2011 F1 Championship Standings

See all 2011 F1 Championship results for each race, driver and team that participated this season.

Here you can find the 2011 F1 teams overview, we also have all other F1 results since 1950.

2011 F1 Championship Overview

2011 F1 World Championship
2011 Australian F1 GPMarch 27Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull5801:29:30.259
2011 Malaysian F1 GPApril 10Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull5601:37:39.832
2011 Chinese F1 GPApril 17United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
United Kingdom McLaren5601:36:58.226
2011 Turkish F1 GPMay 8Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull5801:30:17.558
2011 Spanish F1 GPMay 22Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull6601:39:03.301
2011 Monaco F1 GPMay 29Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull7802:09:38.373
2011 Canadian F1 GPJune 12United Kingdom Jenson Button
United Kingdom McLaren7004:04:39.537
2011 European F1 GPJune 26Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull5701:39:36.169
2011 British F1 GPJuly 10Spain Fernando Alonso
Italy Ferrari5201:28:41.194
2011 German F1 GPJuly 24United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
United Kingdom McLaren6001:37:30.344
2011 Hungarian F1 GPJuly 31United Kingdom Jenson Button
United Kingdom McLaren7001:46:42.337
2011 Belgian F1 GPAugust 28Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull4401:26:44.893
2011 Italian F1 GPSeptember 11Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull5301:20:46.172
2011 Singapore F1 GPSeptember 25Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull6101:59:06.757
2011 Japanese F1 GPOctober 9United Kingdom Jenson Button
United Kingdom McLaren5301:30:53.427
2011 Korean F1 GPOctober 16Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull5501:38:01.994
2011 Indian F1 GPOctober 30Germany Sebastian Vettel
Austria Red Bull6001:30:35.002
2011 Abu Dhabi F1 GPNovember 13United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
United Kingdom McLaren5501:37:11.886
2011 Brazilian F1 GPNovember 27Australia Mark Webber
Austria Red Bull7101:32:17.464

2011 Formula 1 Championship Driver Standings

1Germany Sebastian Vettel11211121*24211131*1*DNF2392
2United Kingdom Jenson Button6246331*6DNFDNF1322*1*4233270
3Australia Mark Webber54*3*2*44*333352*DNF34344*1*258
4Spain Fernando Alonso467352DNF21*2343425324257
5United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton28142*6DNF441*4DNF4*55271DNF227
6Brazil Felipe Massa7*5611DNFDNF65556*86976DNF55118
7Germany Nico RosbergDNF12557111176796DNF710866789
8Germany Michael SchumacherDNF98126DNF41798DNF55DNF6DNF571576
9Germany Adrian Sutil9111513137DNF9116147DNF8111198642
10Russian Federation Vitaly Petrov3179811DNF5151210129DNF179DNF11131037
11Germany Nick Heidfeld12312788DNF108DNFDNF        34
12Japan Kamui KobayashiDSQ71010105716DNF91112DNF141315DNF10930
13United Kingdom Paul di Resta101011DNF121218141513711861210139827
14Spain Jaime Alguersuari1114DNF1616DNF88101210DNF7211578151126
15Switzerland Sébastien Buemi81314914101013DNF158DNF1012DNF9DNFDNF1215
16Mexico Sergio PérezDSQDNF17149DNS 1171115DNFDNF1081610111314
17Brazil Rubens BarrichelloDNFDNF131517991213DNF1316121317121512144
18Brazil Bruno Senna           1391516131216172
19Venezuela Pastor MaldonadoDNFDNF18171518DNF1814141610111114DNFDNF14DNF1
20Germany Timo GlockNC1621DNS19DNF15211617171815DNF2018DNF19DNF0
21Australia Daniel Ricciardo        191918DNFNC19221918DNF200
22Belgium Jérôme d'Ambrosio14DNF20202015142217181917DNF18212016DNF190
23Spain Pedro de la Rosa      12            0
24Finland Heikki KovalainenDNF151619DNF14DNF19DNF16DNF15131618141417160
25India Narain KarthikeyanDNQDNF232121171724        17  0
26Italy Jarno Trulli13DNF191818131620DNF DNF1414DNF19171918180
27India Karun Chandhok         20         0
28Italy Vitantonio LiuzziDNQDNF2222DNF16132318DNF2019DNF202321 20DNF0

2011 F1 results distribution of points: P1=25, P2=18, P3=15, P4=12, P5=10, P6=8, P7=6, P8=4, P9=2 & P10=1 point
* = this driver drove the fastest lap of the race.

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

2011 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Germany Sebastian Vettel191151171510793392
United Kingdom Jenson Button1934512010953270
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton193306110133227
Australia Mark Webber1912710310847258
Spain Fernando Alonso1915410010981257
Brazil Felipe Massa190000010492118
Germany Nico Rosberg19000001036089
Germany Michael Schumacher1900000927076
Germany Adrian Sutil19000001057042
Russian Federation Vitaly Petrov19001101017037
Japan Kamui Kobayashi19000001003030
United Kingdom Paul di Resta19000001105027
Spain Jaime Alguersuari19000001013026
Switzerland Sébastien Buemi1900000944015
Brazil Rubens Barrichello1900000103004
Venezuela Pastor Maldonado190000089301
Belgium Jérôme d'Ambrosio190000099000
Finland Heikki Kovalainen190000094700
Germany Timo Glock180000083100
Italy Jarno Trulli180000091500
Mexico Sergio Pérez1700000902014
Italy Vitantonio Liuzzi170000084600
Germany Nick Heidfeld1100110564034
Australia Daniel Ricciardo110000055900
Brazil Bruno Senna80000044402
India Narain Karthikeyan80000043800
India Karun Chandhok1000005600
Spain Pedro de la Rosa1000007000

2011 Formula 1 Championship Constructor Standings

1Austria Red Bull111211121242111311DNF2650
2United Kingdom McLaren3281426DNF4414DNF455271DNF497
3Italy Ferrari5467352DNF212343425324375
4Germany Mercedes7DNF98126DNF41798DNF55DNF6DNF5715165
5France Renault912312788DNF108DNFDNF13915161312161773
6India Force India149111513137DNF9116147DNF8111198669
7Switzerland Sauber16DSQ71010105716DNF91112DNF141315DNF10944
8Italy Toro Rosso1881314914101013DNF158DNF1012DNF9DNFDNF1241
9United Kingdom Williams11DNFDNF131517991213DNF1316121317121512145
10United Kingdom Caterham20DNF151619DNF14DNF19DNF16DNF15131618141417160
11Spain HRT22DNQDNF232121171724191918DNFNC19221917DNF200
12United Kingdom Virgin Racing24NC1621DNS19DNF15211617171815DNF2018DNF19DNF0

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