2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: F1 Race Winner, Results & Report

FORMULA 1 2018 ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX winner Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel & Max Verstappen

Event: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Track: Yas Marina Circuit

Weather:   Partly clouded & dry
Air temp:  32.6ºC
Tarmac: Dry, 35ºC
Wind speed: 4.0 km/h
Humidity: 38.2%

Lewis Hamilton won the 2018 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix for the second time in his career  It was his 73rd win, his 11th win of the 2018 season and the 87th victory for Mercedes.

The last race in Abu Dhabi was the last F1 race for 2 times WC Fernando Alonso. He started from P15 in his McLaren. Max Verstappen was the only driver who had a bad start and dropped from P6 to P10 when the first safety car drove out for a spectacular crash.

The spectacular crash was done by Nico Hulkenberg in the Renault RS18. He made a double roll when his right rear tyre hit the front left tyre of Romain Grosjean's Haas in turn 9. Hulkenberg was trapped in his car hanging upside down, when his car catches fire that was extinguished by the marshal's. Hulkenberg was unharmed and could walk away.

The safety car was pulled in on lap 5. Verstappen had a hard time beating the very fast Force India cars with his under powered Red Bull when Kimi Raikkonen's Ferrari stopped on the start/finish straight with power unit problems. He retired in lap 7 and caused a VSC period to clear the track. A lot of drivers decided to do a pitstop to switch tyres. Lewis Hamilton also pitted to switch from Ultrasoft to the hardest compound Supersoft tyres to go to the end. Valtteri Bottas got in the lead.

Replays showed that Brandon Hartley oversteered into the barriers back on the fourth lap. Having already pitted for a new front wing on the opening lap, the Kiwi isn't doing himself any favours in his battle to keep his race seat today...

In lap 16 Sebastian Vettel did his pitstop for Supersoft tyres. The pitstop was quite slow with 3.7 sec. One lap later Valtteri Bottas also got fresh tyres and gave the lead to Daniel Ricciardo who drove his last race for Red Bull. His teammate Verstappen pitted in lap 18 to switch from Ultra to Supersoft tyres.

In lap 20 a few drivers were warned that rain could fall in 5 minutes and In lap 23 it started to rain in de Abu Dhabi desert! Nobody switched to rain tyres anyway. Marcus Ericsson who also was driving his last race in F1 for Sauber also had to retire with Ferrari power unit problems.

In lap 34 Ricciardo at last did his pitstop. The Red Bull team fitted new Supersoft tyres and returned to the track 8 seconds behind Verstappen on P5. Force India driver Esteban Ocon received a 5 second time penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage. In lap 35 Valtteri Bottas made an error in turn 5 when he braked to late and Vettel padded the Finnish driver for P2. Verstappen who was driving on P4 also came very close when Bottas again outbraked himself and cut the chicane to stay ahead of the Dutch driver. In turn 11 of lap 38 he got P3 from Bottas with a great overtaking manoeuvre. One lap later Bottas also lost P4 on the charging Daniel Ricciardo on the fresh Supersoft tyres.

In lap 40 Bottas did a pitstop to get rid of his tyres that had a few flat  spots and ruined his race. He switched to the softest compound, the pink Hypersoft tyres.

With 10 laps Ricciardo closed the gap to his teammate Verstappen and was looking at a podium finish in his last race. In lap 46 Ocon had an engine problem and lost oil. He retired the car while driving on P9. Right after Ocon's retirement we saw Pierre Gasly also had a smoking power unit. The French driver also retired and stopped in turn 12 of lap 48.


Abu Dhabi F1 GP
FP1 2018 Abu Dhabi
FP2 2018 Abu Dhabi
FP3 2018 Abu Dhabi
Qualifying 2018 Abu Dhabi
Start grid 2018 Abu Dhabi

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F1 classification 2018 Abu Dhabi GP

144United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes01:39:40.38255
25Germany Sebastian Vettel
Italy Ferrari01:39:42.96355
333Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull01:39:53.08855
43Australia Daniel Ricciardo
Austria Red Bull01:39:55.76155
577Finland Valtteri Bottas
Germany Mercedes01:40:28.33955
655Spain Carlos Sainz
France Renault01:40:52.93055
716Monaco Charles Leclerc
Switzerland Sauber01:41:11.17155
811Mexico Sergio Pérez
United Kingdom Racing Point01:41:11.65755
98France Romain Grosjean
United States Haas01:40:04.14054
1020Denmark Kevin Magnussen
United States Haas01:40:05.67554
1114Spain Fernando Alonso
United Kingdom McLaren01:40:23.26654
1228New Zealand Brendon Hartley
Italy Toro Rosso01:40:30.04554
1318Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Williams01:40:31.26154
142Belgium Stoffel Vandoorne
United Kingdom McLaren01:40:31.94554
1535Russian Federation Sergey Sirotkin
United Kingdom Williams01:40:47.94854
DNF10France Pierre Gasly
Italy Toro RossoPower unit47
DNF31France Esteban Ocon
United Kingdom Racing PointPower unit46
DNF9Sweden Marcus Ericsson
Switzerland SauberPower unit24
DNF7Finland Kimi Räikkönen
Italy FerrariPower unit7
DNF27Germany Nico Hülkenberg
France RenaultCollision0

Fastest lap:  1:40.867 by Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) in lap 54 @198.225 km/h
Highest speed:  338.7 km/h by Sebastian Vettel with the Ferrari SH71H

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  1. Frans Wilson

    Christian Horner is an asshole. He can not handle a fair win from Le clerk or Sebastian. Ferrari is not even competition. Maybe his world turned arround because of his incompetance


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