F1 Standings 2021 Championship

F1 Standings 2021 championship current season drivers & teams results

All Drivers during the start of championship 2021

F1 2021 Championship Overview

The F1 standings of the 2021 Formula 1 season. This season has 23 Grand Prix events.

Whether or not they all will be held is due to the coronavirus pandemic unknown.

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2021 F1 World Championship
2021 Bahrain F1 GPMarch 28United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes5601:32:03.897
2021 E. Romagna F1 GPApril 18Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull6302:02:34.598
2021 Portuguese F1 GPMay 2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes6601:34:31.421
2021 Spanish F1 GPMay 9United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes6601:33:07.680
2021 Monaco F1 GPMay 23Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull7801:38:56.820
2021 Azerbaijan F1 GPJune 6Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red Bull5102:13:36.410
2021 French F1 GPJune 20Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull5301:27:25.770
2021 Styrian F1 GPJune 27
2021 Austrian F1 GPJune 4


F1 Drivers Standings 2021 Championship

1Netherlands Max Verstappen2122*1DNF*1*  131
2United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton12*117*152  119
3Mexico Sergio Pérez51145413  84
4United Kingdom Lando Norris4358355  76
5Finland Valtteri Bottas3*DNF3*3DNF124  59
6Monaco Charles Leclerc6464DNS416  52
7Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.851172811  38
8France Pierre Gasly1771010637  37
9Australia Daniel Ricciardo76961296  34
10Germany Sebastian Vettel15DNF1313529  30
11Spain Fernando AlonsoDNF108171368  17
12France Esteban Ocon139799DNF14  12
13Canada Lance Stroll10814118DNF10  10
14Japan Yuki Tsunoda91215DNF16713  8
15Finland Kimi Räikkönen1113DNF12111017  1
16Italy Antonio Giovinazzi12141215101115  1
17Russian Federation Nikita MazepinDNF171919171420  0
18Canada Nicholas Latifi18DNF1816151618  0
19Germany Mick Schumacher16161718181319  0
20United Kingdom George Russell14DNF161414DNF12  0
2021 F1 results distribution of points: P1 = 25, P2 = 18, P3 =15, P4 = 12, P5 = 10, P6 = 8, P7 = 6, P8 = 4, P9 = 2, P10 = 1 point
Positions that are bold show which driver started from pole.
Positions with an asterisk (*) show which driver drove the fastest lap of the race and scored 1 extra point when classified in the top 10.
DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified


2021 F1 Drivers Statistics Table

Netherlands Max Verstappen7330624273131
United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton7320524332119
Mexico Sergio Pérez710120433084
United Kingdom Lando Norris700220432076
Finland Valtteri Bottas700331351259
Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.701010433038
France Pierre Gasly700110428037
Australia Daniel Ricciardo700000432034
Germany Sebastian Vettel701010428030
Spain Fernando Alonso700000407017
France Esteban Ocon700000381012
Canada Lance Stroll700000408010
Japan Yuki Tsunoda70000037208
Finland Kimi Räikkönen70000036501
Italy Antonio Giovinazzi70000042801
Canada Nicholas Latifi70000036000
Russian Federation Nikita Mazepin70000036700
United Kingdom George Russell70000039200
Germany Mick Schumacher70000042200
Monaco Charles Leclerc600001354052


F1 Constructors Standings 2021 Championship

1Austria Red Bull1151145413  215
2Germany Mercedes4412117152  178
3United Kingdom McLaren376961296  110
4Italy Ferrari166464DNS416  94
5Italy AlphaTauri101771010637  45
6United Kingdom Aston Martin515DNF1313529  40
7France Alpine14DNF108171368  29
8Switzerland Alfa Romeo71113DNF12111017  2
9United States Haas9DNF171919171420  0
10United Kingdom Williams618DNF1816151618  0


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