Jos Verstappen information & statistics

Jos Verstappen 2003
NameJos Verstappen
CountryNetherlands Netherlands
Place of BirthMontfort
Date of BirthMar 4th 1972 - 45 years old
First RaceMar 27th 1994 Brazilian Grand Prix result
Last RaceOct 12th 2003 Japanese Grand Prix result
Best Qualifying6th - Aug 28th 1994 Belgian Grand Prix result
Best Result3rd - (2 times)
First PodiumAug 14th 1994 Hungarian Grand Prix result
Last PodiumAug 28th 1994 Belgian Grand Prix result

Verstappen F1 statistics:

Race Starts106
Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps0



Jos Verstappen F1 Championship Season Results



Jos Verstappen F1 Championships Summary

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2003 Italy Minardi Cosworth160000075400.000
2001 United Kingdom Arrows Asiatech170000088900.061
2000 United Kingdom Arrows Supertec170000069500.295
1998 United Kingdom Stewart Ford90000038900.000
1997 United Kingdom Tyrrell Ford170000078100.000
1996 United Kingdom Footwork Hart160000048000.061
1995 United Kingdom Simtek Ford40000011600.000
1994 Italy Benetton Ford100022039401.0010



Jos Verstappen F1 GP Race Classifications

3rd2 Times
4th1 Time
5th2 Times
6th2 Times
7th2 Times
8th4 Times
9th2 Times
10th9 Times
11th3 Times
12th7 Times
13th6 Times
14th2 Times
15th5 Times
16th2 Times
Ret57 Times
DNS1 Time

Jos Verstappen F1 GP Race Results

10720032003 Japanese Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth17150
10620032003 United States Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth19100
10520032003 Italian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth17RetOil leak0
10420032003 Hungarian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth18120
10320032003 German Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth19RetHydraulics0
10220032003 British Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth19150
10120032003 French Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth19160
10020032003 European Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth18140
9920032003 Canadian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth1590
9820032003 Monaco Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth18RetFuel system0
9720032003 Austrian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth20RetClutch0
9620032003 Spanish Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth19120
9520032003 San Marino Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth20RetElectrical0
9420032003 Brazilian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth19RetSpin0
9320032003 Malaysian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth18130
9220032003 Australian Grand Prix result19MinardiCosworth20110
9120012001 Japanese Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech21150
9020012001 United States Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech20RetEngine0
8920012001 Italian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech19RetFuel Pressure0
8820012001 Belgian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech19100
8720012001 Hungarian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech21120
8620012001 German Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech2090
8520012001 British Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech17100
8420012001 French Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech18130
8320012001 European Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech19RetEngine0
8220012001 Canadian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech1310Brakes0
8120012001 Monaco Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech1980
8020012001 Austrian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech1661
7920012001 Spanish Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech17120
7820012001 San Marino Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech17RetExhaust0
7720012001 Brazilian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech17RetCollision0
7620012001 Malaysian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech1870
7520012001 Australian Grand Prix result14ArrowsAsiatech15100
7420002000 Malaysian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec15100
7320002000 Japanese Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec14RetElectrical0
7220002000 United States Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec13RetBrakes0
7120002000 Italian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec1143
7020002000 Belgian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec20150
6920002000 Hungarian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec20130
6820002000 German Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec11RetSpun off0
6720002000 Austrian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec10RetEngine0
6620002000 French Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec20RetTransmission0
6520002000 Canadian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec1352
6420002000 Monaco Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec15RetSpun off0
6320002000 European Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec13RetSpun off0
6220002000 Spanish Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec11RetGearbox0
6120002000 British Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec8RetElectrical0
6020002000 San Marino Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec16140
5920002000 Brazilian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec1470
5820002000 Australian Grand Prix result19ArrowsSupertec13RetSuspension0
5719981998 Japanese Grand Prix result19StewartFord19RetGearbox0
5619981998 Luxembourg Grand Prix result19StewartFord18130
5519981998 Italian Grand Prix result19StewartFord17RetGearbox0
5419981998 Belgian Grand Prix result19StewartFord17RetEngine0
5319981998 Hungarian Grand Prix result19StewartFord17130
5219981998 German Grand Prix result19StewartFord19RetGearbox0
5119981998 Austrian Grand Prix result19StewartFord12RetEngine0
5019981998 British Grand Prix result19StewartFord15RetEngine0
4919981998 French Grand Prix result19StewartFord15120
4819971997 European Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord22160
4719971997 Japanese Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord21130
4619971997 Luxembourg Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord21RetSpun off0
4519971997 Austrian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord20120
4419971997 Italian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord20RetGearbox0
4319971997 Belgian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord21RetSpun off0
4219971997 Hungarian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord18RetGearbox0
4119971997 German Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord20100
4019971997 British Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord20RetEngine0
3919971997 French Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord18RetSpun off0
3819971997 Canadian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord14RetGearbox0
3719971997 Spanish Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord19110
3619971997 Monaco Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord2280
3519971997 San Marino Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord21100
3419971997 Argentine Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord16RetEngine0
3319971997 Brazilian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord21150
3219971997 Australian Grand Prix result18TyrrellFord21RetSpun off0
3119961996 Japanese Grand Prix result17FootworkHart17110
3019961996 Portuguese Grand Prix result17FootworkHart16RetEngine0
2919961996 Italian Grand Prix result17FootworkHart1580
2819961996 Belgian Grand Prix result17FootworkHart16RetAccident0
2719961996 Hungarian Grand Prix result17FootworkHart17RetSpun off0
2619961996 German Grand Prix result17FootworkHart17RetCollision0
2519961996 British Grand Prix result17FootworkHart15100
2419961996 French Grand Prix result17FootworkHart15RetSteering0
2319961996 Canadian Grand Prix result17FootworkHart13RetEngine0
2219961996 Spanish Grand Prix result17FootworkHart13RetSpun off0
2119961996 Monaco Grand Prix result17FootworkHart12RetSpun off0
2019961996 San Marino Grand Prix result17FootworkHart14RetHydraulics0
1919961996 European Grand Prix result17FootworkHart13RetEngine0
1819961996 Argentine Grand Prix result17FootworkHart761
1719961996 Brazilian Grand Prix result17FootworkHart13RetEngine0
1619961996 Australian Grand Prix result17FootworkHart12RetEngine0
1519951995 Monaco Grand Prix result12SimtekFord23DNSGearbox0
1419951995 Spanish Grand Prix result12SimtekFord16120
1319951995 San Marino Grand Prix result12SimtekFord17RetGearbox0
1219951995 Argentine Grand Prix result12SimtekFord14RetGearbox0
1119951995 Brazilian Grand Prix result12SimtekFord24RetGearbox0
1019941994 European Grand Prix result6BenettonFord12RetSpun off0
919941994 Portuguese Grand Prix result6BenettonFord1052
819941994 Italian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord10RetCollision0
719941994 Belgian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord634
619941994 Hungarian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord1234
519941994 German Grand Prix result6BenettonFord19RetFire0
419941994 British Grand Prix result6BenettonFord1080
319941994 French Grand Prix result6BenettonFord8RetSpun off0
219941994 Pacific Grand Prix result6BenettonFord10RetSpun off0
119941994 Brazilian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord9RetCollision0



Jos Verstappen F1 Podium Finishes

219941994 Belgian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord634
119941994 Hungarian Grand Prix result6BenettonFord1234

Teammate Comparison


Jos Verstappen Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
1994BenettonJyrki Järvilehto592000001120
Michael Schumacher3185005022608
1995SimtekDomenico Schiattarella1290000002241
1996FootworkRicardo Rosset68100000610160
1997TyrrellMika Salo85020000512710
1998StewartRubens Barrichello12100000003618
2000ArrowsPedro de la Rosa46520000107611
2001ArrowsEnrique Bernoldi68100000125710
2003MinardiJustin Wilson9110000006565
Nicolas Kiesa10110000003250



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Verstappen in trouble for calling steward 'idiot'

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