Felipe Massa, Ferrari F138 with pullrod suspension

Suspension refers to the system of components that connect a Formula 1 car's wheels to its chassis, providing support, stability, and control over the car's movements. The suspension system includes various components such as springs, dampers, wishbones, and uprights, and plays a critical role in ensuring the car's tires maintain contact with the track surface, allowing for maximum grip and cornering speed.

The suspension system in a Formula 1 car is designed to be lightweight, yet incredibly strong and durable. Components are often made of materials such as titanium, aluminium, or carbon fibre to reduce weight and maintain structural integrity. Suspension systems are also highly adjustable, with teams constantly fine-tuning the setup for each track and driving style.

Springs are an essential component of the suspension system, responsible for absorbing bumps and vibrations from the track. In Formula 1, teams use various types of springs, including coil springs, torsion bars, and composite leaf springs. Dampers work in conjunction with the springs, controlling the rate at which they compress and rebound, and preventing the car from bouncing excessively.

Wishbones and uprights connect the wheel hubs to the chassis, allowing for precise control over the wheel's movements. Double-wishbone or multi-link suspension systems offer the most control and adjust-ability, allowing teams to fine-tune the suspension for each race and driving style.

Anti-roll bars connect the two sides of the suspension, resisting body roll during cornering and maintaining a consistent ride height. The ride height is the distance between the car's chassis and the track surface, and is adjusted using sophisticated hydraulic systems to optimise performance and handling.

Suspension is a critical component of a Formula 1 car, providing the necessary support and control for maximum grip and cornering speed. The suspension system is highly adjustable, with teams constantly fine-tuning the setup to suit each track and driving style.

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