Event: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Track: Yas Marina Circuit

Race Results & Report 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

Start of the 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix  at Yas Marina Circuit on November 26, 2023

Weather: dry 27.9°C
Tarmac: dry  31.7°C
Humidity: 67%
Wind: 2.5 m/s SW
Pressure: 1014 bar

Max Verstappen won his 54th F1 race during the 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix today. The Red Bull driver started from pole position and won on Yas Marina circuit for the fourth time. It was a record braking 19th win of the season again. For his Red Bull Racing F1 team it was the 113th race win today.

2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP Race Report

2023 Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix: Verstappen's Triumph in Season Finale

Verstappen Closes Season with Record-Extending 19th Win

In a dramatic finale to the Formula One season, Max Verstappen secured his 19th win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, capping off a dominant year. The Dutchman's victory at Yas Marina Circuit was a fitting end to a season where he shattered several records, leaving fans and competitors in awe.

Leclerc's Valiant Effort Falls Short

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, who started alongside Verstappen, showcased his tenacity but couldn't clinch the top spot. Despite his brilliant defense and strategic moves, especially in the latter stages of the race, Leclerc settled for third but not without showing a commendable team spirit, evident in his tactics in the final laps.

Russell's Redemption on Podium

Mercedes' George Russell, finishing third, brought some solace to the Silver Arrows. His podium finish, only his second of the season, was a testament to his skill and resilience, especially in a season where Mercedes often found themselves struggling to match their rivals' pace.

Perez's Penalty and Ferrari's Near Miss

Sergio Perez's late penalty for a collision added a twist to the constructor's championship battle. The Mexican's spirited drive was shadowed by the five-second penalty, affecting not only his position but also Ferrari's hopes of clinching second in the constructors' standings.

McLaren and Aston Martin's Mixed Fortunes

McLaren's Lando Norris showed glimpses of brilliance but couldn't capitalize fully, finishing fifth. Aston Martin, with Fernando Alonso, also displayed competitive pace, Alonso securing a respectable seventh place finish.

Williams Outshines AlphaTauri

In the constructors' battle further down the order, Williams edged out AlphaTauri, a remarkable achievement considering their mid-season struggles. AlphaTauri's Yuki Tsunoda, who started impressively in sixth, couldn't convert it into a significant points haul.

Verstappen's Season of Dominance

Verstappen's victory under the Yas Marina lights was more than just a win; it was a statement of his and Red Bull's overwhelming dominance this season. His record-breaking run of 19 victories is a benchmark that will be hard to surpass in the coming years.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As the 2023 season draws to a close, the focus now shifts to 2024. With teams and drivers already gearing up for the challenges ahead, the question on everyone's mind is whether Verstappen can continue his formidable form or if a new challenger will rise.

In conclusion, the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was a microcosm of the season – full of strategic battles, team dynamics, and individual brilliance. Verstappen's victory was a fitting end to a season where he often seemed in a league of his own, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing 2024 Formula One season.

Classification 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP

11Netherlands Max Verstappen
Austria Red Bull01:27:02.62458
216Monaco Charles Leclerc
Italy Ferrari01:27:20.61758
363United Kingdom George Russell
Germany Mercedes01:27:22.95258
411Mexico Sergio Pérez
Austria Red Bull01:27:24.07758
54United Kingdom Lando Norris
United Kingdom McLaren01:27:26.90858
681Australia Oscar Piastri
United Kingdom McLaren01:27:34.11158
714Spain Fernando Alonso
United Kingdom Aston Martin01:27:42.13658
822Japan Yuki Tsunoda
Italy AlphaTauri01:27:42.13658
944United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
Germany Mercedes01:27:47.04858
1018Canada Lance Stroll
United Kingdom Aston Martin01:27:58.25658
113Australia Daniel Ricciardo
Italy AlphaTauri01:27:58.85358
1231France Esteban Ocon
France Alpine01:28:08.99758
1310France Pierre Gasly
France Alpine01:28:12.98458
1423Thailand Alex Albon
United Kingdom Williams01:28:15.80858
1527Germany Nico Hülkenberg
United States Haas01:28:26.32058
162United States Logan Sargeant
United Kingdom Williams01:28:30.41558
1724China Zhou Guanyu
Switzerland Alfa Romeo01:28:32.04658
1855Spain Carlos Sainz
Italy Ferrari01:26:50.92357
1977Finland Valtteri Bottas
Switzerland Alfa Romeo01:27:15.03557
2020Denmark Kevin Magnussen
United States Haas01:27:17.50057

Sergio Pérez, Red Bull #11 received a 5 sec. time penalty for causing a collision with Lando Norris, McLaren #4

Fastest lap: 1:26.993 mijn by Max Verstappen, Red Bull RB19 #1 in lap 45 @218.541 km/h

2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP Results
FP1 2023 Abu Dhabi
FP2 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP
FP3 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP
Quali 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP
Start grid 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 GP

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14 F1 Fan comments on “Race Results & Report 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix

  1. Jere Jyrälä

    A decent race with quite a few good battles.
    Some weird strategies, especially Ferrari with Sainz, & Alpine with Ocon.
    Leclerc's tactics were weird & ultimately zero impact on the final positions since Checo would've finished 4th anyway, as he realistically couldn't have pulled off 5 seconds within the remaining race distance, so useless tactics.
    A good drive by Tsunoda & rightful DOTD nomination.

    • Jere Jyrälä

      Although prize money still has more value, giving greater development & crash budget flexibility in the long term.
      Even more valuable for smaller teams as they can operate closer to the cap or even reach it.

  2. Carl Keusseyan

    Watching Abu Dhabi Grand Prix today, noticed a whole new look to the race broadcast. The graphics of the standings on the left with the avatars made me feel like I was watching a child’s video game. Critical information was replaced with kiddy animated avatars. The standings were mostly showing the top 10 with time diff from the leader with avatars - this is taking up a lot of screen space without providing critical information. Very young announcers was distracting.

    • mark Andrews

      as my F1 gang always remind me. American owners americian 📺 TV values focused on the Netflix bred and nurtured American American audience.
      sad or not sad. our reality it is as we don't have a choice.

    • shroppyfly

      As I was saying Well done Jack, your race made Mercs 2nd place in the WCC a reality, but as per usual no praise for your excellent drive under pressure

      • shroppyfly

        We are going to have to dissagree, with SP neither car was damaged with the other both cars were damaged with Alpine saying the damage cost them 4ths per lap and a big hole in the nose of the Merc
        But anyway who cares, im counting the days till.... next season

  3. ReallyOldRacer

    Takeway: having watched both Vegas & Abu Dhabi on tv, and having really tried to be objective, I believe that the Arabs put on a better race AND a better show. Minor takeaway: all credit to the grid kids. Every week, in every country, they make me smile.

    Did the red team have a strategy for the SAI car?

    OK, it's officially winter break. Good night.


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