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NameCarlos Reutemann
CountryArgentina Argentina
Place of BirthSanta Fe
Date of BirthApr 12th 1942 - 78 years old
First Race1972 Argentine Grand Prix
Last Race1982 Brazilian Grand Prix
First Pole1972 Argentine Grand Prix
Last Pole1981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix
First Win1974 South African Grand Prix
Last Win1981 Belgian Grand Prix
First Podium1973 French Grand Prix
Last Podium1982 South African Grand Prix

Carlos Reutemann F1 Stats

Race Starts146
Race Wins12 (8,2%)
Pole Positions6 (4,1%)
Fastest Laps6 (4,1%)
Podiums45 (30,8%)
Points Finishes66 (45,2%)
Retirements51 (34,9%)
Wins from pole3
Frontrow Starts22
Total Points310
Total Laps6.986



Carlos Reutemann Final Championship Results



Carlos Reutemann F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1982 United Kingdom Williams Ford2010109803.006
1981 United Kingdom Williams Ford152327285223.2749
1980 United Kingdom Williams Ford141348073113.5049
1979 United Kingdom Team Lotus Ford150224065901.6725
1978 Italy Ferrari Ferrari164037293123.0048
1977 Italy Ferrari Ferrari171236091802.4742
1976 United Kingdom Brabham
Italy Ferrari
Alfa Romeo
1975 United Kingdom Brabham Ford141236065602.6437
1974 United Kingdom Brabham Ford153014165712.1332
1973 United Kingdom Brabham Ford150022072001.0716
1972 United Kingdom Brabham Ford100000145600.303



Carlos Reutemann F1 Cars



Carlos Reutemann F1 GP Race Classifications

1st12 Times
2nd13 Times
3rd20 Times
4th11 Times
5th3 Times
6th7 Times
7th7 Times
8th7 Times
9th3 Times
10th3 Times
11th2 Times
12th3 Times
13th2 Times
14th2 Times
15th1 Time
18th1 Time
DNF48 Times
DSQ1 Time


Carlos Reutemann F1 GP Race Results

14619821982 Brazilian Grand Prix result5WilliamsFord6DNFCollision0
14519821982 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsFord826
14419811981 Caesars Palace Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord180
14319811981 Canadian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord2100
14219811981 Italian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord234
14119811981 Dutch Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord5DNFCollision0
14019811981 Austrian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord552
13919811981 German Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord3DNFEngine0
13819811981 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord926
13719811981 French Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord7100
13619811981 Spanish Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord343
13519811981 Monaco Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord4DNFGearbox0
13419811981 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord119
13319811981 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord234
13219811981 Argentine Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord426
13119811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord219
13019811981 USA West Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord326
12919801980 USA Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord326
12819801980 Canadian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord526
12719801980 Italian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord334
12619801980 Dutch Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord343
12519801980 Austrian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord434
12419801980 German Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord426
12319801980 British Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord434
12219801980 French Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord561
12119801980 Monaco Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord219
12019801980 Belgian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord434
11919801980 USA West Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord7DNFTransmission0
11819801980 South African Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord652
11719801980 Brazilian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord4DNFHalfshaft0
11619801980 Argentine Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord10DNFEngine0
11519791979 USA Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord6DNFSpun Off0
11419791979 Canadian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord11DNFSuspension0
11319791979 Italian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1370
11219791979 Dutch Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord13DNFSuspension0
11119791979 Austrian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord17DNFHandling0
11019791979 German Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord13DNFAccident0
10919791979 British Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord880
10819791979 French Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord13130
10719791979 Monaco Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1134
10619791979 Belgian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1043
10519791979 Spanish Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord826
10419791979 USA West Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord2DNFTransmission0
10319791979 South African Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1152
10219791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord334
10119791979 Argentine Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord326
10019781978 Canadian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari1134
9919781978 USA Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari219
9819781978 Italian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari1134
9719781978 Dutch Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari470
9619781978 Austrian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari12DSQPushed at Start0
9519781978 German Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari12DNFFuel System0
9419781978 British Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari819
9319781978 French Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari8180
9219781978 Swedish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari8100
9119781978 Spanish Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari3DNFAccident0
9019781978 Belgian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari234
8919781978 Monaco Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari180
8819781978 USA West Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari119
8719781978 South African Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari9DNFSpun Off0
8619781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari419
8519781978 Argentine Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari270
8419771977 Japanese Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari726
8319771977 Canadian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari12DNFFuel System0
8219771977 USA Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari661
8119771977 Italian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari2DNFSpun Off0
8019771977 Dutch Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari661
7919771977 Austrian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari543
7819771977 German Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari843
7719771977 British Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari14150
7619771977 French Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari661
7519771977 Swedish Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari1234
7419771977 Belgian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari7DNFAccident0
7319771977 Monaco Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari334
7219771977 Spanish Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari426
7119771977 USA West Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari4DNFAccident0
7019771977 South African Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari880
6919771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari219
6819771977 Argentine Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari734
6719761976 Italian Grand Prix result35FerrariFerrari790
6619761976 Dutch Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo12DNFClutch0
6519761976 Austrian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo14DNFClutch0
6419761976 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo10DNFFuel System0
6319761976 British Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo15DNFOil pressure0
6219761976 French Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo10110
6119761976 Swedish Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo16DNFEngine0
6019761976 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo0DNFAccident0
5919761976 Belgian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo12DNFEngine0
5819761976 Spanish Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo1243
5719761976 USA West Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo10DNFAccident0
5619761976 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo11DNFOil Pressure0
5519761976 Brazilian Grand Prix result7BrabhamAlfa Romeo1512Out of Fuel0
5419751975 USA Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord3DNFEngine0
5319751975 Italian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord743
5219751975 Austrian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord11140
5119751975 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord1019
5019751975 British Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord8DNFEngine0
4919751975 French Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord11140
4819751975 Dutch Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord543
4719751975 Swedish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord426
4619751975 Belgian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord634
4519751975 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord1090
4419751975 Spanish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord1532
4319751975 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord226
4219751975 Brazilian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord380
4119751975 Argentine Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord334
4019741974 USA Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord119
3919741974 Canadian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord490
3819741974 Italian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord2DNFGearbox0
3719741974 Austrian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord219
3619741974 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord634
3519741974 British Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord461
3419741974 French Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord8DNFHandling0
3319741974 Dutch Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord12120
3219741974 Swedish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord10DNFOil Leak0
3119741974 Monaco Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord8DNFSuspension0
3019741974 Belgian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord24DNFEngine0
2919741974 Spanish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord6DNFSpun off0
2819741974 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord419
2719741974 Brazilian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord270
2619741974 Argentine Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord67Out of Fuel0
2519731973 USA Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord234
2419731973 Canadian Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord480
2319731973 Italian Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord1061
2219731973 Austrian Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord543
2119731973 German Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord6DNFEngine0
2019731973 Dutch Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord5DNFTyre0
1919731973 British Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord861
1819731973 French Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord834
1719731973 Swedish Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord543
1619731973 Monaco Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord19DNFGearbox0
1519731973 Belgian Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord7DNFEngine0
1419731973 Spanish Grand Prix result18BrabhamFord15DNFHalfshaft0
1319731973 South African Grand Prix result18BrabhamFord870
1219731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result17BrabhamFord7110
1119731973 Argentine Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord9DNFGearbox0
1019721972 USA Grand Prix result29BrabhamFord5DNFEngine0
919721972 Canadian Grand Prix result8BrabhamFord943
819721972 Italian Grand Prix result30BrabhamFord11DNFSuspension0
719721972 Austrian Grand Prix result17BrabhamFord5DNFInjection0
619721972 German Grand Prix result12BrabhamFord6DNFDifferential0
519721972 British Grand Prix result27BrabhamFord1080
419721972 French Grand Prix result20BrabhamFord17120
319721972 Belgian Grand Prix result19BrabhamFord9130
219721972 South African Grand Prix result20BrabhamFord15DNFFuel System0
119721972 Argentine Grand Prix result2BrabhamFord170



Carlos Reutemann F1 Podium Finishes

4519821982 South African Grand Prix result5WilliamsFord826
4419811981 Italian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord234
4319811981 British Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord926
4219811981 Belgian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord119
4119811981 San Marino Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord234
4019811981 Argentine Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord426
3919811981 Brazilian Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord219
3819811981 USA West Grand Prix result2WilliamsFord326
3719801980 USA Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord326
3619801980 Canadian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord526
3519801980 Italian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord334
3419801980 Austrian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord434
3319801980 German Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord426
3219801980 British Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord434
3119801980 Monaco Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord219
3019801980 Belgian Grand Prix result28WilliamsFord434
2919791979 Monaco Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord1134
2819791979 Spanish Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord826
2719791979 Brazilian Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord334
2619791979 Argentine Grand Prix result2Team LotusFord326
2519781978 Canadian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari1134
2419781978 USA Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari219
2319781978 Italian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari1134
2219781978 British Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari819
2119781978 Belgian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari234
2019781978 USA West Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari119
1919781978 Brazilian Grand Prix result11FerrariFerrari419
1819771977 Japanese Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari726
1719771977 Swedish Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari1234
1619771977 Monaco Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari334
1519771977 Spanish Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari426
1419771977 Brazilian Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari219
1319771977 Argentine Grand Prix result12FerrariFerrari734
1219751975 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord1019
1119751975 Swedish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord426
1019751975 Belgian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord634
919751975 Spanish Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord1532
819751975 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord226
719751975 Argentine Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord334
619741974 USA Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord119
519741974 Austrian Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord219
419741974 German Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord634
319741974 South African Grand Prix result7BrabhamFord419
219731973 USA Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord234
119731973 French Grand Prix result10BrabhamFord834



Carlos Reutemann Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1972BrabhamGraham Hill453400104691
Wilson Fittipaldi473000003571
1973BrabhamAndrea de Adamich345300003250
John Watson3165000002020
Rolf Stommelen4114000003131
Wilson Fittipaldi35163000096132
1974BrabhamCarlo Facetti20270000001010
Carlos Pace1223820105270
Eppie Wietzes9250000001010
Gérard Larrousse18250000002011
Helmuth Koinigg1319010001010
Ian Ashley1299010102020
John Watson14326301087141
Lella Lombardi6291000001010
Richard Robarts1159010003030
Rikky von Opel1290000003351
Teddy Pilette21170000000110
1975BrabhamCarlos Pace113724110111359
1976BrabhamBob Evans15190000001010
Carlos Pace4437000011147
Damien Magee11280000001010
Emilio de Villota4283000001010
Jac Nelleman25270000001010
Lella Lombardi15120000002130
Loris Kessel4123000002350
Patrick Nève23210000000110
Rolf Stommelen1960100000110
FerrariClay Regazzoni920600000110
Niki Lauda940300000101
1977FerrariGilles Villeneuve2126000001120
Niki Lauda113672130241178
1978FerrariGilles Villeneuve114817412088115
1979Team LotusHector Rebaque27210000074110
Mario Andretti23251400008778
1980WilliamsAlan Jones114971150341068
Desiré Wilson3274000001010
Geoff Lees2276000001010
Kevin Cogan2286000001010
Rupert Keegan2933000007070
1981WilliamsAlan Jones114946222087105
1982WilliamsKeke Rosberg256200001102

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