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Adrian Newey nowadays works for Red Bull Racing and designs the famous cars with the bull on the engine cover. Did you know he still makes the most drawings by hand?

Red Bull F1 Boss says Newey is no longer in F1 full-time

Feb.20 – Adrian Newey is no longer working on Formula 1 every single day, Red Bull’s Christian Horner admits. Earlier, the..

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20 Feb 2023

Alesi believes Newey holds the key to Ferrari’s 2023 success

Jan.17 – Adrian Newey is the key to Formula 1’s next championship battle in 2023, according to former Ferrari driver Jean..

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17 Jan 2023

Newey says F1 sustainability is heading in wrong direction

Dec.20 – Adrian Newey has questioned the narrative surrounding the future of Formula 1 and motoring in general. Arguably the most..

20 Dec 2022

Red Bull admits their wind tunnel F1 penalty will ‘hurt’

Dec.15 – Reigning back-to-back world champion Max Verstappen admits losing wind tunnel time in 2023 will “hurt” Red..

15 Dec 2022

Red Bull 2022 F1 season analysis with Scarbs by Peter Windsor

The budget cap, and the new 2022 F1 regulations, were designed to close the gaps in F1 – to make the racing closer. As it happened,..

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9 Dec 2022

Newey changed his mind about current ground effect F1 rules

Nov.29 – Adrian Newey has changed his mind about Formula 1’s new-in-2022 aerodynamic rules. Before the cars underwent their..

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29 Nov 2022

Newey had basic understanding of the porpoising problem

Nov.7 – The foundation to Red Bull’s near-unprecedented success in 2022 was getting an early handle on the..

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7 Nov 2022

Adrian Newey’s wife fed up with toxic F1 ‘journalist’

Nov.4 – Even family members are now wading into the campaign of derision aimed at Red Bull in the wake of the budget cap controversy...

4 Nov 2022

Newey now at the center of Red Bull F1 budget overrun?

Oct.18 – Adrian Newey, one of the most successful and recognisable Formula 1 designers in history, is reportedly at the centre of the..

18 Oct 2022

Newey says F1 cars heading in ‘wrong direction’ now

May 20 – Formula 1 has headed in the “wrong direction” with the basic philosophy of the technical rules going forward...

20 May 2022

Newey says F1 should ban wind tunnels

May 4 – Adrian Newey thinks wind tunnels should be banned from Formula 1. That is despite the fact that the team he designs F1 cars..

4 May 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Emilia Romagna F1 GP Review podcast

Which team now has the fastest car in F1: Red Bull or Ferrari? Red Bull’s legendary designer Adrian Newey gives F1 Nation his take on the..

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3 May 2022

2022 Red Bull RB18 F1 car analysis by Scarbs & Windsor

Craig Scarborough details the new Red Bull RB18, livery-launched last week but on rapid display over the past few days at the Barcelona..

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25 Feb 2022

Honda wary of Mercedes’ late-season engine ‘secrets’

Nov.29 – Red Bull’s car designer, works engine partner, and top Formula 1 driver are all determined to win the 2021 world..

29 Nov 2021

F1 Nation: 2021 Mexico F1 GP review podcast

It’s an F1 Nation fiesta, recorded at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Tom Clarkson, Damon Hill and Ziggo TV’s Jack Plooij crash Red..

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9 Nov 2021

Ecclestone helped injured Red Bull boss Newey after accident

Oct.21 – Bernie Ecclestone pulled strings to help Red Bull gets its technical boss back up and running. It has emerged that Adrian..

21 Oct 2021

Marko admits Newey’s absence hurt Red Bull Racing motivation

Oct.19 – After a nervous wait, Dr Helmut Marko says Adrian Newey is now firing on all cylinders once again after “several..

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19 Oct 2021

Other teams also worried about Mercedes latest F1 engine update

Oct.12 – “Other manufacturers” are also concerned about Mercedes’ latest F1 engine update, according to Red Bull..

12 Oct 2021

Red Bull says Newey is not joining Whitmarsh at Aston Martin

Sep.22 – Red Bull designer Adrian Newey will not be joining Martin Whitmarsh in heading to Aston Martin. The Lawrence Stroll-owned..

22 Sep 2021

Newey says he’s still ‘stimulated’ by modern Formula 1

Aug.26 – Adrian Newey says Formula 1 continues to ‘stimulate’ him. For many years, Formula 1 insiders and fans have..

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26 Aug 2021

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