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Five things learned on Friday before the 2022 Singapore F1 GP

After two years of absence the roaring Formula 1 engines were back in the streets of Singapore yesterday. A lot has changed since the last..

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1 Oct 2022

Pirelli has to develop new 2024 F1 tyres ‘from scratch’

Sep.6 – Pirelli will have to develop its Formula 1 tyres for the 2024 season “from scratch”, according to the Italian..

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6 Sep 2022

Pirelli thinks F1 cars will be ‘significantly faster’ in 2023

Aug.24 – Pirelli will implement only minor tweaks to its new 18-inch tyre design ahead of the 2023 season. While the sweeping..

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24 Aug 2022

Tyre analysis after first day of practice in France

With temperatures that peaked at 56 degrees celsius on track yesterday during FP1 (and 53 degrees during FP2) the drivers and tyres faced a..

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23 Jul 2022

Four things learned by Pirelli in Spain on Friday

May 21 – After the first day of practice at Circuit the Catalunya near Barcelona the four things Pirelli learned were: Ferrari driver..

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21 May 2022

First day of 2022 Australian F1 GP practice recap

After three years of absence, today the first day of practice for the upcoming 2022 Australian F1 GP was finally there. A huge crowd..

8 Apr 2022

Tyre Story 2022 Saudi Arabian F1 GP

2022 Saudi Arabian F1 Race Tyre Story Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won the race with a one-stop strategy, going from P Zero Yellow medium..

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28 Mar 2022

Four things learned on first day of Saudi Arabian F1 GP practice

The First day of practice around the Jeddah Street circuit is done and dusted. The track was covered with sand which made life a bit more..

26 Mar 2022

Four things learned from first day of 2022 practice

Mar.19 – The first day of testing in the brand new F1 ground effect era has been done and dusted. Both first and second practice..

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19 Mar 2022

Pirelli reveals new cars not slower than last year

Jan.21 – This year’s Formula 1 cars will not be significantly slower than the unprecedentedly-fast field of 2021. While some..

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21 Jan 2022

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