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We have frequent updates about this Dutch super talent that certainly knows how to handle a car and got very successful at a young age of 18 years old.

2023 Japanese F1 GP Friday analysis by Peter Windsor

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! We’re speeding into the heart of Suzuka, Japan, where the air is thick with burning rubber,..

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22 Sep 2023

Red Bull & AlphaTauri Drivers vs WILD Japanese Game Show!

Just before the high-octane drama of the Japanese Grand Prix unfolds, Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri have swapped their Formula 1 beasts..

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Verstappen Aims for Redemption in Japan After Singapore Slump

Sep.22 – Red Bull looks set to leave its Singapore dip in the past by returning to full speed this weekend in Japan. However, Sergio..


Verstappen Denies Slacking Off: Intense Battle Expected in 2023 F1 Season’s End

Sep.21 – Max Verstappen and his father have denied that the runaway world championship leader will not “slack off” in the..

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21 Sep 2023

Red Bull’s Redemption: Dr. Marko Confident of Comeback in Japan!

Sep.19 – Dr Helmut Marko thinks Red Bull will be back firing on all cylinders this weekend at Suzuka. Max Verstappen’s run of..

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19 Sep 2023

Verstappen’s F1 Dominance Dented in Singapore: FIA Directive or Track Trouble?

Sep.17 – Red Bull team figures have scotched suggestions the FIA’s new clampdown on flexible bodywork could explain the..

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17 Sep 2023

2023 Singapore F1 GP Saturday analysis by Peter Windsor

Hold onto your helmets, F1 fans! Friday’s questions were met with resounding answers on the Singapore GP’s electrifying Saturday...

16 Sep 2023

Ferrari’s Surge Puts Pressure on Red Bull at Singapore Grand Prix

Sep.16 – Carlos Sainz has rubbished suggestions that Red Bull is suddenly ‘in crisis’ at the Singapore GP. The Spaniard,..

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Verstappen’s Street Circuit Challenge: Will Singapore End His Winning Streak?

Sep.15 – A new round of barbs fired between Red Bull and Mercedes personnel has set the scene for this weekend’s Singapore GP...

15 Sep 2023

Red Bull Now Wants to Win Every Race in 2023 F1 Season

Sep.14 – Red Bull Racing is so far ahead of the competition that a very bad weekend for Mercedes will mean the energy drink-owned..

14 Sep 2023

Button’s honest thoughts on Lewis and Max’s teammates and Lando to Red Bull

The YouTube video titled “Jenson Button’s honest thoughts on Lewis and Max’s teammates and Lando to Red Bull 👀”..

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13 Sep 2023

F1’s Verstappen Dilemma: Celebrating Success or Keeping the Competition Alive?

Sep.11 – The CEO of the company that owns Formula 1 admits it is becoming hard for the sport to sell Max Verstappen’s utter..

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11 Sep 2023

Alonso’s Truth Bomb: Luck, Not Skill, Behind Verstappen and Hamilton’s Dominance

Sep.6 – Fernando Alonso has hit back at Mercedes boss Toto Wolff’s claims that Red Bull ‘built’ a winning team..

6 Sep 2023

Vettel’s F1 Return? Red Bull’s Marko Speaks Out on Potential Partnership

Sep.6 – Dr Helmut Marko has laughed off suggestions he might pair a returning Sebastian Vettel with Max Verstappen at Red Bull. At..


Verstappen’s F1 Record Streak Sparks War of Words with Wolff and Marko

Sep.6 – Dr Helmut Marko says he will start taking Toto Wolff seriously again once Mercedes returns to being a “serious..


2023 Italian F1 Grand Prix analysis by Peter Windsor

Ferrari displayed remarkable prowess at the Monza circuit, a performance that positioned them at the pole position with Carlos Sainz, while..

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5 Sep 2023

Max Verstappen’s Perfect Ten: Dominance Unleashed in F1 Record Books!

Sep.4 – Max Verstappen was “quite nervous” on Sunday before securing his tenth consecutive Formula 1 race win – an..

4 Sep 2023

Post-Race Press Conference Italian F1 Grand Prix

DRIVERS: 1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing), 2. Sergio PÉREZ (Red Bull Racing) & 3. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) TRACK..

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Ferrari’s Monza Pole Excites Fans, but Red Bull Remains Race Day Favorite

Sep.3 – Carlos Sainz is not really expecting to break Red Bull’s total winning streak in 2023 despite securing pole for the..

3 Sep 2023

F1 CEO Rejects Special Rules to Slow Down Verstappen’s Dominance

Sep.3 – Stefano Domenicali has played down the likelihood that Formula 1 will intervene in order to move the rest of the grid closer..

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