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F1 Yet To Solve Wet-Weather Current Visibility Problem

May 16 – Formula 1 is still yet to find a technical solution to improve driver visibility in wet weather. Last year, the first..

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16 May 2024

F1 CEO Says He Wants Louder Engines and End Hybrid Power

May 15 – Formula 1 could wave goodbye to the controversial ‘hybrid’ engine era from 2030. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is..

15 May 2024

Student initiatives in the World of Racing: from F1 to Local competitions

Millions of people have always been interested in racing, whether it’s the fast Formula 1 or the smaller, more neighborhood races...

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14 Apr 2024

Former Ferrari Engineer Sanchez Eyed for Alpine’s F1 Overhaul

Apr.12 – Alpine might soon get a much-needed technical boost in the form of a long-time and highly respected former Ferrari engineer...

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12 Apr 2024

Williams’ Strategic Choice: Old Suspension Overlaps Red Bull Principles

Feb.26 – James Vowles has admitted Williams opted against running the full 2024 specification of partner team Mercedes’ rear..

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26 Feb 2024

Hamilton’s Mercedes Departure: Fallout from Technical Spat Unveiled?

Feb.23 – Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes might be traced back to technical disagreements last year. This week,..

23 Feb 2024

Williams FW46 Debut Delayed: Vowles Reveals Risky Tech Overhaul

Feb.19 – The only new Formula 1 car for 2024 that is yet to see the public light of day or a racetrack so far is the Williams. The..

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19 Feb 2024

Ricciardo Eyeing F1 Podiums as ‘VCARB’ Nears Red Bull Integration

Feb.12 – Daniel Ricciardo is eyeing the podium in 2024, as the former AlphaTauri team moves ever closer in its technical alliance..

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12 Feb 2024

Old F1 Driver Claims Current Driver Influence is Only 10%

Jan.16 – The influence of the driver in Formula 1 is down to a paltry 10 percent. That is the lament of former F1 driver Arturo..

16 Jan 2024

Uninspected Planks and Grey Areas: The Controversy Behind F1’s Disqualifications

Oct.25 – Lewis Hamilton’s US GP disqualification has tongues wagging about whether changes in car legality policing needs to be..

25 Oct 2023

Ask Me Anything: Alpine F1 Team Technical Director – Matt Harman

Get to know more about what it’s like being a Technical Director in Formula 1. Matt Harman sits down with the r/formula1 Sub reddit..

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5 Oct 2023

How well does Yuki know his car? – Behind the Visor

We asked Yuki which parts of his race car he is most familiar with and which parts he knows least well, going on to talk about the huge..

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19 Sep 2023

The Parts It Takes To Make The RB19 Formula 1 Car

Step inside the Machine Shop at Oracle Red Bull Racing to find out what it takes to get parts designed, manufactured and onto the RB19 at..

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4 Aug 2023

Mercedes’ F1 technical Chief dismisses cockpit position as key to Hamilton’s success

Jun.29 – James Allison has hit back at the notion that a cockpit position tweak could be the key to Lewis Hamilton’s return to..

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29 Jun 2023

Speed and Innovation: The Thrill of Formula 1

Formula 1 (F1), the pinnacle of motorsport, offers not just high-speed thrill but also showcases the power of technological innovation in..

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12 Jun 2023

Neil Oatley 2023 Beyond the Grid Podcast interview

The prominence of McLaren in the realm of Formula 1 racing is a tribute to a legacy of exceptional triumph. The squad has bagged eight..

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7 Jun 2023

From Aerodynamics to Engine Power: The Science Behind F1 Racing Cars

Formula One, or F1, is known for its high-speed racing, cutting-edge technology, and precision engineering. Each year, millions of fans..

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2 Jun 2023

Speed vs Sustainability: Newey questions F1’s 2026 rule revolution

May 31 – Adrian Newey has warned that Formula 1’s sweeping rule changes for 2026 threaten to slow the cars down too much. When..

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31 May 2023

Meet two Mercedes F1 engineers by Peter Windsor

Check out the exclusive video edit on Mercedes’ official YouTube channel, showcasing the meticulous process of transforming a generic..

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20 May 2023

How do F1 Teams design, produce & race a car upgrade?

Upgrading an F1 car is no easy task. It’s a real team effort across many departments, over the course of many weeks to deliver an update..

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19 May 2023

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