Kamui Kobayashi information & statistics

Kamui Kobayashi

NameKamui Kobayashi
CountryJapan Japan
Place of BirthAmagasaki
Date of BirthSep 13th 1986 - 31 years old
First RaceOct 18th 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix result
Last RaceNov 23rd 2014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result
Best Qualifying2nd - Sep 2nd 2012 Belgian Grand Prix result
Best Result3rd - Oct 7th 2012 Japanese Grand Prix result
First PodiumOct 7th 2012 Japanese Grand Prix result
Last PodiumOct 7th 2012 Japanese Grand Prix result

Kobayashi F1 statistics:

Race Starts75
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1


Kamui Kobayashi Biography

Kamui Kobayashi Sauber test C30 2011

Kamui Kobayashi testing Sauber C30 2011

Speed has never been a problem for Kamui Kobayashi, consistency has. Yet the Japanese driver finds himself kicked to the curb in Formula 1 after a dismal last stab with Caterham.

After three up and down seasons with Sauber, which culminated in him being outdone by younger team mate Sergio Perez, Kamui found himself on the scrap heap last year with his F1 career seemingly over. But a life line appeared in the form of Caterham, but it went even worse than he could have imagined.

His speed was okay, although his team-mate lacks Kamui’s ability behind the wheel. But it was away from the track where things went wrong. Financial problems ruined Caterham, and they even dropped Kobayashi for one race in order to raise funds from another driver.

Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui has had moderate success wherever he has gone but the scouts have all recognised the potential for a leading driver. At just 18 he signed for the Toyota Driving School and under their tutelage claimed the Eurocup Formula Renault title and Formula Renault 2.0 title in 2005.

Soon he was racing in Formula Three alongside Paul di Resta and Sebastian Vettel but only impressed sporadically. A brilliant win in only his second GP2 race showed the maturity he was lacking in early years but once again he failed to push on and fell away to 16th in the championship.

In 2009 he was drafted into F1 when Toyota promoted him for the final two races following an injury to Timo Glock. Kobayashi shone on the big stage and was part of an enthralling fight with Jenson Button, who was trying to secure the world championship. Button called Kobayashi “absolutely crazy” but he thrilled audiences with his daring overtaking manoeuvres.

Kamui Kobayashi at Ferrari

Kamui Kobayashi testing at Ferrari

The following year he was quickly signed by Sauber after Toyota pulled out of the sport. With big things expected of him after his impactful debut, things turned quickly sour when he retired from the first four races, completing less than 20 laps.

However, he continued to show F1 that the back-end of last year wasn’t a fluke and finished 7th in the European Grands Prix after a daring move on Fernando Alonso. Kobayashi went on to claim 32 points that season.

In 2011 Sauber couldn't maintain their strong start to the season and points became difficult to find. A disqualification for a car irregularity cost Kamui 8th place in Australia, but there were strong showings in Malaysia and Monaco, where he finished a career high 5th.

In Canada he was having the drive of his life and ran as high as second in the wet weather, but when the track started to dry he faded to 7th. A disappointing second half of the season didn’t see Kamui improve on 2010’s total and he finished with 30 points.

Kamui Kobayashi

Ironically, his last season at Sauber came when he had his best. But it didn’t help that his new team mate Sergio Perez was outperforming him.

Despite this he managed to secure his first F1 podium in front of his home supporters with 3rd at the Japanese Grands Prix, holding off Jenson Button. He once again finished 12th in the standings, but this time doubling his haul with 60 points.

A future in F1 is unlikely after his Caterham set-back.


Championship Results

Kamui Kobayashi F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2014 United Kingdom Caterham Renault150000067400.000
2012 Switzerland Sauber Ferrari2000110104313.0060
2011 Switzerland BMW Sauber Ferrari1900000100301.5830
2010 Switzerland BMW Sauber Ferrari190000072001.6832
2009 Japan Toyota Toyota20000012601.503

Race Results

Kamui Kobayashi F1 GP Race Results

7620142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault16Ret0
7520142014 Russian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault19Retbrakes0
7420142014 Japanese F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault21190
7320142014 Singapore F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault20DNSpower unit0
7220142014 Italian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault19170
7120142014 Hungarian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault18Retfuel system0
7020142014 German F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault19160
6920142014 British F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault22150
6820142014 Austrian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault19160
6720142014 Canadian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault21RetSuspension0
6620142014 Monaco F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault20130
6520142014 Spanish F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault20RetBrakes0
6420142014 Chinese F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault18180
6320142014 Bahrain F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault18150
6220142014 Malaysian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault20130
6120142014 Australian F1 GP result10CaterhamRenault14RetCollision0
6020122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari1492
5920122012 United States Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari16140
5820122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari1568
5720122012 Indian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari17140
5620122012 Korean Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari13RetCollision0
5520122012 Japanese Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari3315
5420122012 Singapore Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari18130
5320122012 Italian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari992
5220122012 Belgian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari2130
5120122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari15180
5020122012 German Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari12412
4920122012 British Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari17110
4820122012 European Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari7RetCollision0
4720122012 Canadian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari1192
4620122012 Monaco Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari11RetCollision0
4520122012 Spanish Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari9510
4420122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari12130
4320122012 Chinese Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari3101
4220122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari17RetBrakes0
4120122012 Australian Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari1368
4020112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari1692
3920112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari16101
3820112011 Indian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari17RetAccident damage0
3720112011 Korean Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari14150
3620112011 Japanese Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari7130
3520112011 Singapore Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari17140
3420112011 Italian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari17RetGearbox0
3320112011 Belgian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari12120
3220112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari13110
3120112011 German Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari1792
3020112011 British Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari8RetOil leak0
2920112011 European Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari14160
2820112011 Canadian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari1376
2720112011 Monaco Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari12510
2620112011 Spanish Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari14101
2520112011 Turkish Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari24101
2420112011 Chinese Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari13101
2320112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari1076
2220112011 Australian Grand Prix result16BMW SauberFerrari9DSQ0
2120102010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari12140
2020102010 Brazilian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari12101
1920102010 Korean Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari1284
1820102010 Japanese Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari1476
1720102010 Singapore Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari10RetAccident0
1620102010 Italian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari13RetGearbox0
1520102010 Belgian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari1784
1420102010 Hungarian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari2392
1320102010 German Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari12110
1220102010 British Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari1268
1120102010 European Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari1876
1020102010 Canadian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari18RetAccident0
920102010 Turkish Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari10101
820102010 Monaco Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari16RetGearbox0
720102010 Spanish Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari10120
620102010 Chinese Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari15RetCollision0
520102010 Malaysian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari9RetEngine0
420102010 Australian Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari16RetCollision0
320102010 Bahrain Grand Prix result23BMW SauberFerrari16RetHydraulics0
220092009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota1263
120092009 Brazilian Grand Prix result10ToyotaToyota1190

Podium Finishes

Kamui Kobayashi F1 Podium Finishes

120122012 Japanese Grand Prix result14SauberFerrari3315

Pole Positions

Kamui Kobayashi F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Kamui Kobayashi Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2009ToyotaJarno Trulli673200002002
2010BMW SauberNick Heidfeld7811600003241
Pedro de la Rosa6721600008677
2011BMW SauberPedro de la Rosa7126000001010
Sergio Pérez572414000010899
2012SauberSergio Pérez32606600001010911
2014CaterhamMarcus Ericsson131100000096105
Will Stevens18170000000110

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