Nov.25 - Red Bull's door is "open" to welcoming Sebastian Vettel in the event the quadruple world champion wants to re-enter Formula 1.

The energy drink stable has just snapped up its out-of-work former grand prix winner Daniel Ricciardo for a test and marketing role in 2023.

35-year-old Vettel, however, may not be interested in racing again, but a role in F1 team management.

Marko urges Vettel to leave Ferrari

Helmut Marko & Sebastian Vettel (2011)

"We have two teams, so we are open to that," said Dr Helmut Marko when told that German Vettel, who won all four of his titles at Red Bull, may come back in a non-racing role.

"His life will definitely be different from the one had had as a driver. He'd come to work earlier, leave later and receive only a small part of a pilot's salary," he smiled.

For his part, Vettel says he will at least initially take a break from the hectic schedule of a F1 driver next year.

Beyond that, however, he is open to a team management role.

"It's ok, I'm used to getting up early with the kids," Vettel smiled. "And when I was in Formula 3, a certain Helmut Marko woke me up at seven in the morning.

"But yes, I know very well that the drivers need to consciously allocate time for rest, while the leaders of the teams are constantly dealing with things."

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15 F1 Fan comments on “Red Bull already opens door for Vettel to return

  1. smokey

    A great driver does not necessarily make a great team manager! Who knows, Seb may excel in the management role of an F1 team, although there have been a number of very successful drivers who have failed in that role.
    IMO after a year or two off, he will relish coming back to be involved in F1. However, I think the constant travel around the globe with the far too numerous rounds that are now in the calendar will take it's toll with a number of the circus members. If Seb tires of being away from his family so often and missing the joy of watching his children grow, he will call it quits altogether. You can't turn back the clock. Children are only young once!

  2. shroppyfly

    As long as Seb doesn't take any advice from Alain Prost about the financial running of an F1 team hell be fine, hed do well to learn from EJ and have fun, balance the books but go racing and have a shed load of fun at the same time, Smokey as for globe trotting, my opinion differs, if Seb was in a RB hed not be retiring,on the other hand, Gagas not retiring/or is she? and certainly isn't winning, so perhaps other things keep her going $$$$$????

  3. Jenson's button

    I don't know what role he would play, but he would be quite an asset to most any team on the grid for some role. Driver development, possible team principle, certainly PR. I'm not sure he's done driving yet, but he may be. I can envision him being recruited by Audi or Porsche. Time will tell. He's certainly earned time off.

    • shroppyfly

      Audi and Porsche, not a bad guess , id agree, if they sell him The Great Electrification con, er I mean dream he might jump onboard, free Porsches all round for the Vettel family

  4. TruePost

    Talk talk talk, it never stops.

    Hey listen guys, and you too Susan, I've heard from a very reliable source that HAAS is interested in Latifi joining the 2023 team as the right/rear tire carrier pit crew spot. Now don't go and repeat this to anybody, and when you do, don't tell where you heard it first, otherwise I won't let you in on these scoops... It'll be your loss.

    And another thing..., and this is a real biggie that will finally explain Max's totally unearned success!! RedBull is secretly having the pistons on Max's RB gummed by toothless Eskimo women way out in the Artic. This is actually what gives him such an advantage in a straight line and in most corners, on most tracks... Checo's pistons are used straight out of the box, no special treatment for him. It's not illegat yet but the FIA is looking into it. Ssshhhhh, even Shrop is not in on all this.....

  5. CanadianEh

    Once, clean-cut and ruthless, Seb strutted around with those special head-phones on getting directions from the Base on the dark-side of the moon. Hence, his four WDC's.

    Alas, without the head-phones providing instructions, he has ended up stuffing patchouli in his pockets and letting his hair and beard grow out. He has become a Shrub. A tree-hugging social justice warrior with only a hint of the worldly angst so brilliantly displayed by Dame Lucille.

    There is no arm's-length "I'm in Management now, and as such not party to the filth of the Paddock" for the Shrub. There is no second-career for him in F1 anymore. He burned that bridge to the water-line.


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