Jul.7 - While Formula 1 slips away from Germany, Italy will continue to host two separate grands prix in 2024.

"Apparently, Formula 1 is very interesting everywhere else in the world," former German F1 driver Timo Glock told DPA news agency.

"It's a dramatic development that we in Germany cannot manage to benefit from it."

Indeed, Italian automobile club (Aci) chief Angelo Sticchi Damiani told Corriere della Sera newspaper that the 2024 calendar shows that Italy now has "a central role" in Formula 1.

"Only the USA, with three grands prix, has more than us," he added.

"This confirmation of the presence of Imola and Monza in the 2024 calendar is a concrete demonstration of the enormous sacrifices made to organise two grands prix in our country despite the growing demand from many countries to want to host a such a prestigious event," said Sticchi Damiani.

"Now we are working to ensure that Italy continues to have a central role in Formula 1 for a long time to come."

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2 F1 Fan comments on “Italy Secures Double Delight as F1 Expands Presence in 2024!

  1. John B

    Great, keep them in Europe and away from the glitter and bizzazz of the American races

    F1 is not nascar and should not be treated as such with all the hype and "celebrity" appearances to massage the ego of her ladyship

    Well established events produce exiting racing as witnessed by the attendance at these venues


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