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Since 1950 F1 has used a variety of engine regulations. In the beginning there were no turbo engines. Formula One currently uses 1.6 litre four-stroke turbocharged 90 degree V6 reciprocating engines.

Did you ever here the magnificent sound of the BRM V16?

From Mercedes Customer to F1 Contender: Aston Martin’s Road to Honda Works Team

Sep.29 – Aston Martin is already starting to prepare for life as Honda’s works Formula 1 project for 2026. Silverstone-based..

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29 Sep 2023

Toyota’s Grand Return: Japanese Giant Set to Rejoin F1 in 2024

Sep.24 – Wild new rumours at Suzuka suggest Toyota could be on the way back into Formula 1. McLaren stunned the Japanese GP paddock..

24 Sep 2023

Red Bull’s Future F1 Power Boost: Honda’s 2024 Engine Advancements

Sep.24 – Red Bull should benefit from an even better Honda power unit in 2024. McLaren CEO Zak Brown said at Suzuka that because Red..

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Red Bull’s Ambitious Engine Plans: Powering Up to 8 F1 Cars Post-2026

Sep.13 – Christian Horner says it’s possible up to eight cars could eventually be powered by Red Bull-Ford’s own Formula..

13 Sep 2023

Ferrari Stands Firm: Joins Mercedes in Rejecting Alpine’s F1 Power Boost

Aug.1 – Frederic Vasseur admits he is not receptive to Renault’s push for special engine freeze dispensation to address its..

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1 Aug 2023

Renault’s Quest for Power: F1 Commission Rejects Fuel Flow Boost

Jul.31 – Allowing Renault to enjoy special rules to boost engine power could “ruin Formula 1”. That is the view of..

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31 Jul 2023

Unveiling Red Bull’s Masterplan: 2026 Engine, Safety Concerns & E-Fuels

Jul.29 – Red Bull is preparing to fire up its first 2026 engine in collaboration with new partner Ford. “In the next few weeks,..

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29 Jul 2023

Engines Roar, Caps Soar: F1 Braces for Game-Changing Discussions

Jul.24 – Budget caps and struggling engines will be on the agenda at the next meeting of the F1 Commission. Auto Motor und Sport..

24 Jul 2023

F1’s 2026 Vision: Sustainable Speed or Battery Burdened Races?

Jul.21 – F1’s authorities say they remain determined to push on with the current plans for the all-new cars for 2026 and..

21 Jul 2023

Red Bull’s Horner Raises Concerns: Is the 2026 F1 Car a ‘Frankenstein’?

Jul.14 – Renault-owned Alpine has joined Mercedes in publicly backing Formula 1’s controversial engine rules for 2026...

14 Jul 2023

Horner and Wolff Engage in Fiery Spat Over 2026 F1 Regulations

Jul.6 – Christian Horner has hit back at his Formula 1 nemesis Toto Wolff over a dispute concerning the all-new 2026 regulations...

6 Jul 2023

Audi revs up for 2026 F1 debut: Signs first driver and tests engine

Jun.23 – Audi is already focused on preparing for its works Formula 1 foray for 2026, according to Sauberf team representative..

23 Jun 2023

McLaren hints at sticking with Mercedes power for 2026 F1 season

Jun.14 – McLaren looks set to continue its push for the front of the grid with customer Mercedes power. Recently, it was rumoured..

14 Jun 2023

McLaren and Red Bull deny 2026 engine F1 deal struck

Jun.9 – McLaren and Red Bull have denied claims that a deal has been struck over an engine deal for the new Formula 1 regulations..

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9 Jun 2023

Whispers of a Power Play: Is Rob Marshall’s Move to McLaren Strategic?

Jun.3 – There could be more than meets the eye to Rob Marshall’s move to McLaren. Behind the scenes, Red Bull and Ferrari are..

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3 Jun 2023

Speed vs Sustainability: Newey questions F1’s 2026 rule revolution

May 31 – Adrian Newey has warned that Formula 1’s sweeping rule changes for 2026 threaten to slow the cars down too much. When..

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31 May 2023

Verstappen not happy with losing Honda F1 engine

May 26 – Max Verstappen says it’s “a shame” that Red Bull is losing Honda’s works support. Aston Martin and..

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26 May 2023

Aston Martin & Honda: Will Alonso stay for the works F1 project?

May 26 – Fernando Alonso’s personal manager says it’s possible the 41-year-old will race with Honda works power in 2026...


Aston Martin secures exclusive Honda engines for F1 2026: What’s next?

May 25 – Aston Martin will be the only recipient of works Honda engines in 2026, Japanese official Koji Watanabe insists. Team owner..

25 May 2023

Red Bull and Honda’s F1 partnership set for thrilling farewell in 2025

May 25 – Red Bull and Honda say they will continue to collaborate in Formula 1 even though they will definitely part ways at the end..

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