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Name Brawn
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Season Entries 1
First Race 2009 Australian Grand Prix
Last Race 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
First Pole 2009 Australian Grand Prix
Last Pole 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix
First Win 2009 Australian Grand Prix
Last Win 2009 Italian Grand Prix
First Podium 2009 Australian Grand Prix
Last Podium 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Engines used by Brawn: Mercedes (2009)

Brawn F1 statistics

Constructors' Titles 1
Drivers' Titles 1
Race Starts 17
Race Wins 8
Podium Finishes 20
One-Two Finishes 4
Pole Positions 5
Frontrow Lockouts 1
Fastest Laps 4
Total Points 172
Total Laps 1921
Retirements 2



BrawnGP History

Results 2009 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Australia

Jenson Button wins 2009 Australian F1 GP Brawn GP BGP001

The Brawn GP story is a real fairy tale. it all started with Ken Tyrrell who founded the Tyrrell F1 team. The participated from 1970 until 1998 and got sold and named the BAR F1 team from 1999. Honda had returned to Formula 1 with supplying engines to the BAR team from 2000 till 2005. Honda then had bought the team and changed the name into Honda Racing F1. The Honda team wasn't very successful and after the financial crisis that happened in 2008, the team was sold for 1 pound to Ross Brawn who had been working on the new 2009 car the whole year.

It was very uncertain if the team would be racing in 2009, but Ross Brawn managed to get an engine from Mercedes who was also supplying McLaren those days, fitted it into the BGP001 and went of to Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona. The car wasn't finished before the 3rd of March 2008, but Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were very happy to still have a race seat. That year there were huge rule changes and the cars were smaller and had a lot less downforce because of the higher rearwings.

Nobody knew how quick the car would be. Until then the Toyota TF109 and Red Bull RB5 had clocked the fastest lap times around Catalunya. When Jenson Button drove his first laps around the circuit he was almost a second faster than the quickest lap times until then and everybody was amazed by the speed of the embattled team. Everybody had huge respect for Ross Brawn who had very successful season at Benetton and Ferrari during the Michael Schumacher era. But nobody every would have thought that the old Honda team who finished 9th in the 2008 constructors championship was so quick!

The secret of the BGP001 was it's huge double diffuser on the back of the car. The team had done a great job on reading the new rules and had approached their car design quite differently than the other teams. The cars was approved legal and proved to be very successful until all other teams had copied their design.

The team won the first race of the season with a 1-2 finish! Button also won the second race of the season. In total the BGP001 won 8 races, 15 podiums in total 5 pole positions and 4 fastest laps. Jenson Button won his F1 drivers title and Brawn GP even the constructors title of 2009.

The team got sold again on November 16th 2009 to Daimler AG and was renamed as Mercede GP since the 2010 season.



Brawn F1 Drivers Achievements

Driver GP 1st 2nd 3rd Pod Pole Laps FL Points
United Kingdom Jenson Button 17 6 1 2 9 4 944 2 95
Brazil Rubens Barrichello 17 2 3 1 6 1 977 2 77



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Brawn F1 Team Achievements

Brawn F1 Finish Positions

1th8 Times
2th4 Times
3th3 Times
4th2 Times
5th5 Times
6th3 Times
7th4 Times
8th2 Times
10th1 Time
DNF2 Times

Brawn F1 Championship Positions


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