Pedro de la Rosa News

Aston Martin’s Long Run Lag Revealed, Red Bull Dominates

Mar.8 – Pedro de la Rosa, an Aston Martin team ambassador and close confidante of Fernando Alonso’s, played down the..

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8 Mar 2024

Red Bull Test Results Already Shifts Focus to Next F1 Season?

Feb.27 – The 2024 season has not even begun, and yet one of the biggest talking points in Formula 1 at present is 2025. In part,..

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27 Feb 2024

F1 Nation: 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP Review Podcast

Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we dive deep into the high-octane world of Formula 1. Today, we’re bringing you..

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28 Nov 2023

F1 Nation: 2023 Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix Preview Podcast

Delving into the nuances of how chilly weather affects tyre performance, unraveling the intricacies of navigating a brand-new circuit, and..

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14 Nov 2023

F1 Nation: 2023 Qatar F1 Grand Prix Preview Podcast

Max Verstappen stands on the precipice of etching a new record in Qatar by being the inaugural driver to seize the World Championship in an..

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3 Oct 2023

McLaren’s Rising F1 Momentum: How They Challenge Red Bull at Silverstone

Jul.9 – Aston Martin is already working hard on next year’s Formula 1 car, according to team ambassador Pedro de la Rosa. At..

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9 Jul 2023

F1 Nation: 2023 Miami F1 Grand Prix podcast review

Max Verstappen put on a stunning show at the Miami Grand Prix, surging from P9 to P1 to claim his third victory of the season and extend..

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9 May 2023

Cognizant Driver Masterclass: The Start

At a race start, there is seldom time to think, drivers need to react fast and rely on experience to allow intuition to take

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1 Apr 2023

Will Alonso at last be successful again at Aston Martin?

Nov.25 – Fernando Alonso is a “rottweiler” who will survive and thrive at Aston Martin. That is the view of Flavio..

25 Nov 2022

Pedro de la Rosa appointed as team ambassador at Aston Martin

Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team (AMF1) are delighted to announce the appointment of Pedro de la Rosa as Team Ambassador...

13 Oct 2022

F1 Nation: 2022 Australian F1 GP Preview podcast

New challengers, new corners -a lot has changed since F1 last raced in Australia in 2019. Melbourne’s Albert Park racetrack is faster..

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6 Apr 2022

Former drivers say Spa farce is due to modern F1 culture

Sep.1 – Jean Todt has confirmed that Formula 1 and the FIA will “carefully review the regulations” to guard against a..

1 Sep 2021

De la Rosa says Alonso return can add his third F1 title

Jan.11 – Fernando Alonso can add a third title to his tally on his return to Formula 1. That is the view of Pedro de la Rosa, a..

11 Jan 2021

Vettel & Alonso eye ‘pink Mercedes’ for 2021?

Jun.29 – Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are both in the running to drive for the new Aston Martin works team from 2021. That is..

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29 Jun 2020

De la Rosa: F1 has public ‘obligation’ to race again

Formula 1 has a “very big obligation” to get back up and racing, according to former driver Pedro de la Rosa. The sport is..

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13 May 2020

De la Rosa: Raikkonen cannot adapt driving style

Kimi Raikkonen “will not adapt” to a car that doesn’t suit his driving style. That is the claim of Pedro de la Rosa, who..

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30 Mar 2020

Pedro de la Rosa 2020 Beyond the Grid interview

As a racer, Pedro de la Rosa competed in more than 100 Grands Prix, and drove many, many more miles as an F1 test driver for the likes of..

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21 Mar 2020

De la Rosa: Mercedes ahead of Red Bull in early 2020

The 2020 pecking order appears to be Mercedes ahead of Red Bull and Ferrari – and Racing Point’s ‘pink Mercedes’..

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25 Feb 2020

De la Rosa: McLaren can close gap to top teams in 2020

McLaren can close the gap to the top three teams in 2020, according to former driver Pedro de la Rosa. De la Rosa, now 48, was a long time..

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22 Oct 2019

De la Rosa: No Alonso comeback in 2020

Former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa does not think Fernando Alonso will return to Formula 1 in 2020. Spaniard Alonso is suddenly back on the..

4 Sep 2019

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