MGU-H - Motor Generator Unit Heat


Renault 2014 Power Unit (engine)

The MGU-H, or Motor Generator Unit Heat, is a component of the power unit on a Formula One vehicle. It is used to convert heat energy into electric energy in order to help provide power to the vehicle's battery. The MGU-H is mounted on the same side of the engine as the turbochargers and wastegate.

The main function of the MGU-H is to convert heat energy from exhaust gases into electric energy that can be used by an electric motor in order to power up the vehicle's battery. It does this by using a turbine and an electric generator, which are mounted together inside one housing.

The turbine spins at speeds of up to 120,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) when it receives hot gases from the exhaust system. The rotation causes a magnetic field inside the housing, which causes current to flow through coils wound around magnets inside it. This creates electricity that can be used by an electric motor or stored in batteries as energy for later use by the engine or other motors on board such as those powering lights or heating systems inside vehicles while they're racing around tracks during competitions like F1 races held across various countries each year."

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