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Pastor Maldonado

Driver statistics:

Race Starts95
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0


Pastor Maldonado Biography


It is fair to say that fans did not warm to Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado, but underneath the controversies is a driver full of talent.

Pastor Maldonado Williams FW35

Pastor Maldonado Williams FW35 with new brake ducts.

Maldonado broke into the sport in 2011 as Rubens Barrichello’s team-mate at Williams, in a move which raised eyebrows as Maldonado received heavy financial backing from the Venezuelan government.

Also, the racer replaced a highly-rated young driver, Nico Hulkenberg, who didn't have Pastor’s financial luxuries.

A poor start to the season only heaped the pressure on him, and when he collided with Lewis Hamilton in Monaco his driving quality was called into question.

However, Maldonado is the 2009 GP2 champion and an impressive qualifying record proved he had the talent to be on the grid. But poor race results in comparison to his savvy team-mate Barrichello failed to ease the pressure.

Pastor Maldonado wins the 2012 Spanish F1 GP for Williams

Pastor Maldonado wins the 2012 Spanish F1 GP for Williams

Maldonado's and Hamilton’s spat continued in Belgium, when the William’s man deliberately drove into the Brit after qualifying, and earned himself a five-place grid penalty.

Incidentally this is where he picked up his first point after a good performance earned him a 10th placed finish. It would be his only point of the season.

Williams decided to retain Maldonado for the 2012 season and released Barrichello, in a decision which, again, was puzzling.

However, Maldonado showed how good he can in a much quicker car. Despite the car’s obvious improvement, no-one could have predicted his stunning qualifying lap in Spain which helped him to second on the grid.

Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado

After falling behind Fernando Alonso at the start, the Williams man drove the race of his life to beat the Spaniard and win his first Grands Prix. It was a dominant display that showcased his true speed and potential to the world.

Unfortunately that was as good as it got for the 2012 season as struggled next to new team-mate Bruno Senna. Further points in Japan and Abu Dhabi saw him finish the season in 15th place with 45 points.

2013 was a disastrous season for Williams and a very public fall out meant Maldonado’s exit was inevitable He hoped that a move to Lotus could bring a title challenge, but the team badly built their 2014 and they struggled to score points.

2015 saw Lotus produce a better car, but Maldonado's inconsistency frustrated the team all season.

He finished well behind Grosjean in the end-of-season standings, and he was released at the end of the campaign

Championship Results

Pastor Maldonado F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2015 United Kingdom Lotus F1 Mercedes190000078601.4227
2014 United Kingdom Lotus F1 Renault180000085300.061
2013 United Kingdom Williams Renault1900000107800.051
2012 United Kingdom Williams Renault201001193902.2545
2011 United Kingdom Williams Cosworth190000089300.051

Race Results

Pastor Maldonado F1 GP Race Results

9620152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes13RetCollision by Alonso0
9520152015 Brazilian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes13101
9420152015 Mexican F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes13110
9320152015 US F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes1284
9220152015 Russian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes1476
9120152015 Japanese F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes1384
9020152015 Singapore F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes18120
8920152015 Italian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes10Retbroken chassis0
8820152015 Belgian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes7Rettechnical0
8720152015 Hungarian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes14140
8620152015 British F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes14Retcrashed0
8520152015 Austrian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes1076
8420152015 Canadian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes676
8320152015 Monaco F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes8RetTechnical0
8220152015 Spanish F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes19RetCrash damage0
8120152015 Bahrain F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes16150
8020152015 Chinese F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes11Retbrakes0
7920152015 Malaysian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes12Rettechnical0
7820152015 Australian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Mercedes10RetCrash0
7720142014 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault15Retengine failure0
7620142014 Brazilian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault16120
7520142014 United States F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault1091
7420142014 Russian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault20180
7320142014 Japanese F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault17160
7220142014 Singapore F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault18120
7120142014 Italian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault17140
7020142014 Belgian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault17Retexhaust0
6920142014 Hungarian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault20130
6820142014 German F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault18120
6720142014 British F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault20Retexhaust0
6620142014 Austrian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault13120
6520142014 Canadian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault17RetPower unit0
6420142014 Monaco F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault15DNS0
6320142014 Spanish F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault22150
6220142014 Chinese F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault22140
6120142014 Bahrain F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault17140
6020142014 Malaysian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault17RetPower unit0
5920142014 Australian F1 GP result13Lotus F1Renault21RetERS0
5820132013 Brazilian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault16160
5720132013 United States F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault17170
5620132013 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault14110
5520132013 Indian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault18120
5420132013 Japanese F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault15160
5320132013 Korean F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault18130
5220132013 Singapore F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault18110
5120132013 Italian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault14140
5020132013 Belgian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault17170
4920132013 Hungarian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault15101
4820132013 German F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault18150
4720132013 British F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault15110
4620132013 Canadian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault13160
4520132013 Monaco F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault16Retcollision0
4420132013 Spanish F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault17140
4320132013 Bahrain F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault17110
4220132013 Chinese F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault14140
4120132013 Australian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault17RetSpun off0
4020132013 Malaysian F1 GP result16WilliamsRenault16RetKERS0
3920122012 Brazilian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault16RetCollision0
3820122012 United States Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault992
3720122012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault3510
3620122012 Indian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault9160
3520122012 Korean Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault15140
3420122012 Japanese Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault1284
3320122012 Singapore Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault2RetHydraulics0
3220122012 Italian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault12110
3120122012 Belgian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault6RetCollision0
3020122012 Hungarian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault8130
2920122012 German Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault5150
2820122012 British Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault7160
2720122012 European Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault3120
2620122012 Canadian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault22130
2520122012 Monaco Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault23RetCollision0
2420122012 Spanish Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault1125
2320122012 Bahrain Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault21RetPuncture0
2220122012 Chinese Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault1384
2120122012 Malaysian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault1119Engine0
2020122012 Australian Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault813Accident0
1920112011 Brazilian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth18RetSpin0
1820112011 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth23140
1720112011 Indian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth13RetGearbox0
1620112011 Korean Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth16RetEngine0
1520112011 Japanese Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth14140
1420112011 Singapore Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth13110
1320112011 Italian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth14110
1220112011 Belgian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth21101
1120112011 Hungarian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth17160
1020112011 German Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth13140
920112011 British Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth7140
820112011 European Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth15180
720112011 Canadian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth12RetSpun off0
620112011 Monaco Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth8180
520112011 Spanish Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth9150
420112011 Turkish Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth14170
320112011 Chinese Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth17180
220112011 Malaysian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth18RetEngine0
120112011 Australian Grand Prix result12WilliamsCosworth15RetTransmission0

Podium Finishes

Pastor Maldonado F1 Podium Finishes

120122012 Spanish Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault1125

Pole Positions

Pastor Maldonado F1 Pole Positions

120122012 Spanish Grand Prix result18WilliamsRenault1125

Teammate Comparison

Pastor Maldonado Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2011WilliamsRubens Barrichello109140000613910
2012WilliamsBruno Senna1645311010911164
2013WilliamsValtteri Bottas108140000118712
2014Lotus F1Romain Grosjean98180000811613
2015Lotus F1Romain Grosjean7327510000514316

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