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Horner admits Red Bull eyeing title

Feb.20 - Red Bull should be able to take on Mercedes and Ferrari for the 2018 title. That is the view of team boss Christian Horner, after..

20 Feb 2018

2018 Red Bull RB14 F1 car launch pictures

Here you can find the first wallpaper pictures of the Red Bull RB14,  this F1 car was launched on Monday 19th of February 2018. This car..

19 Feb 2018

Marko doubts Red Bull will win title

Feb.19 - Dr Helmut Marko says Red Bull may not be in a position to push for the world championship in 2018. Following the Mercedes versus..

19 Feb 2018

Marko admits Red Bull-Honda possible for 2019

Feb.19 - Red Bull will decide in the first half of 2018 whether to switch to Honda power next year. After the McLaren-Honda divorce, the..

19 Feb 2018

Ricciardo 2018 season preview video interview

Daniel Ricciardo talks about his winter break and his expectations for the upcoming 2018 F1 calendar. The questions in this video interview..

18 Feb 2018

Verstappen's about the upcoming 2018 season

Max Verstappen talks about his winter break and his expectations for the upcoming 2018 F1 calendar. The questions in this video interview..

17 Feb 2018

Ricciardo wants Melbourne podium

Feb.13 - Daniel Ricciardo says he wants to be on the podium as soon as the very first race of 2018. In previous years, Adrian Newey's new..

13 Feb 2018

Verstappen not ruling out title bid

Feb.9 - Max Verstappen is not ruling out taking a shot at the world championship in 2018. Many are predicting a revival of the..

9 Feb 2018

Verstappen to get early feel for 2018 car

Feb.7 - Max Verstappen thinks he will get an idea about his chances of fighting for the title in 2018 after the very first day of testing..

7 Feb 2018

Marko: Alonso made Honda 'look bad'

Jan.29 - Dr Helmut Marko says Red Bull's new plan for 2018 is still on track. Recently, Marko said the team had learned from 2017, when it..

29 Jan 2018

Report: Top teams oppose F1 merchandise plan

Jan.26 - F1's top three teams are reportedly not on board with plans made by Liberty Media to change how merchandise is sold at grands..

26 Jan 2018

Aston Martin eyes F1 project with Cosworth

Jan.26 - Aston Martin has indicated it is open to collaborating with Cosworth on a F1 engine foray. The British luxury carmaker is now Red..

26 Jan 2018

Vandoorne: 'Big pressure' on McLaren in 2018

Jan.19 - Stoffel Vandoorne says McLaren is under "big pressure" to perform in 2018. Days ago, the Belgian's boss at the British team - Eric..

19 Jan 2018

Toro Rosso holding Japanese culture lessons for staff

FransJan.18 - Toro Rosso is looking to avoid some of the pitfalls of the ill-fated McLaren-Honda partnership. With McLaren dumping its..

18 Jan 2018

Ricciardo would cope with Verstappen tension

Jan.11 - Daniel Ricciardo says he would "happily" deal with some more internal tension with Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen. Days ago,..

11 Jan 2018

Red Bull plays down 'trick' steering ban

Jan.11 - Red Bull has played down the impact of a new FIA technical directive. Just before Christmas, F1's governing body clamped down on a..

11 Jan 2018

Verstappen wants to keep Ricciardo as teammate

Jan.6 - Max Verstappen says he would like to keep Daniel Ricciardo as his teammate in F1. Dutchman Verstappen has signed on with Red Bull..

7 Jan 2018

Hartley to focus only on F1 in 2018

Jan.6 - Brendon Hartley says he will concentrate exclusively on formula one this year. As he rebuilt his career following his departure..

7 Jan 2018

Whiting: Less overtaking due to teams not cars

Jan.3 - Charlie Whiting has defended F1's regulations, declaring that the biggest issue for the sport is in fact the competitiveness of the..

3 Jan 2018

Three great bets for the 2018 season

The 2017 Formula One season, despite ending in a procession for Lewis Hamilton, was an excellent watch and the battle for supremacy between..

29 Dec 2017

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