Nov.25 - Fernando Alonso is a "rottweiler" who will survive and thrive at Aston Martin.

That is the view of Flavio Briatore, who has been intimately wrapped up with the management of the 41-year-old's entire and long Formula 1 career.

Alonso's latest move is from Alpine to Aston Martin for 2023 and 2024, where he will be joined next year by his familiar and regular sidekick Pedro de la Rosa who has signed up for an ambassadorial role.

Pedro de la Rosa appointed as team ambassador at Aston Martin

Pedro De La Rosa (ESP) on the podium at Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Race, Barcelona, Spain, Sunday 14 May 2017.

"Fernando always bets on the best option available and at the moment, without a doubt, it is Aston Martin," former McLaren and Ferrari test driver de la Rosa told AS newspaper.

"It's not about the performance we see today but what Fernando sees and what those of us in the team see are the aspirations they have - the changes, the tools, the new wind tunnel, new simulator, new factory.

"It's all very hopeful and that's why Fernando is here. It is the future.

"But we don't know how long it will take for it to bear fruit," the Spaniard admitted. "This is not a football team where you sign four stars and you're half-way there."

And although many of Alonso's previous F1 tenures at McLaren, Ferrari and now Alpine ended with varying degrees of acrimony, Flavio Briatore is sure Aston Martin is the right move.

"Fernando is a rottweiler and a rottweiler goes to Aston Martin without problems," the Italian told the DAZN broadcaster.

"He will have a great season - two seasons."

As for Formula 1 more generally, Briatore is sure the sport is currently on the right track.

"F1 is fantastic," he said.

"From a media point of view it is very strong and the public always buys out all the tickets. It's a super success."

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12 F1 Fan comments on “Will Alonso at last be successful again at Aston Martin?

  1. smokey

    Fernando is the right driver with the skills and commitment to succeed. Let's hope the Aston can live up to expectations and move to the top half of the grid. There were some signs of the Aston being more competitive in Seb's hands at a few races this year. I am confident Fernando can deliver if the car is competitive.

  2. shroppyfly

    Calling one of Abbas greatest hits a Rottweiler is about right, hes had to drag around the tracks pieces of deadmeat in the past Mcl-Honda and the Alpine( not so much stop and go technology , more like slow and and stop), I just hope he doesn't now, have to drive a 1950s British forces fire engine, or results will be the least of papa Smurfs problems .

  3. ReallyOldRacer

    "Fernando always bets on the best option available and at the moment, without a doubt, it is Aston Martin," former McLaren and Ferrari test driver de la Rosa told AS newspaper.

    So much for de la Rosa's credibility. ALO has made horrible team decisions. Now he's gonna' drive a DB5 in a Valkyrie world.

  4. The Spy

    The biggest worry I see with Aston Martin is their lack of confidence to stick with a design and develop it. They chop and change every year, remember the pink Mercedes they went away totally from that design at the start of the year and then threw that out the window halfway through and rolled out their Red Bull imitation. They are always sitting on the fence to scared to commit in case they fail next year they will probably roll out something completely different again. They need to get the basic DNA of the car in place and then have the belief to develop it. It’s like a football manager trading half his team out every year because they didn’t win. Cars like great sporting teams are built from the ground yes there can be a world of hurt along the way but if you build a strong foundation and stay the course then your chances of success will be much greater than starting from scratch again every year. Developing two cars just shows their lack of self belief in there whole program

    • ReallyOldRacer

      Excellent analysis, Spy. Most often, the problems begin at the top. AM's challenges prove that point of view. Mr. Stroll might be a wonderful human being, I don't know, but he should delegate ALL F1 decisions to a qualified manager and simply cheer for his kid and enjoy the show. He won't, but he should.

    • CanadianEh

      Hey, I'm picking up what you're laying down. Sometimes though, a remarkable and dramatic change actually works out - for example: semi-automatic transmissions or the game changing pneumatic valve train, not to mention the short-lived active suspension.

      Those were God-like innovations arrived at only after very long and arduous expeditions into the deepest, darkest jungles of some archipelago south-east of Ceylon.

      Hmmm. Perhaps if the Aston Martin engineering and design team were to return and offer-up Knuckles and Father Frankenstein in sacrifice to some obscure deity, they might hit the jack-pot. If nothing else, getting rid of the Strollster's would be an excsssellent start.

  5. Tickle on the tum

    Eyebrows is an also ran 🏃‍♂️ and hopefully keeps out of Fernando's way

    Give Fernando the freedom to perform and not hinder him

  6. shroppyfly

    Mike fallows on Alonso and Vettel -- One is Latin and one is German, now i can appreciate Alonso is Spanish, but Latin, i think they can only mean in terms of temperament, and here's what they've in common both are Catholics, now stop talking Shite and make your car fast for the Latin one


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