François Cevert information & statistics

NameFrançois Cevert
CountryFrance France
Place of BirthParijs
Date of BirthFeb 25th 1944
Date of DeathOct 6th 1973 - 29 years old
First RaceAug 3rd 1969 German Grand Prix result
Last RaceSep 23rd 1973 Canadian Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying2nd - Jun 17th 1973 Swedish Grand Prix result
First WinOct 3rd 1971 United States Grand Prix result
Last WinOct 3rd 1971 United States Grand Prix result
First PodiumJul 4th 1971 French Grand Prix result
Last PodiumAug 5th 1973 German Grand Prix result

Cevert F1 statistics:

Race Starts47
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps2

Championship Results

François Cevert F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1973 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford140617080213.3647
1972 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford120202064601.2515
1971 United Kingdom Tyrrell
United Kingdom Tyrrell
1970 United Kingdom March Ford90000041900.111
1969 Italy Tecno Ford100000900.000

Race Results

François Cevert F1 GP Race Results

4819731973 United States Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord0DNSFatal Accident0
4719731973 Canadian Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord6RetAccident0
4619731973 Italian Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord1152
4519731973 Austrian Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord10RetSuspension0
4419731973 German Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord326
4319731973 Dutch Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord326
4219731973 British Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord752
4119731973 French Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord426
4019731973 Swedish Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord234
3919731973 Monaco Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord443
3819731973 Belgian Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord426
3719731973 Spanish Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord326
3619731973 South African Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord25NCNot Classified0
3519731973 Brazilian Grand Prix result4TyrrellFord9100
3419731973 Argentine Grand Prix result8TyrrellFord626
3319721972 United States Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord426
3219721972 Canadian Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord6RetGearbox0
3119721972 Italian Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord14RetEngine0
3019721972 Austrian Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord2090
2919721972 German Grand Prix result7TyrrellFord5100
2819721972 British Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord12RetSpun off0
2719721972 French Grand Prix result7TyrrellFord743
2619721972 Belgian Grand Prix result8TyrrellFord526
2519721972 Monaco Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord12NCNot Classified0
2419721972 Spanish Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord12RetIgnition0
2319721972 South African Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord890
2219721972 Argentine Grand Prix result22TyrrellFord17RetGearbox0
2119711971 United States Grand Prix result9TyrrellFord519
2019711971 Canadian Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord361
1919711971 Italian Grand Prix result2TyrrellFord534
1819711971 Austrian Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord3RetEngine0
1719711971 German Grand Prix result3TyrrellFord526
1619711971 British Grand Prix result14TyrrellFord10100
1519711971 French Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord726
1419711971 Dutch Grand Prix result6TyrrellFord12RetAccident0
1319711971 Monaco Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord15RetAccident0
1219711971 Spanish Grand Prix result12TyrrellFord1270
1119711971 South African Grand Prix result10TyrrellCosworth9RetAccident0
1019701970 Mexican Grand Prix result2MarchFord9RetEngine0
919701970 United States Grand Prix result2MarchFord0RetWheel0
819701970 Canadian Grand Prix result2MarchFord490
719701970 Italian Grand Prix result20MarchFord1161
619701970 Austrian Grand Prix result2MarchFord9RetEngine0
519701970 German Grand Prix result23MarchFord1470
419701970 British Grand Prix result2MarchFord1470
319701970 French Grand Prix result2MarchFord13110
219701970 Dutch Grand Prix result6MarchFord15RetEngine0
119691969 German Grand Prix result28TecnoFord14RetCrown Wheel0

Pole Positions

François Cevert F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

François Cevert Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1970MarchChris Amon6211700003636
Hubert Hahne7250000001010
Jackie Stewart6211200002406
Jo Siffert681000007263
Mario Andretti7150000002112
Ronnie Peterson691000005243
1971TyrrellJackie Stewart112662160638110
Peter Revson1299010001010
1972TyrrellJackie Stewart21945040238011
Patrick Depailler279000002020
1973TyrrellChris Amon23100000000211
Eddie Keizan15130000000101
Jackie Stewart2147710503510411

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