Pedro de la Rosa info & statistics

Pedro de la Rosa wiki info & stats
NamePedro de la Rosa
CountrySpain Spain
Place of BirthBarcelona
Date of BirthFeb 24th 1971 - 50 years old
Season Entries9
First Race1999 Australian F1 GP
Last Race2012 Brazilian F1 GP
Best Qualifying4th - 2006 Hungarian F1 GP
Best Result2th - 2006 Hungarian F1 GP
First Podium2006 Hungarian F1 GP
Last Podium2006 Hungarian F1 GP

Pedro de la Rosa F1 Stats

Race Entries107
Race Starts105
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps1 (0,9%)
Podiums1 (0,9%)
Points Finishes12 (11,2%)
Retirements49 (45,8%)
Total Points35
Total Laps4.519



Pedro de la Rosa Final Championship Results



Pedro de la Rosa F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2012 Spain HRT Cosworth190000092800.000
2011 Switzerland Sauber Ferrari1000007000.000
2010 Switzerland BMW Sauber Ferrari130000053900.466
2006 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes80101039902.3819
2005 United Kingdom McLaren Mercedes1000005714.004
2002 United Kingdom Jaguar Cosworth170000069400.000
2001 United Kingdom Jaguar Cosworth130000057900.233
2000 United Kingdom Arrows Supertec170000060000.122
1999 United Kingdom Arrows Arrows160000065300.061



Pedro de la Rosa F1 GP Race Classifications

2th1 Time
5th4 Times
6th4 Times
7th2 Times
8th5 Times
9th1 Time
10th3 Times
11th7 Times
12th6 Times
13th2 Times
14th3 Times
15th1 Time
16th2 Times
17th4 Times
18th3 Times
19th1 Time
20th2 Times
21th4 Times
22th2 Times
DNF48 Times
DNQ1 Time
DNS1 Time


Pedro de la Rosa F1 GP Race Results

10720122012 Brazilian F1 GP22HRTCosworth24170
10620122012 USA F1 GP22HRTCosworth23210
10520122012 Abu Dhabi F1 GP22HRTCosworth22170
10420122012 Indian F1 GP22HRTCosworth22DNFBrakes0
10320122012 Korean F1 GP22HRTCosworth23DNF0
10220122012 Japanese F1 GP22HRTCosworth20180
10120122012 Singapore F1 GP22HRTCosworth24170
10020122012 Italian F1 GP22HRTCosworth23180
9920122012 Belgian F1 GP22HRTCosworth21180
9820122012 Hungarian F1 GP22HRTCosworth23220
9720122012 German F1 GP22HRTCosworth23210
9620122012 British F1 GP22HRTCosworth21200
9520122012 European F1 GP22HRTCosworth21170
9420122012 Canadian F1 GP22HRTCosworth20DNFBrakes0
9320122012 Monaco F1 GP22HRTCosworth20DNFCollision0
9220122012 Spanish F1 GP22HRTCosworth22190
9120122012 Bahrain F1 GP22HRTCosworth20200
9020122012 Chinese F1 GP22HRTCosworth22210
8920122012 Malaysian F1 GP22HRTCosworth22210
8820122012 Australian F1 GP22HRTCosworth23DNQ0
8720112011 Canadian F1 GP17SauberFerrari17120
8620102010 Italian F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari16140
8520102010 Belgian F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari24110
8420102010 Hungarian F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari976
8320102010 German F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari14140
8220102010 British F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari922Rear wing0
8120102010 European F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari16120
8020102010 Canadian F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari17DNFEngine0
7920102010 Turkish F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari13110
7820102010 Monaco F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari15DNFHydraulics0
7720102010 Spanish F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari12DNFCollision0
7620102010 Chinese F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari17DNFEngine0
7520102010 Malaysian F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari12DNSEngine0
7420102010 Australian F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari14120
7320102010 Bahrain F1 GP22BMW SauberFerrari14DNFHydraulics0
7220062006 Brazilian F1 GP4McLarenMercedes1281
7120062006 Japanese F1 GP4McLarenMercedes13110
7020062006 Chinese F1 GP4McLarenMercedes754
6920062006 Italian F1 GP4McLarenMercedes7DNFEngine0
6820062006 Turkish F1 GP4McLarenMercedes1154
6720062006 Hungarian F1 GP4McLarenMercedes428
6620062006 German F1 GP4McLarenMercedes9DNFFuel Pump0
6520062006 French F1 GP4McLarenMercedes872
6420052005 Bahrain F1 GP10McLarenMercedes854
6320022002 Japanese F1 GP17JaguarCosworth17DNFTransmission0
6220022002 USA F1 GP17JaguarCosworth17DNFTransmission0
6120022002 Italian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth8DNFCollision0
6020022002 Belgian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth11DNFSuspension0
5920022002 Hungarian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth15130
5820022002 German F1 GP17JaguarCosworth20DNFTransmission0
5720022002 French F1 GP17JaguarCosworth1590
5620022002 British F1 GP17JaguarCosworth21110
5520022002 European F1 GP17JaguarCosworth16100
5420022002 Canadian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth16DNFGearbox0
5320022002 Monaco F1 GP17JaguarCosworth17100
5220022002 Austrian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth19DNFThrottle0
5120022002 Spanish F1 GP17JaguarCosworth16DNFSpin0
5020022002 San Marino F1 GP17JaguarCosworth22DNFDriveshaft0
4920022002 Brazilian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth1180
4820022002 Malaysian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth17100
4720022002 Australian F1 GP17JaguarCosworth2080
4620012001 Japanese F1 GP19JaguarCosworth16DNFOil Leak0
4520012001 USA F1 GP19JaguarCosworth16120
4420012001 Italian F1 GP19JaguarCosworth1052
4320012001 Belgian F1 GP19JaguarCosworth10DNFCollision0
4220012001 Hungarian F1 GP19JaguarCosworth13110
4120012001 German F1 GP19JaguarCosworth9DNFCollision0
4020012001 British F1 GP19JaguarCosworth13120
3920012001 French F1 GP19JaguarCosworth14140
3820012001 European F1 GP19JaguarCosworth1680
3720012001 Canadian F1 GP19JaguarCosworth1461
3620012001 Monaco F1 GP19JaguarCosworth14DNFHydraulics0
3520012001 Austrian F1 GP19JaguarCosworth14DNFTransmission0
3420012001 Spanish F1 GP19JaguarCosworth20DNFCollision0
3320002000 Malaysian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec14DNFCollision0
3220002000 Japanese F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec13120
3120002000 USA F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec18DNFGearbox0
3020002000 Italian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec10DNFCollision0
2920002000 Belgian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec16160
2820002000 Hungarian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec15160
2720002000 German F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec561
2620002000 Austrian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec12DNFGearbox0
2520002000 French F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec13DNFTransmission0
2420002000 Canadian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec9DNFCollision0
2320002000 Monaco F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec16DNFNot restarted0
2220002000 European F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec1261
2120002000 Spanish F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec22DNFCollision0
2020002000 British F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec19DNFElectrical0
1920002000 San Marino F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec13DNFSpun off0
1820002000 Brazilian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec1680
1720002000 Australian F1 GP18ArrowsSupertec12DNFSuspension0
1619991999 Japanese F1 GP14ArrowsArrows21130
1519991999 Malaysian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows20DNFEngine0
1419991999 European F1 GP14ArrowsArrows22DNFGearbox0
1319991999 Italian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows21DNFWithdrew0
1219991999 Belgian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows22DNFTransmission0
1119991999 Hungarian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows20150
1019991999 German F1 GP14ArrowsArrows20DNFSpin0
919991999 Austrian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows21DNFSpun off0
819991999 British F1 GP14ArrowsArrows20DNFGearbox0
719991999 French F1 GP14ArrowsArrows21110
619991999 Canadian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows20DNFTransmission0
519991999 Spanish F1 GP14ArrowsArrows19110
419991999 Monaco F1 GP14ArrowsArrows21DNFGearbox0
319991999 San Marino F1 GP14ArrowsArrows18DNFSpun off0
219991999 Brazilian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows17DNFHydraulics0
119991999 Australian F1 GP14ArrowsArrows1861



Pedro de la Rosa F1 Podium Finishes

120062006 Hungarian F1 GP4McLarenMercedes428



Pedro de la Rosa Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1999ArrowsToranosuke Takagi6710000010688
2000ArrowsJos Verstappen64250000710116
2001JaguarEddie Irvine533600006767
2002JaguarEddie Irvine83080000512710
2005McLarenKimi Räikkönen534600000110
2006McLarenKimi Räikkönen22192600033508
2010BMW SauberKamui Kobayashi7662100006877
2011SauberKamui Kobayashi1270600000101
2012HRTNarain Karthikeyan1715000000163173



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De la Rosa says Alonso return can add his third F1 title

Jan.11 - Fernando Alonso can add a third title to his tally on his return to Formula 1. That is the view of Pedro de la Rosa, a fellow Spaniard who worked with Alonso at both..

January 11, 2021 with 4 Comments

Vettel & Alonso eye 'pink Mercedes' for 2021?

Jun.29 - Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are both in the running to drive for the new Aston Martin works team from 2021. That is the claim of La Gazzetta dello Sport, even..

June 29, 2020 with 1 Comment

De la Rosa: F1 has public 'obligation' to race again

Formula 1 has a "very big obligation" to get back up and racing, according to former driver Pedro de la Rosa. The sport is planning its first back-to-back 'ghost races' for July,..

May 13, 2020 with 0 Comments

De la Rosa: Raikkonen cannot adapt driving style

Kimi Raikkonen "will not adapt" to a car that doesn't suit his driving style. That is the claim of Pedro de la Rosa, who as test driver worked alongside the 2007 world champion..

March 30, 2020 with 1 Comment

Pedro de la Rosa 2020 Beyond the Grid interview

As a racer, Pedro de la Rosa competed in more than 100 Grands Prix, and drove many, many more miles as an F1 test driver for the likes of McLaren and Ferrari. And on this..

March 21, 2020 with 0 Comments

De la Rosa: Mercedes ahead of Red Bull in early 2020

The 2020 pecking order appears to be Mercedes ahead of Red Bull and Ferrari - and Racing Point's 'pink Mercedes' not too far behind. That is the claim of former long-time F1 race..

February 25, 2020 with 0 Comments

De la Rosa: McLaren can close gap to top teams in 2020

McLaren can close the gap to the top three teams in 2020, according to former driver Pedro de la Rosa. De la Rosa, now 48, was a long time McLaren test driver during the team's..

October 22, 2019 with 0 Comments

De la Rosa: No Alonso comeback in 2020

Former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa does not think Fernando Alonso will return to Formula 1 in 2020. Spaniard Alonso is suddenly back on the radar, as he will meet with McLaren..

September 4, 2019 with 9 Comments

De la Rosa not excited about 2021 rules

Pedro de la Rosa has admitted he is not excited about F1's new rules for 2021. The regulations have not been formally announced, but it is already known that the budget cap figure..

July 24, 2019 with 0 Comments

De la Rosa: Only Williams off the pace in 2019

Williams is the only team that is really struggling as F1 heads to Australia for the season opener. That is the view of Pedro de la Rosa, who made his analysis of the 2019 pecking..

March 5, 2019 with 0 Comments

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