F1 Standings 2020 Championship

F1 Standings 2020 championship current season drivers & teams results

Will Mercedes-AMG & Hamilton win the F1 championship again in 2020?

F1 2020 Championship Overview

The F1 standings of the 2020 Formula 1 season had 22 Grand Prix events, but due to the coronavirus that spread around Asia very quickly caused the Chinese GP to be cancelled and almost the whole original schedule to be changed.

The schedules below shows the 2020 F1 standings according all 2020 F1 race classifications of each Grand Prix. F1 has a drivers and constructors championship.

The 2020 drivers standings overview shows the amount of wins, poles, podiums and fastest lap.

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We also have the 2020 F1 teams overview for you.

2020 F1 World Championship
2020 Austrian F1 GPJuly 5Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes7101:30:55.739
2020 Styrian F1 GPJuly 12United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes7101:22:50.683
2020 Hungarian F1 GPJuly 19United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes7001:36:12.473
2020 British F1 GPAugust 2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5201:28:01.283
70th Anniversary F1 GPAugust 9Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5201:19:41.993
2020 Spanish F1 GPAugust 16United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes6601:31:45.279
2020 Belgian F1 GPAugust 30United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes4401:24:08.761
2020 Italian F1 GPSeptember 6France Pierre Gasly
Italy AlphaTauri5301:47:06.056
2020 Tuscan F1 GPSeptember 13United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5902:19:35.060
2020 Russian F1 GPSeptember 27Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes5301:34:00.364
2020 Eifel F1 GPOctober 11United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes6001:35:49.641
2020 Portuguese F1 GPOctober 25United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes6601:29:56.828
2020 E. Romagna F1 GPNovember 1United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes6301:28:32.430
2020 Turkish F1 GPNovember 15United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5801:42:19.313
2020 Bahrain F1 GPNovember 29United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5702:59:47.515
2020 Sakhir F1 GPDecember 6Mexico Sergio Pérez
United Kingdom Racing Point8701:31:15.114
2020 Abu Dhabi F1 GPDecember 13Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5501:36:28.645

F1 Drivers Standings 2020 Championship

1United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton411*12*117*1*311*1*11 3347
2Finland Valtteri Bottas1231133*2521*DNF2214882223
3Netherlands Max VerstappenDNF322*123DNFDNF22*3DNF62*DNF1214
4Mexico Sergio Pérez667  51010544762181DNF125
5Australia Daniel RicciardoDNF88414114*64539310757*119
6Thailand Alexander Albon1345858615310DNF12157364105
7Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.59*913136DNS2DNFDNF5675546105
8Monaco Charles Leclerc2DNF1134DNF14DNF86745410DNF1398
9United Kingdom Lando Norris3*513591074615DNF1388*410597
10France Pierre Gasly715DNF711981DNF965DNF13611875
11Canada Lance StrollDNF7496493DNFDNF DNF149DNF31075
12France Esteban Ocon8DNF14681358DNF7DNF8DNF1192962
13Germany Sebastian Vettel10DNF61012713DNF1013111013313121433
14Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat121012DNF10121197815194121171132
15Germany Nico Hülkenberg   DNS7     8      10
16Italy Antonio Giovinazzi91417141716DNF16DNF11101510DNF1613164
17Finland Kimi RäikkönenDNF1115171514121391412119151514124
18United Kingdom George RussellDNF1618121817DNF141118DNF14DNF16129*153
19France Romain GrosjeanDNF13161616191512121791712DNFDNF  2
20Denmark Kevin MagnussenDNF1210DNFDNF1517DNFDNF121316DNF171715181
21Canada Nicholas Latifi1117191519181611DNF16141811DNF14DNF170
22Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi               17 0
23United Kingdom Jack Aitken               16 0
2020 F1 results distribution of points: P1 = 25, P2 = 18, P3 =15, P4 = 12, P5 = 10, P6 = 8, P7 = 6, P8 = 4, P9 = 2, P10 = 1 point
Positions that are bold show which driver started from pole.
Positions with an asterisk (*) show which driver drove the fastest lap of the race and scored 1 extra point when classified in the top 10.

DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified

2020 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Finland Valtteri Bottas172631159942223
Netherlands Max Verstappen172631117953214
France Pierre Gasly1710010864075
Australia Daniel Ricciardo17002209792119
Thailand Alexander Albon17002209940105
Monaco Charles Leclerc1701120822098
United Kingdom Lando Norris17001101015297
France Esteban Ocon1701010861062
Germany Sebastian Vettel1700110914033
Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat1700000987032
Italy Antonio Giovinazzi170000089304
Finland Kimi Räikkönen1700000100904
United Kingdom George Russell170000091013
Denmark Kevin Magnussen170000081401
Canada Nicholas Latifi170000091600
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton16111214109506347
Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.16010108821105
Canada Lance Stroll1600221785075
Mexico Sergio Pérez15110208790125
France Romain Grosjean150000080002
Germany Nico Hülkenberg200000112010
United Kingdom Jack Aitken1000008700
Brazil Pietro Fittipaldi1000008700

F1 Constructors Standings 2020 Championship

1Germany Mercedes44411121171311111 3573
63               9 
2Austria Red Bull231345858615310DNF12157364319
3United Kingdom McLaren43513591074615DNF13884105202
4United Kingdom Racing Point11667  51010544762181DNF195
18DNF7496493DNFDNF DNF149DNF310
27   DNS7     8      
5France Renault3DNF8841411464539310757181
6Italy Ferrari510DNF61012713DNF10131110133131214131
7Italy AlphaTauri10715DNF711981DNF965DNF136118107
8Switzerland Alfa Romeo7DNF1115171514121391412119151514128
9United States Haas8DNF13161616191512121791712DNFDNF  3
51               17 
10United Kingdom Williams61117191519181611DNF16141811DNF14DNF170
63DNF1618121817DNF141118DNF14DNF1612 15
89               16 

Note: Racing Point has been deducted 15 points for using illegal rear brake ducts. No points are taken away from the Racing Point drivers.


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