Alfonso de Portago information & statistics

NameAlfonso de Portago
CountrySpain Spain
Place of BirthLondon, (UK)
Date of BirthOct 11th 1928
Date of DeathMay 12th 1957 - 28 years old
First RaceJul 1st 1956 French Grand Prix result
Last RaceJan 13th 1957 Argentine Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying8th - Jul 14th 1956 British Grand Prix result
Best Result2nd - Jul 14th 1956 British Grand Prix result
First PodiumJul 14th 1956 British Grand Prix result
Last PodiumJul 14th 1956 British Grand Prix result

Alfonso de Portago F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0

Championship Results

Alfonso de Portago F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
1957 Italy Ferrari Ferrari1000009801.001
1956 Italy Ferrari Ferrari50101023200.603

Race Results

Alfonso de Portago F1 GP Race Results

619571957 Argentine Grand Prix result20FerrariFerrari1051
519561956 Italian Grand Prix result30FerrariFerrari9RetTyre0
419561956 German Grand Prix result5FerrariFerrari10RetAccident0
319561956 British Grand Prix result3FerrariFerrari8100
219561956 British Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari1223
119561956 French Grand Prix result16FerrariFerrari9RetGearbox0

Podium Finishes

Alfonso de Portago F1 Podium Finishes

119561956 British Grand Prix result4FerrariFerrari1223

Pole Positions

Alfonso de Portago F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison

Alfonso de Portago Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1956FerrariEugenio Castellotti223600003315
Giorgio Scarlatti9190000001010
Juan Manuel Fangio2133203030606
Luigi Musso9120000001102
Olivier Gendebien16140000000110
Peter Collins2161701003315
Wolfgang von Trips22250000001010
1957FerrariAlessandro de Tomaso591000001010
Cesare Perdisa561000001010
Eugenio Castellotti5111000001001
José Froilán González551100000000
Luigi Musso5131000001001
Mike Hawthorn5121000001001
Peter Collins562000002011
Wolfgang von Trips561000001010

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