2018 Singapore Grand Prix: F1 Race Results, Winner & Report

Top three finishers Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel celebrate on the podium during the Formula One Grand Prix of Singapore at Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 16, 2018 in Singapore.

Event: Singapore Grand Prix
Track:  Singapore Circuit

Weather:  Dry  29.7ºC
Tarmac: Dry 34ºC
Wind speed: 6.8 km/h
Humidity: 67.2%

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won the 2018 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix for the second time in a row and the 4th time in his F1 career. It was his 69th formula 1 race win, his 7th win of the 2018 season and the 83rd F1 victory for Mercedes.

The start of the 2018 Singapore was without any incidents until the 2nd corner. At the start Sebastian Vettel, who started 3rd was on the clean side of the track. The Ferrari had a better start than Max Verstappen on P2, but could pass the Red Bull yet. On the long straight after turn 5 Vettel passed Verstappen on horsepower for P2.

In turn 3 after the start Sergio Pérez and Estebaon Ocon collided. Ocon lost control of his Force India and slammed into the barrier, broke his left front suspension and had to retire.

The safety car came out and was on the track for 4 laps, so the marshals could clean-up the track. After the safety car came in nothing strange happened until lap 15 when Vettel boxed for Ultrasoft tyres. Hamilton who was driving on P1 answered one lap later and went in to get yellow Soft tyres and gave the lead to Verstappen. Vettel got stuck behind Sergio Pérez on P6 and lost a few seconds there.

In lap 17 race leader Verstappen pitted for new Soft tyres and took over P4 from Vettel when he came out the pits. Kimi Raikkonen did his pitstop in lap 23 and returned on the track on Soft tyres.

Driver comments 2018 Singapore F1 GP

All Cars heading for turn 1 right after the start of the 2018 Singapore F1 GP

Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo drove an amazing 27 laps on the Hypersoft tyres and switched to Ultrasofts to return to the Singapore circuit on P6.

Sergio Pérez was behind Sergey Sirotkin for a long time. In lap 34 he was driving along side the Williams driver to pass him for P13. Perez was probably very frustrated and turned into the Williams and caused a collision which gave him a puncture. Sirotkin was able to continue, but had damaged floor that compromised his lap times. Pererz got a drive through penalty for his driving error.

Sirotkin who was fighting with Romain Grosjean for P14 held up race leader Hamilton in lap 38. Hamilton even had to defend his place against Verstappen, who had closed the gap and almost overtook him. Grosjean later got a 5 second penalty for ignoring blue flags.

At the end of the race, with 10 laps to go Ricciardo was putting pressure on Raikkonen, who closed his gap to Bottas and got under 1 sec to use his DRS. The pressure caused a lot of stress to Bottas who was complaining on the radio about not enough blue flags.


Singapore F1 GP Results
FP1  2018 Singapore
FP2 2018 Singapore
FP3 2018 Singapore
Qualifying 2018 Singapore
Startgrid 2018 Singapore

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F1 classification 2018 Singapore GP

P No Driver Team Time Laps Grid Pts
1 44 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes 01:51:11.611 61
2 33 Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull 01:51:20.572 61
3 5 Germany Sebastian Vettel
Italy Ferrari 01:51:51.556 61
4 77 Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes 01:52:03.541 61
5 7 Finland Kimi Räikkönen
Italy Ferrari 01:52:04.612 61
6 3 Australia Daniel Ricciardo
Austria Red Bull 01:52:05.593 61
7 14 Spain Fernando Alonso
United Kingdom McLaren 01:52:54.622 61
8 55 Spain Carlos Sainz
France Renault 01:51:33.079 60
9 16 Monaco Charles Leclerc
Switzerland Sauber 01:51:47.328 60
10 27 Germany Nico Hülkenberg
France Renault 01:52:01.055 60
11 9 Sweden Marcus Ericsson
Switzerland Sauber 01:52:14.828 60
12 2 Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne
United Kingdom McLaren 01:52:15.609 60
13 10 France Pierre Gasly
Italy Toro Rosso 01:52:24.251 60
14 18 Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Williams 01:52:27.254 60
15 8 France Romain Grosjean
United States Haas 01:52:27.257 60
16 11 Mexico Sergio Pérez
United Kingdom Racing Point 01:53:03.752 60
17 28 New Zealand Brendon Hartley
Italy Toro Rosso 01:52:49.091 60
18 20 Denmark Kevin Magnussen
United States Haas 01:51:28.990 59
19 35 Russian Federation Sergey Sirotkin
United Kingdom Williams 01:52:30.741 59
DNF 31 France Esteban Ocon
United Kingdom Racing Point Collision 0


  • Car 8 (Romain Grosjean) -  5 sec. penalty for ignoring blue flags.

Fastest lap: 1:41.905 min by Kevin Magnussen (Haas) in lap 50 @178.850
Highest speed:  324.2 km/h by Kevin Magnussen (Haas)

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5 F1 Fan comments on “Race Results 2018 Singapore F1 Grand Prix

  1. BlackDog

    "A Tale of two - Cities" this weekend. Scintillating Qualifying but a Boring race, which was way too long. That's not to take anything away from Hamilton, Vestappen or Alonso, amongst a few others who drove faultlessly. Felt slightly sorry for Vettel as Ferrari seem to be making as many errors as he is and if he could see what was going on whilst driving a car at 190MPH you'd think people who weren't could call strategy better.

    • Simon Saivil

      Fully agree: as boring as it could get. True to my siding with the underdog(s) Vettel and Kimmi get both my sympathy and my vote. Racing against formidable drivers like Hamilton and Verstappen and at the same time suffering the inept Ferrari management is more than could be asked of anyone. The sheer thought of Arrivabene makes me want puke.

      • Blackdog

        I believe that Arrivabene and Vettel are having something of a strained relationship and that the Team Boss takes it very personally when Seb criticises or even questions their decisions. Of course every driver questions why the team has done one thing or another but I guess Seb feels the need to because there is a question of confidence, or lack of it from the strategists. And once again Seb was there to dutifully answer all the hard questions, which rightly should have been shared with Arrivabene but you only ever see him when Ferrari have done good. Say what you like about Toto and Christian but they are out there to present their brand through good and bad. Whilst appreciating that Arrivabene isn’t fluent in English I’m sure with their resources Ferrari could do better.

  2. Jadra

    Seb had a great start but later on things went wrong and I think that ferrari should have let him pit later after Hamilton and with different set of tyres.He couldnt have done much better in view of poor strategy and not being able to extract maximum pace from his car. My message to Vettel is : Sochi is waiting!

  3. Peter Maslen

    Great race from Lewis and Max. Sad about Dan with no real opportunity to overtake. Maybe Mr Stroll should look at keeping Oco next year instead of Perez regardless of the money Perez may bring and teaming with Lance as he would probably have more cars finish a race when Perez is not there having crashes with anyone and everyone. Perez got off lightly when one campares with otehr peop;e in teh last year.


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