Tiago Monteiro info & statistics

NameTiago Monteiro
CountryPortugal Portugal
Place of BirthPorto
Date of BirthJul 24th 1976 - 44 years old
First Race2005 Australian Grand Prix
Last Race2006 Brazilian Grand Prix
Best Qualifying11th - 2005 Brazilian Grand Prix
Best Result3rd - 2005 USA Grand Prix
First Podium2005 USA Grand Prix
Last Podium2005 USA Grand Prix

Tiago Monteiro F1 Stats

Race Starts37
Race Wins0
Pole Positions0
Fastest Laps0
Podiums1 (2,7%)
Points Finishes2 (5,4%)
Retirements7 (18,9%)
Total Points7
Total Laps2.009



Tiago Monteiro Final Championship Results



Tiago Monteiro F1 Seasons Summary

YearTeamEngineGP1st2nd3rdPodPoleLapsFLAvg PtsPoints
2006 Russian Federation Midland
Netherlands Spyker
2005 Ireland Jordan Toyota1900110112500.377



Tiago Monteiro F1 GP Race Classifications

3rd1 Time
8th1 Time
9th1 Time
10th2 Times
11th1 Time
12th3 Times
13th6 Times
14th1 Time
15th4 Times
16th5 Times
17th4 Times
22nd1 Time
DNF7 Times


Tiago Monteiro F1 GP Race Results

3720062006 Brazilian Grand Prix result18SpykerToyota21150
3620062006 Japanese Grand Prix result18SpykerToyota21160
3520062006 Chinese Grand Prix result18SpykerToyota18DNFSpin0
3420062006 Italian Grand Prix result18SpykerToyota20DNFBrakes0
3320062006 Turkish Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota19DNFCollision0
3220062006 Hungarian Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota1690
3120062006 German Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota18220
3020062006 French Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota19DNFMechanical0
2920062006 USA Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota15DNFAccident damage0
2820062006 Canadian Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota18140
2720062006 British Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota16160
2620062006 Monaco Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota17150
2520062006 Spanish Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota17160
2420062006 European Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota18120
2320062006 San Marino Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota19160
2220062006 Australian Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota20DNFMechanical0
2120062006 Malaysian Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota16130
2020062006 Bahrain Grand Prix result18MidlandToyota19170
1920052005 Chinese Grand Prix result18JordanToyota19110
1820052005 Japanese Grand Prix result18JordanToyota20130
1720052005 Brazilian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota11DNFMechanical0
1620052005 Belgian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota1981
1520052005 Italian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota17170
1420052005 Turkish Grand Prix result18JordanToyota14150
1320052005 Hungarian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota20130
1220052005 German Grand Prix result18JordanToyota18170
1120052005 British Grand Prix result18JordanToyota20170
1020052005 French Grand Prix result18JordanToyota19130
920052005 USA Grand Prix result18JordanToyota1736
820052005 Canadian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota18100
720052005 European Grand Prix result18JordanToyota17150
620052005 Monaco Grand Prix result18JordanToyota15130
520052005 Spanish Grand Prix result18JordanToyota18120
420052005 San Marino Grand Prix result18JordanToyota17130
320052005 Bahrain Grand Prix result18JordanToyota16100
220052005 Malaysian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota18120
120052005 Australian Grand Prix result18JordanToyota14160



Tiago Monteiro F1 Podium Finishes

120052005 USA Grand Prix result18JordanToyota1736



Tiago Monteiro Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2005JordanNarain Karthikeyan34750000127910
2006MidlandChristijan Albers910000000711810
SpykerChristijan Albers910000000711810

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