F1 technical

F1 technical

Read here the latest F1 technical information regarding developments, analysis, insights, featuring drawings, teams, car designs, regulations, engines etc.

James Key 2022 Beyond the Grid Podcast interview

McLaren technical director James Key is one of the youngest tech chiefs in Formula One. He’s very bright, he’s super-organised and..

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25 May 2022

Newey says F1 cars heading in ‘wrong direction’ now

May 20 – Formula 1 has headed in the “wrong direction” with the basic philosophy of the technical rules going forward...

20 May 2022

The F1 weight-watchers with Scarbs by Peter Windsor

After decades of designing cars below the minimum weight limit with added ballast, today’s F1 engineers are suddenly facing a new..

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21 Apr 2022

Scarbs pre-Imola analysis by Peter Windsor

Craig Scarborough in this video unlocks the secrets behind the Ferrari F1-75. Some of it is aero/chassis; some of it is the power unit. In..

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21 Apr 2022

Red Bull found cause fuel leak on Verstappen’s car

Apr.14 – Red Bull has identified the problem that ended world champion Max Verstappen’s Australian GP. The Dutchman is not only..

14 Apr 2022

Budget cap ‘gamble’ paid off for Alfa Romeo team

Apr.6 – Sauber-run Alfa Romeo appears to have benefited in more ways than one by taking more control of its Swiss-based Formula 1..

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6 Apr 2022

Mercedes’ porpoising problem explained by Peter Wright

Can Mercedes solve their chronic problems with porpoising (or bouncing) without dialling-back their current, prodigious downforce levels?..

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1 Apr 2022

Post F1 testing update with Scarbs by Peter Windsor (2/3)

In the second of our post-Bahrain test updates, Craig Scarborough assesses the new Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren-Mercedes. Red Bull looked..

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16 Mar 2022

Mercedes team set for ‘massive’ F1 car update this week?

Mar.9 – Mercedes could be preparing to unleash the most radical technical innovation seen so far on any of the ten all-new Formula 1..

9 Mar 2022

Another crazy F1 ban by Peter Windsor

Steve Nichols was Chief Designer at McLaren in 1997 when he initiated probably the most effective – and cheapest – -performance..

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7 Mar 2022

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