Event: Australian Grand Prix
Track: Albert Park Circuit

Race Results 2024 Australian F1 Grand Prix

First corner after the start of the 2024 Australian F1 Grand Prix

Weather: dry 18.4°C
Tarmac: dry  34.0°C
Humidity: 61%
Wind: 3.6 km/h South

Carlos Sainz scored his 3rd race win by finishing first at the 38th Australian F1 Grand Prix today. It was his first race win of the 2024 season and his first win in Australia. The Ferrari driver started from P2 and scored the 244th race win for Scuderia Ferrari.

2024 Australian F1 GP Report

In an electrifying showdown under the Melbourne sun, the 2024 Australian Grand Prix unfurled a narrative filled with twists, turns, and heart-stopping moments that will be etched in the annals of Formula 1 history. The scenic Albert Park, a blend of speed and spectacle, set the stage for a battle that was nothing short of epic.

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz, fresh off a surgery, displayed resilience and skill that transcended physical discomfort to clinch victory in a dramatic race that saw favorites falter and dark horses rise. His triumph wasn't just a win; it was a statement. A statement that underscored Ferrari's resurgence and hinted at a season where the Prancing Horse could gallop alongside the charging Bulls of Red Bull Racing. The Spanish maestro, navigating his scarlet machine with precision and grit, led a Ferrari 1-2 finish, painting the podium red in a celebration that reverberated with the echoes of a glorious past and the whispers of a promising future.

Max Verstappen, the reigning maestro of the grid, found his symphony interrupted by a brake fire that forced him to retire early. This twist of fate reshuffled the deck, turning the race into a high-octane chess match where strategy and nerve held the keys to the kingdom. Mercedes, another titan of the track, licked its wounds as Lewis Hamilton retired with an engine failure, and George Russell crashed out on the last lap, adding a layer of drama to an already unpredictable narrative.

The British contingent saw Lando Norris, the McLaren prodigy, ascend to the podium, securing a third-place finish that underscored McLaren's resurgence and potential threat to the established hierarchy. Norris' performance was a blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned wisdom, navigating the complexities of Albert Park with the finesse of a veteran.

As the dust settled and the champagne flowed, the 2024 Australian Grand Prix solidified its place as a race of unexpected twists and undeniable talent. Carlos Sainz emerged not just as the victor but as the embodiment of resilience, leading Ferrari to a much-needed victory that could very well define the trajectory of their season. As Formula 1 packs its bags for Japan, the narrative takes a tantalizing turn, with questions, speculations, and anticipation swirling in the air. Albert Park may have crowned its king, but the throne of the season remains fiercely contested.

Classification 2024 Australian GP

P No Driver Team Time Laps Grid Pts
1 55 Spain Carlos Sainz
Italy Ferrari 01:20:26.843 58
2 16 Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari 01:20:29.209 58
3 4 United Kingdom Lando Norris
United Kingdom McLaren 01:20:32.747 58
4 81 Australia Oscar Piastri
United Kingdom McLaren 01:21:02.613 58
5 11 Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red Bull 01:21:23.152 58
6 18 Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Aston Martin 01:22:00.065 58
7 22 Japan Yuki Tsunoda
Italy Racing Bulls 01:22:02.444 58
8 14 Spain Fernando Alonso
United Kingdom Aston Martin 01:22:07.835 57
9 27 Germany Nico Hülkenberg
United States Haas 01:22:11.396 57
10 20 Denmark Kevin Magnussen
United States Haas 01:20:30.924 57
11 23 Thailand Alex Albon
United Kingdom Williams 01:20:31.852 57
12 3 Australia Daniel Ricciardo
Italy Racing Bulls 01:20:38.351 57
13 10 France Pierre Gasly
France Alpine 01:21:07.796 56
14 77 Finland Valtteri Bottas
Switzerland Sauber 01:21:09.169 57
15 24 China Zhou Guanyu
Switzerland Sauber 01:21:11.136 57
16 31 France Esteban Ocon
France Alpine 01:21:20.822 57
17 63 United Kingdom George Russell
Germany Mercedes 01:18:04.734 56
DNF 44 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes Engine 15
DNF 1 Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull Brakes 3
WD 2 United States Logan Sargeant
United Kingdom Williams Car swap with Albon 0



  • Pierre Gasly, Alpine A524 #10 - 5 second time penalty for crossing the line at the pit exit.
  • Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin AMR24 #14 - Drive through penalty converted to 20 second time penalty for potentally dangerous driving.

Fastest lap: 1:19.813 min by Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF-24 (no.16) on lap 56 @238.066 km/h

2024 Australian F1 GP Results
FP1 2024 Australian F1 GP
FP2 2024 Australian F1 GP
FP3 2024 Australian F1 GP
Quali 2024 Australian F1 GP
Start grid 2024 Australian F1 GP

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3 F1 Fan comments on “Race Results 2024 Australian F1 Grand Prix

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    A continuous finishing streak was bound to end at some point, but coincidently, it happened on the same circuit as the most recent DNF.
    A good comeback for Sainz & well-controlled drive.
    A good race for Haas as well.
    Besides Russell's late off, a largely clean race, which was good after last year's unnecessarily excessive drama.
    Weirdly, Gasly made the same mistake twice within the same event.
    Sauber clearly can't get their act together with pit stops, regardless of what they do.
    Finally, apparently, the definition of 'erratic' or 'dangerous' driving has changed.
    What an unjustified penalty, especially considering the driver in front generally has the right to choose an approach into a corner, so the driver behind should be prepared & driver a bit further behind if necessary.
    Grosjean didn't get penalized in the 2015 Monaco GP in a not-too-dissimilar incident with the difference of getting hit.
    A pure driver error by Russell, which didn't happen because of Alonso's presence.

  2. shroppyfly

    Perhaps with RG the speeds involved werent so high, i agree with you, to a degree,Also i think the outcome of the event had a lot to do with the level of penalty


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