positioned to comment on today's cars, having sat..

8 Mar 2018

Lap times 2nd day of 2nd Catalunya F1 testing

Daniel Ricciardo has set the fastest lap time for the 2018 winter testing today on a sunny Catalunya circuit. Still 3.4 seconds short on..

7 Mar 2018

Vandoorne concerned as McLaren problems continue

Mar.7 - Stoffel Vandoorne has expressed some concern as a difficult winter for McLaren continues. After a troubled opening test, the..

7 Mar 2018

Lap times first day of 2nd Catalunya F1 testing

Weather: sunny and dry; air 12° – 20°C, track 13° – 28°C All 2018 F1 teams got back to the Catalunya circuit for the second week..

6 Mar 2018

Sainz: Mercedes & Ferrari 'spectacular' in 2018

Mar.2 - Carlos Sainz thinks Mercedes and Ferrari will continue to battle at the front in 2018. Some are predicting that Renault will make a..

2 Mar 2018

Lap times final day of 1st Catalunya F1 testing

Weather: morning: cloudy and rainy; afternoon: cloudy/sunny and damp/dry; air 9° – 16°C, track 9° – 18°C On Wednesday almost no one..

2 Mar 2018

Steiner plays down hopes for Bahrain testing

Mar.1 - Gunther Steiner has played down hopes F1 might head to Bahrain for winter testing next year. With uncharacteristic snow falling in..

1 Mar 2018

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  • Jazzi: "... so far in 2018"? What a laugh ?. Its pitiful to see a former world champion, superb driver and thoroughly pleasant chap get treated so shoddily. Respect to the Iceman for maintaining his class and dignity amidst Ferrari's disgraceful practices. They self-destructed last season, poetic justice some may say. If so, the implosion may be even worse this year because Kimi is genuinely competive. He out-qualified Seb in Melbourne, and in the last 2 qualifying sessions, he was only edged off pole by Seb in the final flying rounds of Q3. Yet, he still gets screwed by the Ferrari strategist in the races. Pathetic! View Post
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