Yuki Tsunoda News

Alonso’s Future Secured: New Aston Martin Deal Gains Momentum

Apr.10 – Momentum is building towards a deal to keep Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin beyond 2024. The rumour built significant..

10 Apr 2024

Tsunoda’s Thrust: Japanese Sensation Nearing Red Bull Promotion

Apr.8 – Yuki Tsunoda has leapt into contention to secure a promotion to Red Bull’s top team for 2025. Throughout the Japanese..

8 Apr 2024

Drivers Press Conference 2024 Japanese F1 Grand Prix

DRIVERS – Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Yuki Tsunoda (Racing Bulls), Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing), Alexander Albon (Williams), George..

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4 Apr 2024

Cooler Head: Tsunoda Prepares for Top F1 Seat Challenge

Apr.2 – Yuki Tsunoda says he is rising to the challenge of proving he is “mature” enough for a top Formula 1 seat...

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3 Apr 2024

Red Bull’s Ricciardo Faces Career Crossroads: Two-Race Ultimatum?

Mar.26 – Daniel Ricciardo’s Formula 1 career may now be in a two-race countdown to the end. Not one to be liberal with praise,..

26 Mar 2024

Tsunoda’s Meteoric Ascent: Red Bull’s New Favorite Driver Emerges

Mar.25 – Yuki Tsunoda’s star is continuing to rise rapidly, as Red Bull contemplates its next driver promotions and demotions..

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25 Mar 2024

Red Bull Hopeful: Tsunoda Eyes Promotion as Ricciardo’s Future Uncertain

Mar.24 – While one driver is eyeing a move to Formula 1’s top seat, his teammate is facing the exit door. “That was a..

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24 Mar 2024

F1 Future: Red Bull Eyes Replacement Amid Ricciardo & Tsunoda Struggle

Mar.23 – Red Bull’s notorious sword of Damocles is now hanging over the heads of a trio of Formula 1 drivers – Sergio..

23 Mar 2024

Liam Lawson Looms as Red Bull’s Top Pick Over Tsunoda

Mar.6 – Honda says no decision has been taken as to whether Yuki Tsunoda will move on from the Red Bull family next year. In Bahrain,..

6 Mar 2024

Tsunoda vs Ricciardo: RB F1 Team Drama Unleashed?

Mar.4 – It’s acceptable for fans and the media to call the rebranded AlphaTauri team ‘Racing Bulls’ or simply..

4 Mar 2024

RB’s Tsunoda: “New Car Not a Red Bull Clone”

Feb.23 – Yuki Tsunoda has played down suggestions the ever-closer relationship between the former AlphaTauri team and its big-brother..

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23 Feb 2024

Ricciardo Eyeing F1 Podiums as ‘VCARB’ Nears Red Bull Integration

Feb.12 – Daniel Ricciardo is eyeing the podium in 2024, as the former AlphaTauri team moves ever closer in its technical alliance..

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12 Feb 2024

2024 VCARB 01 F1 Car Launch Photos

Here you can find the first photos of the VCARB 01, this F1 car was launched on Thurday 8th of February 2024. This car will be raced in the..

9 Feb 2024

“Whatever it Takes” | 4K Subtitled Full Docufilm

In the electrifying realm of Formula 1, where velocity, adrenaline, and remarkable narratives blend seamlessly, our squad stands out with..

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5 Feb 2024

AlphaTauri’s 2023 F1 Season: A Tale of Transformation and Tenacity

AlphaTauri, once known as Toro Rosso, has been a familiar name in Formula 1 since 2006. The team, which rebranded in 2020 to promote Red..

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5 Jan 2024

Yuki Tsunoda: Can the Japanese Ace Drive His Way to Success?

Dec.14 – Yuki Tsunoda may be on his last chance to shine in Formula 1 next year. The Japanese made his debut for Red Bull’s..

14 Dec 2023

Red Bull’s Sneaky Synergy: AlphaTauri’s Surge Raises Eyebrows in F1

Dec.5 – Toto Wolff has put a straight face to growing whispers about the intensifying technical ‘synergy’ between Red..

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5 Dec 2023

Yuki and Daniel play GUESS THE F1 TRACK

The boys take their turn at guessing Formula 1 tracks from the 2023 season calendar, but there’s a twist. They are only allowed to use..

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4 Dec 2023

F1 Drivers Race Hovercraft In The Desert 🇺🇸

To prepare for the slippery fresh tarmac of the the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing F1 drivers Max Verstappen and Checo Perez take on..

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19 Nov 2023

AlphaTauri Eyes Williams in Dramatic Turnaround for F1 Season Finale

Nov.13 – A change of approach and the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo sees AlphaTauri now eyeing Williams’ seventh-place in the..

13 Nov 2023

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