Feb.1 - In the latest update from Pirelli's development programme, Ferrari took center stage at Barcelona, marking a significant step in the preparation for the 2025 Formula 1 season. Over the course of two days, Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were at the helm of the SF-23, meticulously working through a series of tests aimed at enhancing tyre performance and durability.

The programme initially kicked off after a brief hiatus, resuming activities that had last been seen during the Abu Dhabi tyre test in late November. The focus was sharply set on evaluating various prototypes, each differing in compound and construction, with the primary goal of mitigating tyre overheating issues—a critical aspect for the future competitiveness and safety of the sport. The first day saw a productive session with Sainz and Leclerc covering a commendable 139 laps between them, with Sainz clocking a best time of 1’15’’610 and Leclerc following closely with a lap time of 1’16’’097.

As the testing at Barcelona concluded, the Pirelli team, along with the persistent efforts of Sainz and Leclerc, managed to further their understanding of the tyres' behavior under varied conditions. On the final day, the duo impressively tallied over 1400 kilometres on the Catalunya circuit, with Sainz completing the most laps at 90 and Leclerc showcasing his speed with the day's fastest lap of 1’15’’068. The insights gained from these sessions are invaluable, especially considering the 2025 specifications aim to enhance the racing spectacle by addressing the perennial challenge of tyre overheating.

Looking ahead, Pirelli's development agenda continues unabated with the next phase of testing scheduled to take place at Jerez from February 6-7. This time, Aston Martin and Mercedes are set to join the fray, providing both cars and drivers to assist in refining the tyre models further. This continuous effort underscores the commitment of all parties involved to push the boundaries of innovation and performance in Formula 1, ensuring that the tyres meet the high demands of the sport's evolving landscape.

As the season's opening race in Bahrain approaches, it's clear that the specifications for this year are already set in stone, mirroring last year's configuration. However, the ongoing development work is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence and adaptation, characteristics that define the pinnacle of motorsport.

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