Comment Guidelines

F1 fans in a grand stand during the British GP at Silverstone. (Photo by Mark Sutton / LAT Images)

We really love to read your comments underneath our articles and posts. But unfortunately sometimes discussions and remarks between you F1 fans heat up and get out of hand.

First of all this website is made by F1 Fans and for F1 Fans. We also have to keep in mind that very young children read your posts. If you want to spill you guts please go elsewhere.

To make life easier for everybody we set up some simple guide lines for each visitor who would like to leave a comment. Here they are:

Stay on topic

When making a comment, don't go off-topic. Don't comment about other F1 fans or their presumed political beliefs. Discuss the topic of the story itself. Do not post a tome. This is not the place to paste a chapter of your (or anyone else's) essay or white paper.

Show Respect

We encourage and appreciate thoughtful debate. Just make sure that when you disagree with a story's premise or another F1 fan that you do so in a respectful and courteous manner although you cannot identify yourself with it. Please be true to the sport and respectful of everyone. You can like or dislike someone for what ever reason, but let's stay civilised.

Be polite and keep it clean

our site is not an outlet for rudeness. We do not tolerate personal insults, including name-calling, racism, sexism, hate speech, or obscenity. That means no profane, abusive, harassing, or bullying remarks. If you can't be civil and polite, don't post it and personal attacks on other posters will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

Ignore trolls

The best response to a troll—someone being repeatedly hostile and provocative—is no response. Please don't encourage bad behaviour by responding; it only serves to delight trolls and egg them on. If someone is abusing a discussion thread, flag any offending comments, and we will address the situation.

Be responsible and authentic

Post only your opinions in your own words. You are responsible for the content you comments.

Don't post spam or ads

Unless you have an advertising contract with us, this website is not a billboard for your business. Don't post spam, self-promotional content, or ad campaigns. No lobbying or recruiting.

We read comments

Though our discussion boards aren't formally moderated, we do pay close attention to them. We reserve the right to edit or delete comments that do not meet our standards.

We ban outrageous F1 fans

It's not something we like, but when necessary, we will ban F1 fans, who abuse these guidelines.

Remember, we are F1 Fans NOT competitors!

Thanks for following these guidelines.

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