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Russell’s Speed Reigns as Pirelli’s Jerez Test Charts Future F1 Terrain

Feb.7 – In a significant stride towards the 2025 Formula 1 season, Pirelli recently concluded a two-day test session at Jerez de la..

8 Feb 2024

Pirelli’s Tyre Evolution: Sainz and Leclerc Push Limits in Barcelona

Feb.1 – In the latest update from Pirelli’s development programme, Ferrari took center stage at Barcelona, marking a..

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1 Feb 2024

Pirelli’s F1 Tyres: Unraveling the 2023 Season’s Rolling Facts & Figures

Dec.23 – Throughout the exhilarating 2023 Formula 1 season, Pirelli tyres have not only been a silent partner to the roaring engines..

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23 Dec 2023

Pirelli under Pressure: Can They Deliver the Ultimate Tyres Next Season?

Dec.14 – Hopes are high that Pirelli can help make Formula 1 a better spectacle amid the current regulations era. Mercedes boss Toto..

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14 Dec 2023

F1’s Tyre Drama: Wolff Blames Pirelli for Unpredictable Racing

Nov.19 – Formula 1 and Pirelli went “too far” with trying to specifically design tyres to spice up the racing. Mercedes..

19 Nov 2023

Pirelli Promises Innovative F1 Tyres after Interlagos Wear Woes

Nov.8 – Pirelli, F1’s sole tyre supplier, is developing a groundbreaking tyre that is set to debut in 2025. It’s a..

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8 Nov 2023

Pirelli Secures Exclusive F1 Tyre Deal for 2025-2027

In a major development for Formula 1, Pirelli has been announced as the exclusive tyre supplier for the pinnacle of motorsport from 2025..

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11 Oct 2023

Pirelli Wins F1 Tire Battle, but Bridgestone’s Resurgence Looms in 2029

Oct.10 – Bridgestone is tipped to return to Formula 1 – but only in 2029. Earlier this year, the sport’s governing body..

10 Oct 2023

F1 Teams Furious Over Last-Minute Tyre Rule Changes at Qatar GP

Oct.8 – According to the latest whisper in the Qatar paddock, Pirelli has beaten off a challenge from Bridgestone to secure the..

8 Oct 2023

F1’s Tire Saga: Bridgestone and Pirelli Vie for Grip on 2025 Season’s Tracks

Sep.1 – Bridgestone is still pushing hard to replace Pirelli as Formula 1’s exclusive tyre supplier from 2025. Many in the..

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1 Sep 2023

Future of Wet Tyres in F1: Pirelli’s ‘Intermediate-Plus’ Solution Emerges

Jul.31 – Pirelli’s F1 boss does not disagree with drivers who are calling the full wet tyres “useless”. A Formula 1..

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31 Jul 2023

Pirelli vs. Hamilton: The Wet-Tyre Dilemma Sparks F1 Showdown!

Jul.27 – Mario Isola has hit back at Lewis Hamilton’s claim that Pirelli is wasting excessive amounts of wet-weather Formula 1..

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27 Jul 2023

Pirelli Boss Disputes Alonso’s Claim of F1 Tyre Woes at Aston Martin

Jul.24 – Pirelli’s F1 boss has hit back at Fernando Alonso’s suspicion that the recent mid-season tyre construction..

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24 Jul 2023

Alonso’s Gifted F1 Season: Unveiling Aston Martin’s In-Season Struggles and Ambitions

Jul.23 – Fernando Alonso says it is clear that Aston Martin needs to get better at in-season car developments. The Spaniard has..

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23 Jul 2023

Revamped Tyre Selections Set to Spice Up Action at Hungarian Grand Prix

Jul.20 – Revving up the excitement for the upcoming 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix, Pirelli, the official tire supplier of Formula 1, has..

20 Jul 2023

Pirelli’s 2024 Tyres Tested by Red Bull: Will the Ban Proceed?

Jul.14 – Formula 1 is poised to decide if the sport will proceed with the planned banning of tyre-warming blankets for 2024. Some..

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14 Jul 2023

Three Teams Conduct Tire Testing at Silverstone for 2024 Season

Jul.13 – The Silverstone circuit witnessed an important tire test session on Tuesday, organized by Pirelli in collaboration with Red..

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13 Jul 2023

Revamped Tyres: Will They Shake Up the F1 Hierarchy at Silverstone?

Jul.7 – Pirelli has denied claims its mid-season tyre specification change will add yet another kilogram to the already-hefty weight..

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7 Jul 2023

Pirelli Unveils New Tyre Construction for 2023 British Grand Prix

Jul.6 – The dry tyres for the 2023 British Grand Prix will be the C1 as P Zero White hard, C2 as P Zero Yellow Medium, and C3 as P..

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6 Jul 2023

F1 tyre wars: Will Bridgestone challenge Pirelli’s reign with innovative approach?

Jun.27 – Michelin’s motorsport boss says he’d be “surprised” if Bridgestone really is serious about taking..

27 Jun 2023

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