Max Verstappen information & statistics

NameMax Verstappen
CountryNetherlands Netherlands
Place of BirthHasselt (Belgium)
Date of BirthSep 30th 1997 - 19 years old
First RaceMar 15th 2015 Australian F1 GP result
Last RaceNov 27th 2016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result
Best Qualifying2 - Aug 28th 2016 Belgian F1 GP result
First WinMay 15th 2016 Spanish F1 GP result
Last WinMay 15th 2016 Spanish F1 GP result
First PodiumMay 15th 2016 Spanish F1 GP result
Last PodiumNov 13th 2016 Brazilian F1 GP result
Max Verstappen races car number 33 for Red Bull Racing

Verstappen F1 statistics:

Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps1

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Max Verstappen Biography

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Red Bull stunned the world of sport when they announced that they had signed 17-year-old Max Verstappen to their Toro Rosso team for 2015.

But what a decision is has proven to be so far. Verstappen was fearless, brave and natural as he made quite a statement in his first season.

His daring overtakes are already the stuff of legend, and it is already a question of when, not, he will be a world champion.

The Dutchman is said to be a once-in-a-lifetime driver, but it is still highly ambitious and a massive risk to thrust him into the sport’s limelight at such a tender age.

To put it into context, Verstappen is ten years younger than Sebastian Vettel, and he was only two when Jenson Button made his debut.

Button raced against Max’s father, Jos, who carried the Dutch flag admirably for years. However, his son enjoys a greater reputation already.

Verstappen is, obviously,  the sport’s youngest ever driver but it has benefited him that his team-mate is 21-year-old Carlos Sainz, another youngster.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Verstappen and Sainz will fight it out to show Red Bull which of them is their next world champion, and the Dutchman will be under immediate pressure to succeed, such is the reputation that has been created around him.

However, his display in 2014's Formula 3 championship caught the eye of all the major teams. 10 wins, 16 podiums and seven poles saw him finish third in the championship, and so began a race to sign him.

Red Bull won. Ferrari and Mercedes were interested and will rue missing out. This season, and probably every other season he races, Verstappen will scrutinised more than most.

Red Bull say he’s as good as Ayrton Senna, and after being hired at such a young age. After one season, he looks every bit as skilled as the Brazil legend.

Max Verstappen wins his first F1 GP for Red Bull at Catalunya circuit at the 2016 Spanish GP

Max Verstappen wins his first race for Red Bull at Catalunya circuit the 2016 Spanish GP

In 2016 Max moved just before the Spanish GP from Toro Rosso to Red Bull after Daniil Kvyat crashed for the 2nd time that season. His first race for Red Bull turned out into a fairytale. Both Mercedes drivers collided into each other after 3 corners and Max who qualified 4th on the grid could race to the lead. The final stages of the race he was under severe pressure by Ferrari driver Kimi Raikkonen. Raikkonen's last win was back in 2013 and didn't score a win since his comeback to Ferrar. The  Dutchman showed his outstanding racing skills ans was able to stay in front of the faster Ferrari to win his first ever grand prix at the age of 18!

The whole season Verstappen was growing by the minute and made the races a lot more entertaining. Sometimes he was the only driver who passed other drivers and made the show on his own. The very wet and rainy race in Brazil was his best race that season. He made up the teams bad tyres chooses by passing 13 cars in the last 13 laps of the race to finish on the podium. He drove completely other racing lines than the other drivers and engraved his name in F1.

Official website: http://www.verstappen.nl/



Max Verstappen Helmets



Max Verstappen F1 Championship Results

YearTeamEngineRaces1st2nd3rdPodiumsPolesLapsFastestAvg PtsPoints
2016 Austria Red Bull
Italy Toro Rosso
2015 Italy Toro Rosso Renault1900000103302.5849



Max Verstappen F1 GP Race Results

4020162016 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result33Red BullRenault6412
3920162016 Brazilian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4315
3820162016 Mexican F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3412
3720162016 US F1 GP result33Red BullRenault21RetPower Unit0
3620162016 Japanese F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3218
3520162016 Malaysian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3218
3420162016 Singapore F1 GP result33Red BullRenault468
3320162016 Italian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault776
3220162016 Belgian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault2110
3120162016 German F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4315
3020162016 Hungarian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4510
2920162016 British F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3218
2820162016 Austrian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault8218
2720162016 European F1 GP result33Red BullRenault984
2620162016 Canadian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault5412
2520162016 Monaco F1 GP result33Red BullRenault21RetCrashed0
2420162016 Spanish F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4125
2320162016 Russian F1 GP result33Toro RossoFerrari9RetEngine0
2220162016 Chinese F1 GP result33Toro RossoFerrari984
2120162016 Bahrain F1 GP result33Toro RossoFerrari1068
2020162016 Australian F1 GP result33Toro RossoFerrari4101
1920152015 Abu Dhabi F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault11160
1820152015 Brazilian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault992
1720152015 Mexican F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault892
1620152015 US F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault8412
1520152015 Russian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault9101
1420152015 Japanese F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault1592
1320152015 Singapore F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault884
1220152015 Italian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault20120
1120152015 Belgian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault1884
1020152015 Hungarian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault9412
920152015 British F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault13Retspun off0
820152015 Austrian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault784
720152015 Canadian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault19150
620152015 Monaco F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault9RetCrash0
520152015 Spanish F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault11110
420152015 Bahrain F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault15180
320152015 Chinese F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault13Retengine0
220152015 Malaysian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault676
120152015 Australian F1 GP result33Toro RossoRenault12RetPower unit0



Max Verstappen F1 Podium Finishes

720162016 Brazilian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4315
620162016 Japanese F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3218
520162016 Malaysian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3218
420162016 German F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4315
320162016 British F1 GP result33Red BullRenault3218
220162016 Austrian F1 GP result33Red BullRenault8218
120162016 Spanish F1 GP result33Red BullRenault4125



Max Verstappen F1 Pole Positions


Teammate Comparison


Max Verstappen Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2015Toro RossoCarlos Sainz Jr.4749180000118109
2016Red BullDaniel Ricciardo111912201101710611
Daniil Kvyat41212000002011
Toro RossoCarlos Sainz Jr.6913400002231


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