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Tyres are a very important asset of racing and teams and drivers spend a fortune on analysing the wear of each used a used tyre. By analysing the used tyres they can learn how to get the most durability & performance out of the tyres.


5 Things learned after first day of practice in Hungary

Jul. 31 - As the relation between the two F1 title rival teams Mercedes and Red Bull is cooling down rapidly, the first day of practice in..

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31 Jul 2021

Five things we learned at the first day of Austrian GP practice

Jul.6 - Friday practice for the upcoming 2021 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix was busy today. The teams and drivers had to put in a lot..

2 Jul 2021

Four things we learned from the first day of Styrian practice

Although the weather forecast was showing rain for today, both Friday practice sessions have been driven under dry circumstances. Red Bull..

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25 Jun 2021

Aston Martin boss says rival teams may have broken tyre rules

Jun.22 - Otmar Szafnauer hopes the outcome of the French GP will "silence" those who suspect Aston Martin may have been finding ways around..

22 Jun 2021

F1 pilots in 'heated' meeting with Pirelli this weekend

Jun.20 - Behind the scenes, some Formula 1 drivers got involved in a reportedly "heated" exchange with Pirelli and FIA officials at Paul..

20 Jun 2021

F1 has 'big problem' if under-fire Pirelli walks away

Jun.19 - An active Formula 1 team manager has warned that the sport will have a "big problem" if Pirelli walks away. At Paul Ricard, the..

19 Jun 2021

Friday free practice tyre analysis 2021 French GP

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen set the pace during today’s free practice for the French Grand Prix, followed by the two Mercedes of Valtteri..

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19 Jun 2021

The F1 Baku Blowouts - The Verdict by Peter Windsor

Peter Windsor reacts to Pirelli's statement regarding the two spectacular tyre blowouts in Baku on the cars of Max Verstappen, who had..

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17 Jun 2021

Italian press backs Pirelli over last tyre blowouts

Jun.16 - The Italian press is siding with Pirelli against teams who are reportedly finding ways to run lower tyre pressures. Formula 1's..

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16 Jun 2021

Pirelli says Verstappen's tyres at Baku might been too soft

Jun.14 - The analysis of Max Verstappen's deflated Pirelli tyre showed no signs of a manufacturing or design fault, according to La..

14 Jun 2021

Old F1 tyre expert questions Pirelli's blowout debris story

Jun.8 - A well-known Formula 1 tyre expert has publicly questioned Pirelli's explanation about the high speed tyre blowouts at Baku. Even..

8 Jun 2021

Verstappen's father unhappy with Pirelli response on F1 tyre blows

Jun.7 - Max Verstappen correctly predicted Pirelli's response to the tyre failure that cost him victory in a scary high-speed blowout and..

7 Jun 2021

Pirelli confident F1 can be exciting without tyre war

Jun.5 - Pirelli is confident that Formula 1 can be more exciting even without a 'tyre war'. Earlier this week, well-known former F1 driver..

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5 Jun 2021

Mercedes cancels tyre test for next week due to budget cap

May 22 - Mercedes has pulled out of next week's Pirelli tyre test at Paul Ricard, citing concerns about staying under the 2021 budget cap...

22 May 2021

Tyre compound analysis after FP1 & FP2 in Monaco

Thursday Tyre Summary Ferrari was the team to beat in free practice, with Charles Leclerc edging out his team mate Carlos Sainz in the..

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21 May 2021

Kubica worked on next year innovation in post-race tyre test

May 12 - Alfa Romeo gave a sneak peak of a likely technical innovation for 2022 whilst testing Pirelli's 18-inch tyres in Barcelona this..

12 May 2021

Hamilton says he wants to keep racing next year

Apr.30 - Lewis Hamilton is showing no sign of wanting to retire from Formula 1 at the end of 2021. At the end of troubled negotiations, the..

30 Apr 2021

Alonso says 18-inch tyres for next season feel good already

Apr.7 - Pirelli's 18-inch tyres for 2022 "feel good already", two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has revealed. After the 2021 season..

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7 Apr 2021

Formula 1 is go! Tyre testing explained

Mar.12 - The 2021 Formula 1 season gets underway at the Bahrain International Circuit this morning for three days of testing, before the..

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12 Mar 2021

FIA adds one year to current tyre deal with Pirelli

Mar.6 - The FIA and Formula 1 have proposed, and Pirelli has agreed, a one-year extension to the existing exclusive tyre supply contract to..

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6 Mar 2021

Hamilton only did 30 simulator laps in new Mercedes this winter

Mar.3 - Lewis Hamilton has admitted he only did about 30 laps of driving in Mercedes' simulator over the winter. While other teams and..

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3 Mar 2021

Pirelli plans 28 days of testing 18-inch tyres for next season

Mar.1 - Pirelli plans to undertake 10 test sessions totalling 28 days this year with nine Formula 1 teams in preparation for the 2022..

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1 Mar 2021

Sainz crashed Ferrari while testing the new 18-inch tyres?

Mar.1 - Carlos Sainz has played down reports that he crashed last week whilst testing Ferrari's new-for-2022 18-inch tyres. Eyewitnesses..

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1 Mar 2021

Pirelli reveals F1 tyre compound choices for current season

Feb.19 - Pirelli has revealed the compounds that it will take to the 23 grands prix that make up the 2021 calendar. Most of the choices are..

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19 Feb 2021

F1 drivers slam Pirelli's proposed 2021 tyre

Nov.28 - Top Formula 1 drivers have slammed Pirelli's proposed new tyres for 2021. F1's official supplier actually tried to introduce a new..

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28 Nov 2020

Huge F2 crash may reveal 18-inch tyre flaw

Sep.28 - F1's governing body will look into whether there is a safety problem with the sort of 18-inch wheels that are set to be introduced..

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28 Sep 2020

Isola: 2022 tyres should be 'compromise'

Sep.21 - Formula 1 is drafting a so-called 'target letter' to give Pirelli direction on the tyres the sport requires for the new rules era..

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21 Sep 2020

Tyre Compounds for Last Seven 2020 Grand Prix

Following the recent publication of the last part of this year’s Formula 1 calendar, Pirelli has announced the compounds for the final..

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9 Sep 2020

F1 Starting Grid 2020 Italian GP

F1 Race Event: Italian Grand Prix Race Track: Monza Circuit Start time:15:10 local | 14:10 GMT | 07:10 PT The starting grid for the 2020..

5 Sep 2020

In the pit lane - Pirelli under pressure

With the F1 season now in full swing, tyre supplier Pirelli is feeling the heat after tyre failures at the British Grand Prix. Lewis..

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1 Sep 2020
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