Mike Spence info & statistics

NameMike Spence
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthCroydon
Date of BirthDec 30th 1936
Date of DeathMay 7th 1968 - 31 years old
Season Entries6
First Race1963 Italian F1 GP
Last Race1968 South African F1 GP
Best Qualifying4th - (2 times)
Best Result3th - 1965 Mexican F1 GP
First Podium1965 Mexican F1 GP
Last Podium1965 Mexican F1 GP

Mike Spence F1 Stats

Race Entries37
Race Starts36
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Podiums1 (2,7%)
Points Finishes12 (32,4%)
Retirements18 (48,6%)
Total Points27
Total Laps1.712



Mike Spence Final Championship Results



Mike Spence F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
1968 United Kingdom BRM BRM100000700.000
1967 United Kingdom BRM BRM110000054900.829
1966 United Kingdom Team Lotus BRM80000029700.504
1965 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax90011045801.1110
1964 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax60000032800.674
1963 United Kingdom Team Lotus Climax1000007300.000



Mike Spence F1 GP Race Classifications

3th1 Time
4th3 Times
5th6 Times
6th2 Times
7th2 Times
8th3 Times
9th1 Time
11th1 Time
13th1 Time
DNF16 Times
DNS1 Time


Mike Spence F1 GP Race Results

3719681968 South African F1 GP12BRMBRM14DNFFuel System0
3619671967 Mexican F1 GP8BRMBRM1152
3519671967 USA F1 GP8BRMBRM13DNFEngine0
3419671967 Italian F1 GP36BRMBRM1252
3319671967 Canadian F1 GP16BRMBRM1052
3219671967 German F1 GP12BRMBRM11DNFDifferential0
3119671967 British F1 GP4BRMBRM11DNFIgnition0
3019671967 French F1 GP11BRMBRM12DNFHalfshaft0
2919671967 Belgian F1 GP12BRMBRM1152
2819671967 Dutch F1 GP10BRMBRM1280
2719671967 Monaco F1 GP5BRMBRM1261
2619671967 South African F1 GP6BRMBRM13DNFOil Leak0
2519661966 Mexican F1 GP18Team LotusBRM0DNS0
2419661966 USA F1 GP18Team LotusBRM12DNFIgnition0
2319661966 Italian F1 GP42Team LotusBRM1452
2219661966 German F1 GP15Team LotusBRM13DNFAlternator0
2119661966 Dutch F1 GP32Team LotusBRM1252
2019661966 British F1 GP17Team LotusBRM9DNFOil Leak0
1919661966 French F1 GP32Team LotusBRM10DNFClutch0
1819661966 Belgian F1 GP16Team LotusBRM7DNFAccident0
1719661966 Monaco F1 GP6Team LotusBRM12DNFSuspension0
1619651965 Mexican F1 GP6Team LotusClimax634
1519651965 USA F1 GP6Team LotusClimax4DNFEngine0
1419651965 Italian F1 GP26Team LotusClimax811Alternator0
1319651965 German F1 GP2Team LotusClimax6DNFTransmission0
1219651965 Dutch F1 GP8Team LotusClimax880
1119651965 British F1 GP6Team LotusClimax643
1019651965 French F1 GP8Team LotusClimax1070
919651965 Belgian F1 GP18Team LotusClimax1270
819651965 South African F1 GP6Team LotusClimax443
719641964 Mexican F1 GP2Team LotusClimax543
619641964 USA F1 GP2Team LotusClimax6DNFInjection0
519641964 Italian F1 GP10Team LotusClimax861
419641964 Austrian F1 GP2Team LotusClimax8DNFHalfshaft0
319641964 German F1 GP2Team LotusClimax1780
219641964 British F1 GP2Team LotusClimax1390
119631963 Italian F1 GP6Team LotusClimax913Oil Pressure0



Mike Spence F1 Podium Finishes

119651965 Mexican F1 GP6Team LotusClimax634



Mike Spence F1 Podium Finishes

119651965 Mexican F1 GP6Team LotusClimax634



Mike Spence Teammate Comparison

YearTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPosQuali
1963Team LotusAndré Pilette13270000001010
Gaetano Starrabba13330000001010
Günther Seiffert13310000001010
Jim Clark1310901000101
Jim Hall1380000000110
Jo Siffert13170000001010
Masten Gregory13190000001010
1964Team LotusChris Amon4113000005032
Gerhard Mitter890000001010
Jim Clark4141101034206
Mike Hailwood484000004242
Moisés Solana4103000001010
Peter Revson6131000003030
Trevor Taylor9190000001010
Walt Hansgen1250200000110
1965Team LotusBob Bondurant3154000001010
Brausch Niemann4243000001010
Brian Gubby4233000001010
Chris Amon7120000002011
Clive Puzey4263000001010
Dave Charlton4283000001010
Ernie Pieterse4253000001010
Gerhard Mitter11120000001010
Giacomo "Geki" Russo11180000001010
Innes Ireland397000006170
Jim Clark31105406061818
Moisés Solana3104000001120
Neville Lederle4223000001010
Paul Hawkins11170000001010
Richard Attwood367200005270
Tony Maggs4113000001010
1966Team LotusGiacomo "Geki" Russo592000001010
Jim Clark5141601023517
Pedro Rodríguez990000001212
Peter Arundell564100004462
1967BRMChris Irwin558200004471
David Hobbs582000001120
Jackie Stewart5291000007429
Piers Courage681000002020
1968BRMPedro Rodríguez20170000000101


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